Winning Political Campaigns Using Personality Marketing: The Unholy Alliance

Why do people do stupid things? It isn’t that they are stupid. It is because they were programmed by their DNA to behave in a way that achieves their purpose in humanity.

Yes, it is all about DNA. It is your DNA that gives you a core personality type, and therefore it determines how you behave.

In the Personality Marketing Manual, I talk about four types of individuals that make up the human population: Warriors, Logisticals, Strategists, and Morale Officers. Together, they form an effective army. In fact, an army needs all of these types of people for fight and survive wars.

It is really easy to see the different categories of people in society, and I have shown you, in the Personality Marketing Manual, how to type them (to put them in the right category) by looking at their behavior.

People generally, behave in a way that is consistent with their personality type. In other words, if see someone with a Warrior personality temperament, you’ll more often than not, they’ll behave in a manner of a fighter.

How Does This Relates To Politics?

We’ve been discussing politics for the past few articles, so I want to show you how Personality Temperaments affect the political landscape. Specifically, we’ve been looking at the Warrior temperament, since in fact, they are the key to winning an election.

As it stands traditionally, the Warrior group will vote with the people with the Morale Officer personality type. Why? Because the Morale Officers absolutely need the Warriors. Without the Warriors on their side, the Morale Officers only comprise around 12% of the population. So they have to get the Warriors on their side to win.

How Do You Feel About Being Disposable?

For example, in the last two articles, I showed how the Morale Officers are manipulating the people with the Warrior temperament to vote for their candidate. The method of choice for them: a “fear of being used as a pawn in someone else’s plans.”

Warriors fear this, because they know at their DNA level, that pawns are disposable pieces on a battlefield. The pawns are always the first people to be axed.

Survival is a ultimate motivational tool, isn’t it?

That is why their argument always works. And the Morale Officers have been using it, ever since they got the opportunity to vote.

The Appeal of Socialism

People with the Morale Officer personality type have this desire to make an utopian world where everyone is equal. That way, everyone has the same amount, and greed should go away.

If everyone had the same personality type as the Morale Officer does, this probably might work. After all, Morale Officers are “giving” and “sacrificial” people (they would give up their lunch to help out a hungry person). That is appealing, right? If everyone was like that, what kind of glorious world would this be?

So, the person with the Morale Officer personality type believes that everyone should be like them. And they could, if they would just eliminate the evil that surrounds them. In effect, we’d all embrace socialism given the chance.

Here is the bad part… We’re not all Morale Officers.

More over, it isn’t that it is some sort of evil that is preventing us from joining their point of view. It is what our DNA is telling us what we are, and what our purpose is here on the planet.

The Morale Officers are able to manipulate the Warriors to vote for their candidate by using the “fear of being used” on them. As I said before, this does work. But the Morale Officer believes that once the Warrior votes with them, that they agree with everything that they say. In effect, they feel that they have “changed” the Warrior.

But they haven’t changed the Warrior’s DNA. Deep down, he’s still a Warrior. The one that has been fooled, is the Morale Officer.

What Happens Win Warrior’s Win?

What happens when a Warrior wins a battle (like an election)? Are they thinking about what tomorrow is going to be like? Are they thinking about sacrificing their lunch for the good of the community?

Heck no.

After the battle, they go into celebration mode. They have a party, and eat, drink, and get merried.

  • And then they plunder.

Unfortunately, that is the truth. That is what 6 million years of evolution have created in the DNA of the Warrior. They were born to be fighters, and when the fighting is over, they are to be rewarded.

They are not thinking about tomorrow. They are not thinking about starting a job as a fisherman along the sea shore.

If anything, after the party has died down, they start preparing and training for the next battle.

The Unholy Alliance

Now imagine what is going on in the hearts of the people with the Morale Officer personality type. Yes, they have won the battle with their allies the Warriors. They are now ready to start building their utopia, where everyone shares everything with their neighbor.

But the Warriors are out partying. Worse than that, they are tearing apart things as they are plundering the opposition.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” they think to themselves. “There was supposed to be peace.”

The Doomsday Machine

The alliance between the Warriors and the Morale Officers is powerful. It is like a machine. The Morale Officers with their relationship and organizational skills, built a political machine by mobilizing each other, and getting the aid of the Warriors to vote with them. They seized power away from the opposition (the Logisticals and the Strategists).

But now something terrible happens.

One Warrior figures out that this political machine brings about a lot of power. More over, they come to understand that the person that controls the machine, controls the fate of society. And since he has this massive fear of being a pawn, under the control of someone else, controlling this ultimate power is his ultimate solution.

“Once I have control,” he says to himself, “there will be no more fear of being taken advantage of.” All he has to do is seize control of the political machine that the Morale Officers have built.

And he does! He seizes control. And it was very easy to do. All he had to do was to intimidate the Morale Officers with a few warrior-like threats to side with the capitalistic Logisticals.

It is always the same…

Socialism, the grand utopian vision of the Morale Officers, gets corrupted by the Warrior personality types (and it only takes just a few Warriors to spoil the party). It always turns into a dictatorship.

This is ALWAYS the result of the political alliance that occurs when people with the Warrior personality type are persuaded to join forces with the Morale Officers with the promise of “fairness” and “equality” (don’t be a pawn in another man’s plans – Big Oil, Big Business…)

Eventually, the Morale Officers have to sever ties with the Warriors, but by then it is too late. Now they aren’t talking about fairness anymore, it becomes a battle of human rights and the quest to stop persecuting innocent people. That is what is going on in China right now.

The Real Cause Of Conflict

Everyone, no matter what personality type they have, projects their values onto people around them. It is like they are saying: “I’m a Homo Sapien, and I have these thoughts and feelings. Since you are also a Homo Sapien, you must also have them too.” Right?

If you don’t have them, then maybe you should change.

The Morale Officers have a tougher time with this than people with other personality types. The reason, as you learned in the Personality Marketing Manual, is that they believe life is a journey where you learn and grow in “social” maturity.

They believe that you pick up compassion and a sacrificial attitude as you mature and shed your materialism. You move “Forward.” That is how they did it, after all. Therefore, it only follows that other people just haven’t gone through the process yet.

Here is the key: What they are really experiencing is a development of their personality.

They haven’t, for example, changed from a Warrior into a Morale Officer. They started as a child Morale Officer, and grew into an adult Morale Officer. There was change along the way, and it does seem to be significant to them. But they always started out with the DNA of a Morale Officer.

For them to accept that other people can’t undergo metamorphosis and come out as a Morale Officer, is too scary to contemplate. That would mean the would have no rest from their task of fixing people.

Incidentally, the call for “change” is the promise that other salesmen use when trying to persuade Morale Officers. Again, it is because they have a fear that they can’t change and that others can’t change either.  I’m sure you remember the campaign slogan: “Hope and Change”?

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