The Meaning Of Dreams For Your Success

What do dreams mean for you? More specifically, what do they mean for you as a salesman? How will they make you more successful?

All articles I’ve seen on the meaning of dreams try to help you interpret the concepts of what you dreamed about. I’m going to take a different tactic in this article. I’m going to help you to see what is going on in the heads of those people that are consumed with the meaning of their dreams.

These people buy products too. So if you can get to understand what is going on in their head, you have an advantage over your competitors when trying to sell to them. Therefore, the meaning of dreams — to you as a salesman — is that they equal “more sales, and more money.”

To start, I want to say that everyone has dreams (that’s obvious, right?). And everyone will go through phases where they think their dream has special meaning, and they may even try to search for that meaning.

But I want to refine this more. I want to talk specifically about one group of people that have more than a casual interest in their dreams. These people are consumed by their dreams. And we’ll talk about why this is the case.

Who are the Visionary Dreamers?

Who are the people that talk about their visions dreams more than any other group? They are the people with the personality type that I call the Morale Officers.

In the Myers Briggs personality trait system, these people are: 1) those that take in information through “intuition” (abbreviated as a N), and 2) they make decisions based on their feelings (abbreviated with the letter F). Therefore, if you saw their Myers Briggs archetype description, the Morale Officers would be that group of people that have the letters NF in it.

While it is difficult to know for certain how many people have this unique letter combination, it is estimated that it comprises about 12% of the human population.

Is this 12% of the population part of your customer base? It might be, which is why it is worth this study.

The Search For Significance

As you’ll see discussed in the Personality Marketing Manual, the Morale Officers feel the need to search for significance in a cold, dark world. Even if they are not religious, they sense that there are spirits that control the universe. It is through communication, or some type of merging with the spirit-world, that we as people can see what the future should be. From there, we can derive our significance in the world.

If you’re curious, the ultimate message of the spirit-world is to guide us humans to become “one,” or merged with them. Very often they communicate their message on how to do that, through dreams or visions. This is what you’ll hear when you converse with people with the Morale Officer personality type. In fact, it is a great clue to classify who has this personalty type.

Here is an example from a friend of mine on facebook. Based on this, and similar posts that she has made, I guarantee you that she has the Morale Officer personality type.

Reading Their Mind

This theme, that the universe is controlled by some type of spirit, is the core belief that guides the behavior of the people with the Morale Officer personality type. Remember that. Burn it into your own brain, because it will guide you in how you communicate and sell to them.

I have to pause here, and tell you that I’m a Logistical personality type. I’m a cause-and-effect type of person. So what I’m going to say next is written from that perspective. In other words, as a Logistical, I want to wrap my own mind around the effect this has on Morale Officers. This will tell me what is going on in their mind. It makes me a clairvoyant, of sorts. And it gives me a new way to relate to them and talk to them on their own wavelength.

These are the Morale Officer’s truths that stem from their belief that the universe is controlled by some type of metaphysical spirit.

Truth #1: Dreams are the way the spirit-world communicates to us humans.

Truth #2: The message is specific to the receiver of the dream. If it wasn’t specific to that individual, then everyone would have had the same dream. Therefore, that leads us to the next truth for Morale Officers

Truth #3: The message is special. It has significance, of some sort, for the whole world. It is the ultimate “truth.”

Truth #4: You, the receiver of the message, are special too. This is huge, right? How huge is it? If no one else got the message delivered by the dream or vision, then the spirit-world must trust you more than they trust anyone else on the planet. That makes you “critically important” to their world.

Truth #5: The message, once the meaning has been divined, is typically about how to create harmony in world. Such as creating world peace, or living in harmony with nature. It is never-ever about world domination, personal accumulation, or putting someone else down!

Truth #6: Other people have received this similar message too. That makes them “true,” because the spirit-world must trust them as well. You can therefore trust these “true” people explicitly.

As an out-sider of a different personality type, I have to make note that it is only people that have the Morale Officer personality type that receive this message. So amongst themselves, they are the only ones they really trust and make deep relationships with. Again, this is the major theme of Personality Marketing in that: likes attract likes.

Truth #7: There are evil spirits that are at odds with the good spirits – which explains why bad things happen in the world. The evil spirits are trying to suppress the “truth message” or to thwart it from going into effect. That is why the good spirits have to speak quietly through dreams and visions.

Truth #8: People that don’t receive the true message are not to be trusted. This is pretty much everyone else that is not of the Morale Officer personality type (the other 88% of the population). I suspect, that since I’m disclosing these beliefs of the people with the Morale Officers personality type, that I would probably be labeled as being under the influence of the evil spirits.

Truth #9: The secondary message of the dream will require you to take action, to spread the message. There is typically a sense or feeling that this task is so important, that everything else (such as ambition and wealth accumulation) is to be put aside. In fact, the message is so important, that it justifies the means by which you convey the message.

This is the part that scares me, as it allows them to steal from the rich, and give to the poor. Or worse.

Truth #10: If you fail to “spread the message of truth,” which you received in your dreams, you are spitting-in-the-face of the metaphysical spirits that control the universe.

They trusted you, after all, with a message that they didn’t give to everyone else. Therefore, there will be dire consequences to you for any lack of action. It usually starts out as internal distress, such as negative feelings, then problems with personal relationships, and can finally work its way up to physical maladies.

Truth #11: Physical wellness, good mental health, and good relationships are all signs that you are walking in the truth and are doing what the metaphysical spirits have intended. Re-read the comment about good Karma in the image above.

Truth #12: Non-true people, since they are under the influence of evil sprits, will try to prevent you from fulfilling your goal of getting your message out.

To outsiders like me, this appears to manifest itself as a feeling that people are out to get them or destroy them. Here is a paragraph from an acquaintance of mine that wrote an article called “How to Spot Difficult People in Conversations, and What to Do About Them:”

“Difficult people have always been a part of our circles of business… Learning to spot and then neutralize that difficult person who’ll block your goal is helpful for the confident or novice conversationalist alike.”

Do you see how the author believes that there are people that are going out of their way to thwart you on your mission to meet your goals? To me, this seems like too much effort, and it would mean I’d have to put aside my own goals to thwart someone else.

Truth #13: The true message supersedes all other goals that other people might have. It is that important!

In other words, YOUR GOAL is more important than their goals. Therefore, those other people should put aside their own personal ambitions (any lusts for comfort, power and money) and hitch their wagon to your goal of getting out the truth message of harmony and love. If, and when they take up this goal, the world will move closer to being one with the metaphysical spirit-world.

The Morale Officers really don’t understand why others don’t see the truth message like they do. They believe that it is so plain, that everyone should see it. That is why it supersedes all other goals.

Truth #14: While they received the truth message in their dreams, it is often clouded, and they feel that they are still missing a part of the entire message.

Truth #15: The missing part of the message, is how to become one with the spirit-world right now.

In other words, they sense that they will become part of the spiritual world some day (after death), but they want to get there now—instead of waiting.

That missing piece of information seems to them like it is a physical part their body that is missing. If they could only plug it back into their body, then they would be transported to oneness of the spiritual world that controls the universe.

They then go on a life-long search for the missing part of themselves that was lost.

Truth #16: They admire those that seem to be closer to the oneness of the spirit-world. This goes back to truth #6 in a way. But there are those people that seem to be a lot closer to the oneness of the spirit-world than others. They might have found that lost part of themselves, which makes them extra-special people. During the presidential election of 2008, Barak Obama was considered to be one of those extra-special people, and many people referred to him as “the one.”

Truth #17: When it is revealed that the “special people,” who were believed to have a special connection to the spirit-world have their own physical lusts (like ambition, desire for money, power, or comfort), then they are to be ostracized.

Why? Because they might have been corrupted by the evil spirits, and therefore you have to stay away from them lest the good spirits see you siding up to the bad ones.

The Meaning Of Dreams

The purpose of this article today was to show you what is going on in the mind of the person that is searching for the meaning of dreams. You now have multiple entry points that you can use to gain rapport and communicate with them.

Any one of these truths can be used as a conversation starter with a person having the Morale Officer personality type. It is what they generally talk about anyway, and they will never see you as trying to manipulate them. I show you how to do this in the Personality Marketing Manual.

A word of caution, as if you didn’t see this coming anyway… Never manipulate people. If you cannot genuinely solve someone’s problem or help them achieve one of their goals, you will be in danger of being seen as being manipulative. And you will lose more than one sale because of it. Word will get around that you are taking advantage of people, and you lose a lot of your other customers too.

The Personality Marketing approach is the most powerful sales method I have discovered because it allows you to see in the brains of people and know what other thoughts are rattling inside them. I didn’t learn about it in a dream though… just one small part, that was a key piece to putting all the data together to making it easy to comprehend.

My Own Personal Beliefs

Just so that you know, I do believe in God, the creator of the universe, and in his son, Jesus.

And yes, I believe that God does speak to people in visions and dreams. However, the difference between my belief and those of others, is that my God doesn’t treat some people as more special than others. We’re all equal when it comes to how much he cares for us. Therefore, the messages he gives me is personalized to just me, and in no way supersedes the messages he gives to others.

For me, the general gist of my personalized message from God, is that I believe that he wants me to help others achieve success in their own dreams. More specifically, he wants me to help make you a better salesman and persuader by utilizing the Personality-Trait Marketing methods. It is through improving those skills that your own dreams and goals will come true.

But… you have to play your part too. You have to take the first step and purchase a copy of the Personality Marketing Manual. God didn’t tell me to give it away free. The reason is that God desires us to put maximum effort into our work of helping others, and to ensure that, he offers an incentive – called: getting paid. The more people you help, the more you get paid. Therefore, I believe that ambition and wealth accumulation are not bad. They are simply: “tools.” They are used by God to help motivate you to carry out his desire for your life.

Incidentally, I know, based on my own sales experiences, that the techniques of the Personality Marketing Manual will help you in a way that is far more beneficial than the money it costs you to purchase it. I wouldn’t be fulfilling my own mission from God if it wasn’t helpful to you personally.

If you want to read more about my beliefs about God, feel free to visit my other web site called “Making Money, God’s Way.”


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