What’s It Like Being So Fat? Morbidly Obese, Super Fat

[adsense float=’left’]I came across this YouTube video the other day, where a large guy talked about what it was like for him being so fat. In fact, he calls himself “morbidly obese, super fat.”

There is no easy cure for this condition. It is based on his DNA. Since the man has the Logistical Personality type, he has been pre-programmed by genetics to store calories like they were a resource that the human army needs for battlefield survival.

The problem is that subconsciously, he is afraid that the calories will be stolen. So his DNA told him to find a safe bank where no one can ever break in. That bank, is his own body. It has the capacity to store a lot of calories as fat. And when they are needed, such as in a siege, they can be used as needed.

But there are two problems with this. First, no one else can use the calories. Only he has access to them. That makes him a poor supplier that other people can rely on for their needed calories.

Second, there are very bad health consequences to using your body as a calorie bank. And he knows that. I guess he justifies it as the interest required by the bank. Banks always sap you for what you’ve got. Right?

What I wanted to do in this article was to share with you what I send to the man. It was my video response to him. Here it is:


Solutions To The Logistical’s Obesity

As I said above, there is no easy solution for this problem. It is based on genetic instructions, that are hard-coded into the DNA of the person with the Logistical personality type. But the solution will come by:

1. Come to terms with the fact that the human body is a bad bank in which to store food calories. The interest this calorie bank charges is in “poor health.”

2. Recognition, which all Logisticals’ crave, has to come from some other source, other than consuming food.

This second one is very tough to come to grips with. Logisticals’ don’t get credit for their accomplishments. In fact, people look at them as being mean and greedy with their possession. This has been a life-long problem for them. If you go back to their childhood, the only time they got recognition was when their parents praised them for eating everything on their dinner plate.

So now they feel that eating food and cleaning off your plate is “praise worthy.”

Do you see the problem here?

[adsense float=’left’]Here’s a free parenting tip: Never force your kids (particularly the ones with the Logistical personality type) to try a piece of food, or to clean their plate. And don’t praise them for it.

Praise them for other things.

How Does This Relate To Selling?

The people with the Logistical personality type are craving recognition of their accomplishments. More than any of the personality types, they were starved of serious recognition as children. They fear that they will continue to be ignored by society for their accomplishments.

As adults, they want to be rewarded for their accomplishments. They’ll pay handsomely for it.

What are you doing in your business to reward them? If you don’t do it, then they will go to your competition.

They are easy sales! Just give them recognition!




Here is the video of the guy talking about his weight problem:

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