Winning Political Campaigns Using Personality Marketing

[adsense float=’left’]The republicans don’t get it. They lose elections time and time again because they don’t truly understand how the other side thinks nor how to combat the tactics of the democrats. Today, I’m going to spill the beans and tell you the real secret on how to fight a political campaign.

First, let’s start with some basics. A political campaign is a “sales job.” It is no different from a salesman trying to sell you a car, a cleaning service, or mutual fund. Selling is selling, and in this case it is a matter of selling a person to the public. The point is, the sales tactics don’t change. If you think they are different, you’ll end up losing the election.

In sales, one major key to getting the customer to pull out their wallet is to target their fears. Now I know that a lot of people reading this will see it as manipulation. But it is not. You can’t help someone if they are paralyzed by their fears. What you are going to do is show them how you can help them overcome their fears, or somehow minimize them with the product you are selling.

A lot of time, people are stuck in a rut, because they don’t even want to recognize the fear that is holding them back. So you have to massage their fear until it comes to the surface. It is like pulling out a wood sliver from a finger; you have to get under it and force it to come to the surface so that it can be pulled easily. Yes, the process is painful, but until it is on the surface, you can’t pull it out. It is better to suffer a little bit of discomfort now than have that sliver in your finger for a long period of time.

Why do I mention fears? Because everyone has them. And they are the key to making a sale, or winning an election. You have to solve their problems, which are controlled by the fears that they have.

Now the fears are not the same for everyone. But what I’ll show you is that there are some common fears that are shared by groups of people. And thankfully, there are only four groups.

What defines each group? You guessed it: “personality type.”

Here at, I give each group an easy-to-remember name, that describes their behavior in society. That makes it easy for you to picture what each group will do when buying, or in voting for candidates. The four distinct personality types are: Warriors, Logisticals, Strategists, and Morale Officers.

What distinguishes one type from another? It is based on three characteristics: How they take in information (called Sensation or Intuition), how they process information (Thinking or Feeling), and how do they make decisions (Perceiving or Judging).

What has this to do with political campaigns? Because you will tend to be a liberal or conservative based on these three traits.

In the report from the University of Toronto, they found that political leanings of people are related to personality traits of what they called “Openness,” and “Orderliness.” Conservatives tend to be higher in a personality trait called orderliness and lower in openness, and just the reverse for Liberals.

We use the Myers-Briggs Personality Trait system to do the classification because it is more common in psychology. And with a little cross linking of terminology, you get something very similar about the political leanings of people.

Who Are The Political Players?

Using our system, people with the Logistical personality type strongly tend to be Republicans (conservatives), and those with the Moral Officer personality type, strongly tend to be Democrats (liberals).

The other two personality types, Warriors and Strategists are more in the middle. But Warriors lean toward being liberal, and Strategists lean toward being conservative.

It is this middle ground (Strategists and Warriors) where the real battle is raged in the political campaigns. To win the Presidential election, the Republicans must win over some of the people with the Warrior personality type, and a majority of the people with the Strategist personality type.

This is an overall layout of the battle that shapes up every election season. And if you watch the political battle like I do, you’ll see this quite clearly.

The next question is, how do you win over some of the Warriors? Why the Warriors? Because they are the key to the entire battle for the Republican side. If the Republicans are able to win the people with the Warrior personality type, it will be a landside victory. Why is that? Because it has to do with percentages of the population. Both the Warriors and the Logisticals each make up about 38% of the population (combined, they make up 76% of everyone). The Morale Officers, which make up an estimated 12% of the population, are greatly out numbered.

So why is it that group with just 12% of the population was able to win the presidential election in 2008? Because they got all the Warriors and a chunk of the Strategists to their side. In other words, they are exceptional motivators of other-people because they understand Personality Marketing better than the Logisticals that make up the Republican party.

In the next article, I’ll show you how the Morale Officers did it in 2008, and what they are currently doing this election cycle. Here is a hint, it has to do with the “fears” of the people with the Warrior personality trait.

To learn even more about winning using personality marketing, see our cutting edge program called the Personality Marketing Manual.


Cross linking the Myers Briggs Personality System to the BIG 5 system.

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