The Lack Diversity Among Obama’s Staff

There is a remarkable lack of diversity in the campaign staff of candidate Obama. But it is a lot more than the racial diversity as reported by the web site It is the lack of diversity in Personality Type.

If you look at this photo of the candidate’s campaign staff, and you do a quick “typing” of them for their personality types (a technique you can do in 20 seconds with the Personality Marketing Manual) , you’ll notice that they are nearly 100% Morale Officers.

All of them are "Morale Officers." Nearly 100%!

I’m offended by this, as roughly 88% of the population is excluded from the decision-making process of the Democratic party. This is totally hypocritical of the Democrats, who say they are for diversity, particularly diversity of ideas. They are not. They exclude all the ideas that are different from their own, particularly of the people with the personality type that I call the “Logisticals.”

What I’m saying is that George Washington, our nation’s first President, and someone with a Logistical personality type like mine, would not be welcomed in the party of the Democrats.

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