Winning Political Campaigns Using Personality Marketing – 2

Appealing to an individual’s personality is the key to building rapport with them, and it is no different with an election. In this article, I’ll show you how the Republican’s can win over the votes of the middle and win the next election.

Here is the ultimate key to victory, which I mentioned in part one of this series:

To win, the Republican’s must get the votes of the people with the Warrior personality type. They are the middle swing voters.

Why Let The Democrats Know This Information?

You’re probably wondering if giving away this secret make it easier for the Democrats to win? After all, can’t they take this same information and use it to their advantage and clobber the Republican’s?

My answer is that you do not need to worry about this. The ubra-liberals are primarily made up of people with the personality type of Morale Officer. This is significant, because it was members of this group that were the very people that identified the four different personality types and what makes each one unique. What this means, is that they already know the persuasion techniques and have been using them with significant success for decades. They have more to lose by having their secrets being revealed.

Now in addition to that, the Warriors that are on the side of the democrats do not need to be told how to be warriors. They have that instinctually already. They are already putting into practice their warrior-like skills.

What I’m revealing here is only a secret that the people with the Logistical and Strategist personality types do not know. What you’ll learn today is explosive, because it reveals all the soft spots in the armor of the liberals. It is going to expose their fears, and what they do to their fellow Warriors to keep them in line and voting for the Democrats.

So let’s get started by laying out where the democrats are most vulnerable with people that have the Warrior personality type.


There is a difference between the definition of the word freedom, and what it means to the different personality types. This is significant, because the both Logistical’s and the Morale Officers are trying to use it to attract the votes of the Warriors.

For Logisticals, the word freedom is associated with patriotism and heritage. But Warriors are not so much concerned about ideals like these.

What they want is the freedom from responsibilities. In other words, they want the freedom to make choices, without the consequences of making a bad choice.

The Morale Officers in the Democratic party understand this far better than the Logisticals in the Republican party, and are willing to give them what they wish for. That is why the are laying down a line on issues like abortion. The real reason for abortion is for sexual freedom – to have sex whenever you want without the pesky encumbrances of having a baby.

The same goes for legalized drugs, and for free health care.

To repeat, freedom to a person with the Warrior personality type means to be able to make risky decisions without any negative repercussions.

Logistical’s, and Strategists both believe in taking responsibility for your actions. So they aren’t ever going to promise that they are going to give choices without consequences. There is no such thing to them as a free lunch. Therefore, to use the concept of freedom on Warriors, you need to stress what they have lost in freedom as a consequence of liberal policies.

For example, in the health care debate, the republicans have found it to be very effective to remind the Warriors that they will lose the ability to pick the doctor of their choice, and to get medical care without having to stand in line. And the ultimate take-away of choice is the “death panels.”

But it goes a lot further than that. High gas prices mean that your choice of driving freedom has been taken away from you as well. Your range and mobility has been limited because you can’t afford to fill up the car as often as you’d like.

One of my pet peeves, and I’m positive that the Warriors feel the same way, is that the environmental policies of the Morale Officers have really restricted freedom of moment. I remember driving to a National Park in Colorado a few years ago, and I was turned away at the gate because I arrived during peak hours. The park was full.

Warriors are natural out-door sportsmen, and a under-utilized issue to them is how they have lost a lot of freedom to go out and play in the wild because of liberal policies. Sarah Palin is a great spokesman on this issue, because she likes to get outdoors as much as the Warriors do. And the Liberals hate her for it, because she is so very effective in driving home this one point.

Next Time: Back-Stabbers

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