Winning Political Campaigns Using Personality Marketing – 3

To win the Presidential election, the goal of both parties is to win over the middle ground – the undecided voters. These people have a lot in common, namely, their personality type.

The middle block of voters, are mainly made up of people with a personality type that I label Warriors. That is my term for them, because it describes their behavior in the human race.

Why Are There Different Personality Types?

The human population is divided into four distinct personality types. On this, most people agree. But what other personality systems don’t recognize is the connection between the four categories. They all think they are independent of each other. They are not. And this is the big difference, and why you’ve come to the right place to learn about personalities of people, and how to predict what they will do next.

The four personalities are on this planet for a reason. Combined, they make up an “army.” This makes sense, because if you look at human history, it is a string of wars. One group of people is fighting another, almost constantly.

In order for your country (or tribe) survive, the population has to fight effectively. And for that, your army needs four types of individuals, each with a distinct mind-set. First are the warriors that swing the weapons and kill the enemy. Then you have Logisticals that supply the army with food, weapons, transportation, and any infrastructure they need to be successful. Third, you need strategist’s, or people that will the battle, and make sure that your army is fully prepared to fight. And finally, you need care takers, or people that see to the physical and emotional needs of the army; people like doctors, nurses, and psychologists. I call this last group of people Morale Officers, because it describes how they treat people who are not bleeding physically. They feel compelled to try to encourage others to be better than what they are.

Now all this sounds great, and it is.

Individual Survival Tactics That Cause Friction

The problem comes is that nobody likes war and fighting. It means death and destruction. And since everyone has a survival instinct, each person will do what it takes to get away from the fighting.

The Morale Officers believe that if everyone would just give up a little bit, there would be enough resources for everyone. Then, there would be no need to have wars, because there would be no jealousy between people. In general, these people, as you can imagine, are politically socialist in the political views.

Logistical’s look at survival through stockpiling resources. The guy with the most resources available will be strong enough to thwart aggression by outsiders, and also be able to withstand a siege if they are attacked. They are defense minded, and politically, they take a conservative approach to defend those things that worked in the past.

And this logistical strategy does work. The Cold War was a completely logistical war between the United States and the old Soviet Union. Without firing a shot, the United States won the war because the Soviet Union (a socialist system), was unable to keep up on stockpiling resources.

The Strategists typically side with the Logisticals. Why? Because it is hard, logically, to put down the theory that having resources is a bad thing. But, the Strategist’s are more expedient in their survival philosophy. They want any war to end quickly, so they are willing to sacrifice resources when necessary. They will strategically burn bridges to end the war quicker.

This “expediency” strategy drives the people with the Logistical personality type nuts. They never want to destroy a resource, because they believe that one day they will need that resource and it will not be available and they’ll have to rebuild it from scratch. So they have an uneasy relationship with the Strategists. In today’s terms, the Logisticals might call the Strategist a R.I.N.O. (Republican In Name Only).

The Warriors Are Caught In The Middle

The Warriors are the true people in the middle. But they lean more with the people with the Morale Officer personality type. The reason has more to do with a distaste for how they are treated by the Logisticals and the Strategists.

For example, in battle, the Strategists are often the Officers. They are the guys that order the fighters to charge into a superior army. The Warriors are told to sacrifice themselves so that others may live. Obviously, you don’t like a guy that is going to order you to your death.

And the Logistical’s, well they seem to be hoarding the resources away from the Warriors, preventing them from doing their job effectively (killing the enemy). For example, the Warrior wants to completely obliterate the enemy by using the biggest weapon first. “Nuke ‘Em!” But the Logistical’s won’t let them have the nukes because they feel that the destruction caused by the weapon is going to cause more heart-aches than using the old-style conventional weapons. This puts the Warrior at a greater risk of getting killed, and he resents the Logistical guy for it.

But the Morale Officer is offering a way out of the battle with no immediate downside. If we just each give up some small amount of personal convenience, we’ll end the fighting and they’ll live to see another day. Sounds good, right?

Therefore, it is the Warrior’s vote is the key to winning the election, because they make up a large percentage of the population. The way the Warrior’s vote determine whether it is the Logisticals (conservatives) prevail, or whether the Morale Officers (liberals) win.

As I mentioned in the first part of this article, the situation is far more dire for the Morale Officers. They need every single one of the Warrior’s votes to just get 50% of the population.

In American politics, the Morale Officers have gotten a huge chuck of those votes by using the techniques of personality marketing. They have been smart to recognize what the Warrior’s want, and what their fears are.

It has also been helpful for them to get the Warrior’s themselves to work on their side, because these Warriors are intimately familiar with their own kind.

In effect, since Warriors are natural fighters, they are also very good at politics too, because it is very tactical and fast-moving in nature. They pick up on where the enemy is weak, and exploit it. For example, when their enemy makes a miss-step, they don’t hesitate to attack. They react instantly, charging forward and also bringing along other fighters to that vulnerability. They are loud, brash, and in-your-face when they attack, and they always try to put you on the defensive. They will look for ways to surprise you, which is why they always have an “October Surprise” up their sleeve.

However, they always use their biggest weapon first. And that is where they are vulnerable in politics. We’ll talk more about that later.

Warriors are Survivalists

The other thing is that, first-and-foremost, they are survivors and opportunists. And this is the part that drives the Morale Officers nuts. Over the years, far more Democrats have switch over to the Republican side, because they saw the writing on the wall and knew that if they didn’t, they’d lose their next election.

For the Warriors on the side of the Morale Officers, they get absolutely livid over these people. They have a military term for them. They call them “back-stabbers.”

Warriors Fear Back-Stabbers

The biggest fear of people with the Warrior personality type is a fear of being stabbed in the back by someone that they thought was their friend. The phrase that resonates with Warriors is “I’ve got your back.”

The Democrats will often point out to the Warriors that the Republicans are out to get them. But it is rarely pointed out to them that the liberals can’t be trusted either.

The Republicans try to demonstrate this by saying that the Dems are hypocritical in their actions, because that is a fear of a Logistical. Logistical’s are people that pride themselves in their integrity – and hate people that say one thing, and do another. Like we talked about in the last article using the word “freedom.” Logistical’s project what they believe onto other people. In this case, they believe that Warriors have the same distaste for hypocrites as they do. But they don’t.

Warriors see “saying-one-thing-doing-another” as a battle tactic. It is meant to throw off the enemy when you are fighting them. Therefore, a person deemed to be a hypocrite is just doing what they need to survive. And it isn’t a real important issue for them in who they vote for. In some ways, they would rather vote for the sly politician, if they promised that they will get them what they want.

However, it becomes a back-stabbing situation when the promise was made specifically to them, and not only didn’t they get what was promised, but that what was promised, was given to someone else.

I’ll repeat this, because it is the key to dividing the Warriors from their political allegiance to the socialists (Morale Officers).

  1. Back-Stabbing Is the biggest fear of the person with the Warrior personality type. What is it?
  2. They are promised a prize for their allegiance
  3. The prize is not granted to them
  4. However, the prize is given to someone else that they consider their enemy.
  5. The Warrior will now attack the person they thought was their friend, with a vengeance that will shock you.

Let me give you an example. The politician promises the person with the Warrior personality type a job in exchange for their vote. So they vote for the politician. Now the politician goes to Washington, and votes for a free-trade agreement. The Warrior sees this as back-stabbing, because the job he was promised, now goes to a person in some other country. Immediately, the Warrior will go on attack and protest the politician.

That politician will never get that person’s vote again. Exclamation Point!

What do you think the fight about privatizing the Postal Service is all about? The Democrats will never vote to remove funding from the entity, because it will position them as back-stabbers.

How the Democrats Use Back Stabbing Theme Against Republicans

The Democrat’s used the back-stabber strategy to perfection all the time within voting blocks, particularly along racial and ethnic lines.

For example, after the Civil War, black Americans thought they were owed 20 acres and a mule in exchange for their support against the Confederates. Right? The Democrats continue to point out that this never happened. The same thing occurs with the American Indians, Hispanics and American Jews. Each group thinks they were promised something by Republicans, and therefore the Democrats, in order to keep them in line, point out how they were stabbed in the back.

The Key Concept of the Back-Stabbing Strategy

If you are a Republican, this is a powerful strategy to use, but there is one important concept you have to keep in mind:

You always have to find an enemy to point to that got the goodies, and they can’t be your friends.

For example, let’s use the issue of education of the inner-city kids. The Republican’s point out the failure of the Democrat’s policy of just spending more money. They think this is enough to trigger a back-stabber situation that will peel off the Warriors, and get them to vote Republican.

But it doesn’t work, because they have no enemy to point to that did get the goodies (the better education). They need to scour the bushes and make the connection that the money spent on education is helping some kids elsewhere.

Typically, you have blame someone outside the country.

For example, if it can be shown that the money spent on educating the kids in Detroit was benefiting the kids in Canada, there would be an outrage against the Democrats. This is what needs to happen to make it an effective campaign strategy.

Here are some winning back-stabbing issues that can be used:

  • College tuition – grants, and financial support given to illegal aliens
  • Health care – illegal aliens coming into the country that don’t pay a cent for their hospital stays.
  • Jobs – You were promised a job, but it went to a union thug instead.
  • Investments – Your tax money went to build a factory in another country.
  •  Telemarketing jobs that are created in India.
  • Movies that are being filmed in other countries (like Canada).
  • The Space program is now dependent on the Russians to ferry our astronauts to our space station.
  • You bought stock in GM, and then the government forced you to give it up at pennies on the dollar, and they gave it to the union workers.


All of these are back-stabber issues that have been used by Republicans with good success. But they can do a lot more…

Since Republican’s aren’t good at using the back-stabber strategy, I would suggest that we etch into our minds this catch phrase: “the Democrats don’t have your back.”

Use that phrase to start the brain-storming process to come up with other issues to make light of where the Democrats have proved to be unreliable. Answer the “why” portion that comes after the phrase, and you’ve got a new campaign slogan that will be powerful and effective in getting the Warriors to vote for you.

Remember To Point Out Why The Warrior Switched Sides

Finally, remember those Democratic politicians that switched parties and became Republicans? What did you do when that happened?

You celebrated, right?

While it felt good to do that, a better thing to do is to use it as a marketing tool to draw more Warriors over to your side. What you should say is: “Look, he was stabbed in the back by the Democrats. It is that simple.”

That will cause other Democrats to start looking over their shoulder too.

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