Which Prospects Can Be Hypnotized By Your Sales Message?

[adsense float=’left’]Can you hypnotize your prospects? Could you make the buy what you wanted? According to one book that I read recently, this is totally possible.

The author, who goes by the name, the Rogue Hypnotist says that a large segment of the population is already in a near waking trance, and it doesn’t take much for advertising to nudge them into a deep trance.

I’ve been studying the techniques of hypnosis for a few years, and there may be something to what he has to say. In his book: “Forbidden Hypnotic Secrets, Incredible Hypnotic Confessions of the Rogue Hypnotist”,  he says that there are many people that are somnambulists (sleep walkers) that spend a large part of their day on the cusp of falling into a hypnotic trance. And he gives us the personality characteristics of these people that are easily induced into a trance. See if you can tell which of the four personality temperaments he describes:

  • “The best subjects, the hyper-responsive ones, are always the most fun to work with; they tend to be playful, easy to talk to, talkative, engaging, imaginative, charming and funny.”
  • “Very creative people are the best of all! Actors are in waking trance when performing (at least the good ones are!), film students, young people studying fine art at college etc.”
  • “Soldiers etc. Think about it, they volunteered to be ordered about!”

That last clue gave it away, didn’t it? Based on the characteristics he mentions, it is the people with the Warrior personality temperament that are the easiest to induce into a hypnotic trance.

But there is another group that are also easy to induce into trance. He describes these as:

  • “People who are interested in the “New Age” – complete and utter somnambulists! They are in a semi-permanent waking trance. I call them ‘space cadets.’”

What is the personality type of the people into New Age mysticism? It is my observation that they have the _NFP personality characteristics. Using my metaphor system, this is half of the Morale Officer types.

It should be pointed out that one common trait between these groups is that they both have the “Perceiving” trait in the Myers Briggs system. I can’t say for sure that all people with the Perceiving trait are easy to induce into a hypnotic trance, but I suspect that a significant majority of them could.

My friend, Ken Owens, is a Master Hypnotist who performs stage shows in Las Vegas. Recently, in a youtube interview, he said that he also looks for those characteristics in the audience in order to put on the best performance.

Who are are hardest to induce into a trance?

The Rogue Hypnotist says:

“Accountants are the lame ducks of hypnosis in my experience. The job and those like it devoid of imaginative capacity are just not one that encourages a playful mindset.”

Typically, accountants come from the SJ Temperament (Logistical types). And this fits my own personal experience too, as I am in the Logistical category. Twice I volunteered to be hypnotized in front of an audience, and both times I failed to go into a trance. I just sat there, feeling let down because I wasn’t part of the excitement of the moment.

I felt like the guy in the light blue shirt in this video, who just sat there not participating in the show:

What does this mean for sales and marketing?

Personally, I think that appealing to the values of the prospect is the best way to make a sale. But many companies use the techniques of hypnosis to try to make a sale. I don’t think they realize that they work only on those people that have the Warrior temperament. Although that is 38% of the population, so it is plenty of prospects. If you’d like to learn more, check out the books by the Rogue Hypnotist, and by Ken Owens (www.theKenOwens.com).

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