Ruining the Radicals

Saul Alinsky wrote the book called Rules for Radicals that was used by Barak Obama to organize the democratic party and hijack the American government. As a knock-off to that book, this series of articles I’m calling: “Ruining the Radicals,” because it may be the only way to take back our government from the students of Alinsky.

The whole strategy, which I’ve reiterated over and over, is to win the votes of the people with the Warrior personality temperament.

What Makes A Person Have The Warrior Personality Type?

If you recall, my definition of this group of people (using the Myers-Briggs personality typing system), is those people that they have the letters S and P in their personality profile. The “S” stands for Sensation, and the “P” stands for Perceiving.

These people have a lot of characteristics and traits that would make them excellent foot-soldiers in an army. They are quick to adapt, highly tactical, and will exploit a situation for their own gain. That is why I use the metaphor of Warriors to describe them. It gives you an immediate picture of how they are likely to behave in society.

The core of the Democrat Party is the people with the “Morale Officer” personality temperament. They are socialists in their very DNA, which I’ve explained before. But since they only comprise about 12% of the population, they need an ally to work with them to win elections. The ally they chose are the people with the Warrior personality type.

The Warriors and the Morale Officers are vastly different, as you can see in this comparison photo of Ronald Reagan vs Barak Obama.

This is an example of how to portray the Liberals to the people with the Warrior personality type. They would understand by looking at this picture who they wanted by their side in a battle.

Reagan had a Myers-Briggs personality profile of ESFP, while Barak Obama has a profile of ENFJ. Remember, the letters S-P in the personality profile is the definition of a Warrior, while the NF is the Morale Officer personality type.

It is this difference that can be exploited to separate the Warriors from voting with the Morale Officers. In my last article, I showed you one way this can be done, which is showing how the Morale Officers don’t like to get their hands dirty.

The photo comparison of Reagan on a horse and Obama on a bicycle is an actual example of how this can be played out.

This comparison is absolutely devastating to the Democrats, because they know how it affects the Warriors that might see it. There isn’t a Warrior that will want to be associated with a wimp that lacks courage. That is the fear of the Warriors: to have a battle partner that will abandon them on the battlefield.

Another Signal of Cowardliness?

There is a certain trait that all Morale Officers have, that they try to hide from others. The reason they try to hide it, is because they are afraid that if others find out about it, then they will disconnect from them. And I believe that they are right.

Other people do not understand this trait, and it sorta creeps them out.

And I’m sure it would creep out the Warriors, because they have the sensation trait, which means they want to touch and feel their surroundings. What I’m talking about is something that the Morale Officers believe in that cannot be identified with their five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, or seen.

It is the Morale Officer’s belief in a “source.”

I can’t even describe it to you. Even the Morale Officers have a hard time describing it too. It is that there is a metaphysical force that connects us all together that they can summon by being unified with it.


In this next video, listen to this female with the Morale Officer personality type try to describe how to get what you want from the “infinite source.”

YouTube Preview Image


It is the same stuff. On a one-on-one level, it seems cute an harmless. But when all these Morale Officers get together, they start to feel like they have to protect the “infinite source.” That turns a harmless bunch of fuzz-balls into the Occupy Wall Street wackos.

Exploiting Their Belief in Manifestation

The Warriors might want to believe in manifestation from an infinite source, but they know it is more tutti-fruiti than it is real. And those people that believe in that manifestation are going to let you down if you have them by your side when your in a fight. That is what scares them.

Warriors believe in luck, which is vastly different than “believing something into being.” They look at those that believe in manifestation as “baby-ish,” and somewhat “boring” (another fear of the Warrior).

The technique to use to drive a wedge between the two sides of the democratic party is to expose this belief; even when they try to hide it.

This has not been done much in politics, which means that the Morale Officers really have not created a diversion strategy against it. So what they will do is try to defend it.

And in fact, this is exactly what Saul Alinsky says to do in his book Rules for Radicals. You want to get the Morale Officers to respond emotionally to the charge. That puts them on the defensive, and they can’t be out on the offensive trying to go after your allies.

Obama is a believer in Fairies and Manifestation

This is an example of an attack cartoon that works well when trying to persuade “Warriors” that the opponent isn’t fit to lead. They do not understand Obama’s belief in fairies and the “source of unity.”

Obama, because he has the Morale Officer personality type, does have this belief in manifestation. It is where he gets his belief in a “universal authority” and “rightness” from. As soon as he displays it, Republicans should attack it as flower-child-wackiness.

And if he doesn’t display it openly, then you accuse him of not being authentic and true.

That will drive him nuts and great internal shame, because his personality type must be reconciled to the infinite source. And he will think that other Morale Officers (the core of his own party) will have that same belief about him too, because he is not in the center of Bliss.

Go After The Wingmen Too

Finally, even if Obama doesn’t display this trait in public, he has people around him that do. They are fair game too. Why? Because they are his wing-men. They are important to Warriors, because the Warriors will judge him by the quality of the wingmen that he chooses.

I alluded to this before – you can’t attack him for hanging around the glitteratti. Warriors admire glitteratti, because they are made up of a lot of Warriors.

But you can attack him for picking wingmen that are child-like, tutti-fruiti, or who would turn-and-run in a battle. This is where Obama is really vulnerable in the eyes of the Warriors, and the Republicans should be taking advantage of it.

If you want to learn more about using personality persuasion techniques in selling, or in politics, get the Personality Marketing Manual today. Tomorrow may be too late.


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