Sales Secrets of Variety, Chaos, and Consistency

Do you notice that you have one type of customer that always wants to mix things up? Who are these customers, and what can you do to sell more to them?

The personality type of those people that seem to crave variety are what I call the Warriors. They have a purpose in humanity, which is to help the rest of the population to survive wars. Without fighters, nations would have been wiped out thousands of years ago, because there would have been no one with the skills to wield a weapon.

Warriors are born attackers. Their DNA and genes have given them an instinct that makes them seek out and exploit weaknesses in the enemy they are fighting. For starters, they are constantly on the look-out for new and better weapons. Better weapons give them an advantage over their opponents.

Even though most Warriors are no longer soldiers, they still carry this instinct in their daily lives. They view their job as a fight for survival. As such, they are looking for tools, short-cuts, skills and techniques that will help them improve their odds in this battle. If the “tool” will help them be more effective – which is getting the job done with as little physical effort as possible, they will pay an enormous sum of money for it.

That is a million-dollar sales key, by the way.

Warriors are looking for the “quick-and-dirty” way to accomplish a dirty task, and they are willing to part with a lot of money to get it done NOW.

Variety – A Quest for the Holy Grail

That desire for the quick-and-dirty method of getting a job done, is one of the reasons that Warriors seek out variety. They are the most willing of any of the four personality types to try out new things. Why is this? Because they are always looking for the Holy Grail for making their life easier and more fun. And even when they find it, they still believe that there is something even better out there that they haven’t discovered yet. It is almost like their thirst for “new-and-better” is never satisfied.

But I think another reason that the people with the Warrior personality type crave variety is also fear-based.

“What would they fear?” you ask. Great question. I’ll answer that for you.

What do Warriors Fear?

Imagine you were a fighter on the battlefield in a hand-to-hand combat situation. Keep that picture in the back of your mind. Now ask this question: “Why would you want variety, chaos, and mixing-it-up?”

It is a defensive reflex, actually.

When you are a fighter, any consistency you display could be considered an opportunity for attack by your opponent. If they can predict how you’re going to react in battle, they can plan and prepare to attack you at that time.

Therefore, your DNA’s survival instinct tells you that mixing thing ups will keep you alive, because your opponent can’t predict your future actions. The ultimate in “variety,” is chaos. In a chaotic environment, you have so much variety that your enemy can’t get an easy fix on you in order to strike at you. So as a Warrior, you’re actually safe in a chaotic situation; it becomes your ally.

Key Point: The less experienced you are as a fighter, the greater you desire chaos, because it takes away any advantage your opponent might have over you in combat.

This is why a Warrior might want to liven-up-things, even when they aren’t in a battle situation. They don’t fear chaos like other personality types do. They seek it out, and will cause chaos to give themselves an advantage.


Something strange happens as warriors get older though. They are willing to give up variety for a bit more consistency. This was born out in a 2005 study by S.L. Brown and Robert Caildini (Journal of Research in Personality, 39:517-33)

As people age, their preference for consistency becomes strengthened. And this includes the Warrior personality types too. Why would this be?

For one thing, as you get older, you become more skilled in your activities. If you are a fighter, you become more deadly. If you are a mechanic, you are able to use your tools more efficiently. In general, you become more efficient at using your tools the more practice have.

This efficiency is good. It compensates for the fact that as you get older, you get weaker physically. For a hand-to-hand fighter, weakness usually means death. So it makes sense that you will probably pick the one skill you have (say a fighting style), and try to raise that to its highest level of performance.

The situation becomes reversed: consistency can be an advantage in battle, but only when it is tied to proper tactics and knowledge. The more skilled you are, the less chaos you want, because it hampers you ability to use your skills. Don’t get it? Just think of a surgeon trying to operate on a patient that is flailing around on the table. You desire them to be calm so that you can cut with precision.

How does this relate to selling?

First of all, when a prospect comes to you and wants variety, it is a big clue that the person you’re dealing with might be a Warrior personality type. It may not be the only clue, but it is a big one.

The reason to classify the prospect’s personality type, is so that you can plan on what strategy you’ll use to sell them. In the case of the Warrior personality type, you’ll want to specifically agitate his fears.

Let’s take a simple example, and show how you can turn this to your advantage.

Imagine that a person with the Warrior personality type comes to your business establishment, and asks you for something you normally don’t carry or offer. It might be a specific color choice, or even a discount on your services.

You want to make a sale, so what would b your next step?

Since we already have typed the person (that was the first step, by the way), our next step would be to classify their underlying fear. For this, you should consult the Personality Marketing Manual. Each personality type has their own set of fears, which are unique when compared against the other three personality types.

We’ve already mentioned in this article that one fear (of the dozens they have) a Warrior has is a lack experience in battlefield tactics. They are always worried that the opponent they are challenging (you) has more experience and are more efficient wielding their weapons.

In other words, they may be trying to gain an advantage over you by causing chaos; which takes away your knowledge and experience advantage.

By classifying their fear, you have a tremendous advantage now. In fact, it should be hard to lose the sale at this point. You understand what is going through their mind.

When they fear that they lack skills or knowledge, what do you sell them? Right, either skills or knowledge!

Instead of confronting them by saying: “No, we don’t have that item in that color,” or by saying “no, we don’t discount,” what you would say is something like this:

“I think I understand where you are coming from. You might be concerned that your friends might not think you know don’t know what you’re doing, but let me show you how smart you are to have come to me. Let me show the advantages and the power you’ll command by having this other color instead.”

Do you think they are going to walk out of your store immediately after you say that?

Of course not. They will want to know how they are going to gain skills, knowledge and power. These are all things that a Warrior knows will allow him to survive the next battle he is in.

Agitate Their Fears

To make the sale, you must agitate the prospects fears. Otherwise, you won’t get the sale. PERIOD!

That is a key point, and the reason why we miss out on making so many sales. We often think or feel that it is beneath us, or somehow manipulative to be agitating their fears. On the contrary, if they walk away from us without us helping them overcome their fears, we haven’t done them any favors. We’ve really only made their life worse, because we are prolonging the agony that their fears are creating in their life.

By agitating their fears (which we know they have), we are forcing them to deal with them, and to overcome them. It is your highest act of kindness, even though it feels like ripping off a bandage. We have to get them to see the wound, so that we both know how to treat it.

With the Personality Marketing Manual, you get specific diagnosis tools like these that you can use to help your customers prosper. You are helping them by making them aware of their situation. And at the same time you are going to prosper yourself.

The only reason you aren’t making sales right now, is that you don’t know how to read your customers and understand what fears they have. Let me help you solve this problem. The solution is the easy strategies and tactics found in the Personality Marketing Manual.

Until next time, “Be Fruitful.”


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  1. Eva Palmer says:

    I did not have a clue of the warrior type. It was impressive to read about the idea of agitating the fears of this type of personality. Thanks for explaining and giving such a clear example!

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