Why Are You So Fat?

I’m embarrassed to say it, but the people that share my personality type are some of the heaviest around. Gosh I wish it wasn’t so… It sure gives the people with our particular Myers Briggs Personality type a bad wrap.

Laziness Pays Off Now

Hard work will pay off later... LAZINESS pays off Now!

I was on a family vacation recently to an amusement park. It was a great way to see a lot of people at one time and place to practice classifying them into their personality types. The one thing that I noticed, is that on average, the fat cows shared my personality type.

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Obviously, it is the SJ’s, that we are talking about. The metaphor that I use to describe us SJ’s are that we are the “logistics section of the human army.” That means we create, store, and distribute the resources that the rest of the human’s need for doing battle.

Storing up calories in your body is one way to be ready for the next battle. Really, that is a good place to store energy. But unfortunately, it also leads to other more serious health problems.

I was thinking about this today, and I was wondering why the SJ’s would store calories in their body?

Then I saw a bumper sticker the other day. It said: “Taxpayers Work Harder! Obama wants to spread your wealth!”

Taxpayers: Work Harder

That gave me to one reason that SJ’s would want to store calories in their own body. Because they are in a place that can’t be accessed, where they can’t be confiscated by other people. That way, they get to keep their calories, even though they may not get to keep their other possessions.

And while the calories aren’t going to be distributed to other people, the DNA of the SJ knows that the person himself will need the resources if a battle or drought comes along. They can continue to offer support for others by sacrificing their own intake it they have to. So it is better to consume the calories while times are good.

Another idea that I had to explain why my fellow SJ’s are so fat is that they use food as a reward for meeting some type of goal. Maybe the goal was to work hard all day, so they feel they deserve to reap the rewards of that effort? After all, the SJ’s are the people that feel obligated to do work that no one else would even notice that needs to be done. An example is picking up after a birthday party.

Other personality types can get heavy too. NF’s, the morale officers in the human army, use food to change their moods – such as “comfort food.” Food reminds them of good events in their life, and they want to relive those experiences, so they partake in an extra portion.

Now the SP’s, the “warriors in the human army” — you would think that they would only use food for immediate use. But I’ve seen a lot of heavy SP males, particularly those nearing middle-age. For these guys, I think it is that they’ve stopped dancing at the parties to burn the calories they took in while guzzling down the alcohol. They were trim and sculpted when they were younger, but the extra pounds catch up with them as they get less active. Just take a look at your average middle-age motor-cycler, who are more likely to be in the SP personality type.

Now the NT’s have a different problem. The “battle strategists of the human army” as I call them, can get so absorbed in their work, that they nibble all day long to take in energy to keep their brains active. My mentor, Dr. Kevin Hogan talked about this at his “Life: The Source Code” event in November, 2010. You can gain brain-energy by sleeping (taking cat naps throughout the day), or by consuming food and high-calorie caffeinated soft-drinks. Because they are focused on a problem, they don’t want to take down-time to catch a nap. So they nibble and sip. This is the reason why I see so many of my fellow engineers sporting a large gut that hangs over their belt-loop.

Who is the best in keeping themselves trim? Based on my VERY non-scientific observations, I would say it is the SP females, and then in second place, the NT females. For the SP females, I’d say it just comes from a lifetime of good habits. They were active when younger (lots of woman’s sports), and they ate better foods in order to look good. Those good habits are easier to carry into middle-age adulthood if you did them consistently when they were younger. And they seem to be far more physically active as a personality type than the other three.

[adsense float=’left’]The NT woman are probably just smarter than the rest of us. While they aren’t as physically active as the SP females, they consume less food. I’m not sure where they learned this good habit. But the NT females say they feel different than other females, feeling a bit out of place (is my hand in the right position?). Because of this, they may be trying to figure out how to blend in, and that means their brains aren’t thinking about food as much. I don’t know… I’m guessing at that, since I’m not around NT woman all that much.

If you have any theories, please feel free to chime in with a comment.

How does all this relate to selling? Great question. We’ll talk about that in a future blog.




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