Secrets To Meeting Women

[adsense float=’left’]Today, you’ll not only get the secrets to meeting women, but the secrets to meeting beautiful women. Let’s start with the first four secret tactics that attract beautiful women.

Before we do that, let’s back up slightly. In this series on the secrets to meeting women, there is one underlying criteria to keep in mind: The beautiful woman does not want a bad boy. What she wants is what the bad boy represents.

The bad boy persona represents a skilled warrior – someone that has a good chance of surviving the next battle. That is the person she wants by her side, because it improves the odds of her surviving the next battle too.

That is the REAL unspoken secret to meeting beautiful woman. And this is allows us to come up with strategies and tactics, without having to learn how to be a bad boy.

Let’s face it. If you are trying ot learn the secrets to meeting women, you probably aren’t of the Warrior personality type. But the beautiful woman probably is, and that is what she is familiar with. So her first gut-feeling, is to look for a male with a Warrior personality type – which isn’t you (or me either).

But if the end-result is to be a survivalist, she is amenable to other survival strategies too. For example, in our last article about how to be a bad boy, we started with these first four strategies:

  • 1. Money and status
  • 2. Accomplishments
  • 3. Power and Authority
  • 4. Confidence

The good news, is that you don’t have to be a Warrior personality type to use them. And there are more secrets to meeting beautiful women, which I will talk about today.

More Strategy Secrets To Meeting Women

5. Seal-Team Six strategy – If you are meeting beautiful women on their battlefield (such as a bar), you are at a disadvantage. Everything in her surroundings reminds her of a battle. So if you walk into the place alone, what is she going to think (from a fighter’s standpoint)?

She’s looking at you as a lone fighter that no other warriors want to be around.

Remember, Warriors want to be surrounded by fighters better than themselves, so as to increase the odds of surviving the flight. Therefore, being a lone fighter means you’re easier prey for the enemy.

When on her turf, being surrounded by your wingmen (or your Seal-Team) is a sign of acceptance by other warriors. They consider you worthy of being around. Even men of power and authority might have an entourage of body guards.

I’ve heard warriors call this a man’s “social value.” So when you hear this term, it is basically a question that other warriors have about you. The are asking: “Would I want to go into battle with YOU as my wingman?” If the answer is “no,” you lack social value to them, and to the warrior females.

I have to say that this strategy is difficult for us introverts. Being around a group of people drains our energy, and that puts us at a further disadvantage. But if you can go into the battle situation with a group, this secret of meeting beautiful women is a good one. It is a testimonial that prospects notice.

6. Energy – Enthusiasm is a sign of your energy level. This is battle, right? Do you want to go into a battle being around lethargic fighters? Of course not. The result would be that you wouldn’t have the energy to swing your weapon for very long. It is a sign of endurance – how long you can continue in the battle.

I’ve heard of the Warrior personality types often being referred to as “Promoters.” That word is a great metaphor for what the beautiful woman wants to see. Live action, non-stop movement. Obviously, stay away from things that drain your energy, such as having alcohol during your meeting women. If you’re a morning person, this secrets of meeting women will tell you to avoid night-time encounters.

Therefore, the question is how to do you increase your energy level?

That leads us to the following secrets of meeting women.

7. Choose Your Battlefield. The bar scene, sporting events, rock concerts, shopping centers and large parties are where the Warriors go to relax. I’ve said it over and over – they are battlefields where chaos reins and skirmishes are being fought. If you are not of the Warrior personality type, you will never feel truly comfortable there – especially if you are of the Logistical personality type.

Therefore, choose your own battlefield where the Warrior is at a disadvantage. Anywhere where chaos is limited, is where they feel inferior. Anywhere where there are a lot of RULES. That is a HUGE secret, so write it down. The added advantage is you will feel more comfortable and will seem to have more authority, and the warrior males surrounding her will look much weaker.

Here are a few examples of pretty regimented locations:

  • Classroom settings (especially if you are the teacher in the room).
  • Churches
  • Conference room situations
  • Workplace settings
  • Funerals
  • Libraries
  • Doctor’s and Dental offices
  • Tax preparation offices
  • Cabin on an airplane
  • The line going through airport security
  • Stock broker’s offices
  • Police and Fire stations
  • Where your car breaks down on the side of the road

As you look through this list, you’ll notice that these are not places where you typically find the hot warrior women. They don’t like them, because they are not chaotic enough for their warrior instincts. So you will have to get creative to find the optimum place that is target rich for you.

If you want to know of one secret place that is packed with warrior females, but not one warrior male, go visit a dance studio. My daughter takes dance lessons… Hair salons and spas are other good locations.

8. Battle Armor – How you dress is another one of the secrets to meeting women.

Like in the military, your uniform displays your rank. Obviously, the rank that has the highest survivability chances is the one that is most appealing to the warrior. And it also signifies importance.

When dressing up, my feeling is to “dress to impress.” You may disagree, but I’d rather wear a business suit to a casual mixer. It elevates your authority, and that is the advantage you’re looking for.

Now most warriors take a different approach. They dress down for the occasion they are at. So if they are at a wedding, they might come in wearing shorts and flip-flops, with a bit of razor stubble on their face.

I always wondered why this was the case. But if you think about it from the perspective of a Warrior, what does that type of clothing signify? What is the underlying message they want you to come away with?

The grunge look is to remind other warriors that you survived the battle

The message is that they just came off the battlefield. They are a survivor of the last battle they were in.

Being a survivor in the past, raises the odds of being a survivor in future battles too. So the beautiful female warrior realizes that this guy is worthy of being around.

Personally, I only think that Warrior’s can pull off this “grunge” look. Most of the other personality types just seem out of place when trying to dress down. Looking like you just got out of bed is different than looking like you just came off a battlefield.

9. Generosity – The warriors like to feel that they are the most generous of all the people on the face of the planet. So when the warrior female sees you being generous with your seal-team-six, she’ll get the impression that you’re also a warrior.

If you want a metaphor that describes why they do this, you might consider it like “throwing a weapon to a fellow soldier so that he can use it in battle.” In other words, the guy fighting along side you drops his sword, so you toss him one that you found lying on the ground. You don’t want him to be in the battle unarmed, because that will make you more vulnerable; since he’s going to be dispatched rather quickly. You have to keep your comrades armed, so they can watch your back.

And among their friends, warriors are pretty generous. But before you go buying drinks for everyone at the bar, remember that they are generous only with their warrior buddies.

10. Loyalty – This trait goes hand-in-hand with the seal-team-six strategy. Basically, you’re showing the hot babe that you’re loyal to your fellow-warriors.

No warrior wants to be left behind in battle. They always carry out their wounded friends, right? You need to show her that you possess this trait too, because she understands it on a warrior level.

And loyalty among Warriors cannot be bought. In other words, you won’t them to like you by offering to buy them a drink or dinner. In fact, that is what a foes does. They are looking to bribe the Warriors to switching sides.

If the woman agrees to that, she feels that her friends will think she will become a traitor or a back-stabber for accepting the bribe. In sales, you cannot get loyalty from a Warrior by offering a bribe, such as having a sale, or offering them a cookie. The law of reciprocity doesn’t work well on a Warrior until you’ve already watched their back.

Loyalty must be earned through accomplishments.

One “accomplishment” can be as simple as being on the same battlefield as the warrior you are trying to sell to. There have been many research studies conducted where loyalty is created just by having two people sitting in a room together for a period of time (such as taking a school exam). The more dramatic the event (maybe being on the same bus during a traffic accident), the stronger the loyalty bond. Remember this, as you pick your battlefield.

11. Risk Taking – The essence of fighting a battle is taking the ultimate risk (putting your very life on the line). Warriors are constantly sizing each other up by the amount of risk they are willing to take. Why? The answer should be obvious.

Do you want someone fighting next to you that won’t take a risk and engage the enemy? What’s the opposite? To turn tail and run, leaving your fellow warriors without someone covering their back.

When you see a warrior taking a fool-hearty risk, the reason he is doing it is to prove to other warriors that he is a good fighting companion. He hopes that the strongest warrior will see his act of bravery, and choose him to be his back-watcher. It is a visa-versa thing with warriors.

How are you going to prove to the hot female warrior-babe, that you are a risk taker? It is a warrior trait, and she wants to see it in her fighting-partner. I’ll actually leave this up to you to think about.

12. Be quick on your feet – Again, this is another warrior trait that you need to demonstrate to the warrior-babe. She would like to see you parry and thrust with your weapon like a true warrior. They never hesitate. They don’t stop to think. In the heat of battle, speed “counts” if you want to live.

[adsense float=’left’]What this means is don’t worry too much about your body language or if you said something too , such as: are her feet pointed at you. Just go and do it.

This one is a hard one for a lot of people, including me. We’re not quick risk-takers like the warriors, because we want to think ahead and try to predict the future move by the opponent.

In reality, the only way to be quick on your feet is to practice and train often. Remember, the warriors are in the bars all the time practicing, so they have a big head start on you.

The way to diminish this necessity, is to do what I talked about earlier: pick your own battlefield. That way, she is the one that is off-guard and a bit confused about the situation.

Coming Up Next Time

In the next article, I’ll go back through some of the strategies that the warriors themselves say are the Secrets To Meeting Women. I’ll talk about whether the strategy will work for non-warrior types, and how to adapt them so that they can be used to compliment your own strengths.

If you would like to learn the secrets to meeting women of different personality types besides the Warrior  type, see the techniques in the Personality Marketing Manual.

Until then, “Be Fruitful.”


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