What Agitates The Morale Officer Types? An Empty Chair

[adsense float=’left’]At the Republican National Convention in August 2012, Clint Eastwood gave a great demonstration how to agitate the people that have the Morale Officer personality temperament.

In politics, agitating the opponents is good stuff. But if the person is a potential customer of your’s, then you might want to think twice about using this technique that Clint Eastwood used. If you piss off your customer, you’ll never get them back.

What Did Clint Eastwood do?

First watch the speech from the Republican convention. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, as just a couple of minutes will give you the broad perspective.


What Clint Eastwood did, was to portray President Obama as an empty chair.

“What is the big deal in that?” you ask.

Clint Eastwood Converses With Obama

Most of the media didn’t get it. They looked at Clint Eastwood’s speech, and they saw an old dude that was stuttering out more “ems” than even Obama does when he’s trying to make a logical argument. And they just thought that he was losing his mind a bit – he is 82 year’s old, after all.

That probably would have been the end of the story right there. But it got to Obama. We were told that Obama wasn’t planning on watching the speeches on that Thursday night. So someone must have told him about Clint Eastwood’s speech.

Within a few hours, Obama posted a message on Twitter:


Obama tweeted to the world that he does exist. This act lets us know that he fears being excluded from a discussion.

If he thought Clint Eastwood was a senile old buffoon, he probably would have left it alone. But he wanted to “one-up” him. He wanted to prove something.

He wanted to prove that he wasn’t imaginary.

So why was that?

The Purpose of The Morale Officer Personality Type

If you want to know why Obama couldn’t leave it alone, and why he was offended, you have to start with his Personality Temperament.

He is what I call a Morale Officer personality type. The definition I use this metaphor for, is someone that has the letters NF in their Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Obama is an ENFP, so right in the middle, you do see the letters N and F.

What all Morale Officer’s have in common, is that they want to make the world a better place by getting people to agree on things. In fact, that is what Obama ran on in 2008. He was going to make Washington a place where everyone got along.

For this type of dialog to work though, everyone has to be included in the discussion. Particularly, the person with the Morale Officer personality type. They are the facilitator of the discussion.

“What happens when the facilitator is left out?”

[adsense float=’left’]That is what was going through the mind of Obama. It is one of his worst fears, in fact. Because if the facilitator is left out of the discussion, then there is no way that they can change the course of the discussion. In effect, they are “ineffective” to their cause.

So when Clint Eastwood was speaking to an empty chair, Obama saw it as an attack on him as a person, and not being part of the solution.

Politics is War

If I was an advisor to Romney, I would suggest that he use this tactic in the debates. The purpose is to overheat Obama, and get him to act out irrationally. In fact, that is what both sides always try to do in a debate to one another.

What Romney could do is to look away from Obama when he talks to him. He should fix his gaze down away from him (like he was looking at an empty chair), and then deliver his point. It would remind all the viewers of Clint Eastwood, and that Obama hasn’t been part of the solution.

But Selling Is Different: Don’t Offend Prospects!

If your prospect is a Morale Officer personality type, then you obviously can’t do that. But you can turn this technique around a little bit for your advantage. Here’s how…

First, remember that I said that Morale Officers have this fear of being ignored and excluded from the discussion. They’ve lived with that their entire lives. They’ve had situations where this did occur, and it did embarrass them tremendously.

You need to use that embarrassment as a trigger to get them to take action. If you recall from my book “Emotional Copywriting Revealed,” embarrassment is a long-lasting emotion, and never really goes away. That means you can tap on it and get it to rise to the surface, like tapping on a cold soda, and getting the fizz to float up.

What you’ll do, is to get them to recall a situation where they were ignored, and remember how they felt. That situation IS there, you just have to pry it up. And then you use it to get them to take action and buy your product.

You might say: “I know you know how it burns inside you when you aren’t taken seriously. When you invest in XYZ product, you’ll be taking a step to help yourself be more forceful in getting your point across. Right?”

This is pretty powerful on persuading the people with the Morale Officer personality type. Do not underestimate how persuasive it is. As proof, just recall the presidential campaign of 2008. That is exactly what Obama said to the voters. It is the message of Hope and Change, which Morale Officer’s eat up. It taps into that fear they have of being ignored and not having their voice heard.

Other Fear’s Of People

The fear of being ignored is just one of the emotional triggers that you can use on people with the Morale Officer personality type. The others can be just as persuasive too.

Morale Officer’s aren’t the only people that have fears. Everyone does. If you aren’t tapping into the underlying fears of people, you aren’t making nearly the amount of money that you could be. That sounds like manipulation, but it really isn’t. If you goal is to help people, you will often find that they refuse to be helped until the situation gets too bad. You obviously want to head that disaster off before it hits, right? That is why you have to use every tool at your disposal.

The place where you can learn more about the fears of the different personality types is in the Personality Marketing Manual. It guides you through them one by one. And then shows you, just like what you discovered today, how to put the fear to positive use and get them to take action.

This is cutting edge strategy, that no one else knows about. If you’re serious about turning around your financial success, this one product will do it. And you have nothing to lose! It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!

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