Winning Elections Using Personality Marketing 6: The Man Behind The Curtain

What is the absolute biggest mistake the Republicans make in the Presidential campaign? I want to reveal this today, because it is the ultimate key to victory for the political party.

In the last article, I revealed to you that the biggest key to winning the Presidential election was to win over the undecided voters, who are generally the people with the Warrior personality type. And in order to win them over, you have to motivate them by massaging their fears. In other words, you bring that fear to the front of their consciousness, so that it causes them to take an action to calm that fear.

The fear that the Democrats play on the best, is the Warriors’ fear of being used (being a disposable pawn). They do this by saying that it is “Big Oil” or “Big Something” that is pulling the strings behind the curtain.

The Republican’s also play this game, and blame “Big Government” for the problems.

But this misses the point.

What is the point? It is about Personality Temperament!

The biggest mistake that Republicans make when it comes to this tactic, is failing to recognize who is the real opponent that is pulling the strings in the Democratic party.

Remember, this is a contest of Personality Types.

“What?” you may ask?

It is a war between “Conservatives” which are mainly made up of people with the Logistical personality type, and the “Socialists” which is the mindset of the people with the Morale Officer personality type.

I mentioned this before, but here is a quick review. Start with this premise: “Everyone hates war, because you can die.” But wars do happen, unfortunately. So how do you win, or prevent a war from taking place in the first place?

The Logisticals believe that wars are won (or prevented) through a stockpiling of resources. They point to the Cold War as an example of a war that was won without loss of life by using logistics. Ronald Reagan called this strategy “peace through strength.”

The Morale Officers believe that you can prevent a war if you take away the motive for starting one. They believe it is materialism (capitalism) and greed that are the underlying motives. In other words, get rid of greed, and there will be no wars.

How do you take away greed? By making sure that no one feels inferior with what resources they have. If you spread the resources evenly around the world, then there would be no reason to start a war. In effect, this can be defined as socialism or communism.

The war then, is an idealogical one between Logisticals and Morale Officers.

The mistake the Logisticals make is that they fail to point out it is the Morale Officer personality type that is the real opponent.

The Man Behind the Curtain

The puppeteer

The image of the evil person that uses others as his pawns.

When you use the tactic of “fear of being used as a pawn” to motivate someone, you have to have a boogie-man. Someone is using the Warriors as pawns, right?

But consider this… When you think of someone that manipulates people, what image to you picture in your mind?

You think of some sort of an evil-looking devil, right? Quite possibly a monster, or someone that looks like Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s cartoon show. Right?

That is someone that you can easily use to strike fear into other people.


But… What if they look like a kindly old grandpa? Someone like the Wizard, in the movie The Wizard of Oz…

YouTube Preview Image

The Dictator Has A Soft, Friendly Face… 

This is the reality the Republicans are up against. The faces of the people with the Morale Officer personality temperament are soft and cute. They look so harmless and non-threatening. I’ve said it myself in the Personality Marketing Manual; they are good-looking individuals.

So if you are a Republican, how do you portray them as the “evil puppeteers” that are using the Warriors as pawns in their plan to socialize everything? How do you create contempt in the minds of your voters for something that looks so innocent?

The opponent looks cute and non-threatening

How do you expose the little doe-eyed Bambi as the evil puppeteer?

This is the ultimate mistake that the Republicans make in the campaign. They don’t have a strategy for defeating a Bambi-type person without coming across as a mean and dirty person.

And that is the real strategy of the Morale Officers in their campaign. They take the position that they are an innocent bystander in the whole process.

All of them are "Morale Officers." 100%!

Look at this image of the campaign staff of President Obama. Look at how innocent looking all these young people are.

Do they look like evil puppeteers that are using the people with the Warrior personality to fight their battles?

Never forget that they actually are the socialists that want to redistribute the resources so that everyone has an equal amount. In doing this, they are opposed to an individual’s freedom of making choices for themselves. They are setting up the Warriors. They will stab them in the back; along with the rest of us too.

In the Wizard of Oz, it was a little demure man that built the evil machine that controlled the population of Oz. Remember that. He was a dictator.


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