Selling by Personality Type


The Values, Fears and Anger Triggers That Cause People To Buy

By Timothy Van Milligan

Selling by Personality TemperamentThe reason that personality temperament is important in sales and marketing, is because it gets to the heart of the buyers motivations. The prospect has a “life’s purpose” that they feel compelled to achieve, and when your product aligns with that purpose, they will feel that they can’t live with out it. You get the sale, and they are ecstatic to buy it from you.

The big question is what is that purpose they feel the biological urge to accomplish? That is where personality temperament comes into play. As you have read on this web site, we believe that the goal of humanity is to survive conflict (war). The regrettable truth about humanity, and we have a long history to prove this, is that we get into conflict all the time. The way nature has come up with to help us survive these wars, is to break down humanity into specialized groups that are combined together to form an effective army. There are warriors, logistical support, strategists, and care takers. When everyone is working together, the clan or nation has a greater chance of survival.

These evolutionary instincts are still in us today. And you see them in the behavior of your prospects. We call this behavior, their “personality.”

In this new ground-breaking book, all the pieces of the sales puzzle are combined together, and you’ll be shown how to assemble them quickly. You find these topics covered extensively in the book:

  • How personality evolved in humanity
  • Complete descriptions of the four personality temperaments
  • How to gain quick rapport by mirroring the prospects values
  • How emotions are triggered
  • Which emotions are the most important for quick sales
  • The values of the four personality temperaments
  • How to quickly classify the prospect, so you know which approach to use
  • See how easy it is to apply personality into the basic 5-step sales process that you already use.
  • Numerous examples of applying personality in face-to-face sales
  • How to use personality in copy writing, where you don’t actually see the prospect.

This is a very detailed book, and all your questions about using personality temperament will be answered! You’ll be a more efficient salesman, because you’ll be appealing to the internal motivations of your prospects. They will feel a strong bond to you, and compelled to buy the product you’re offering. It is a win-win situation, and makes sales a rewarding occupation.

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The Manipulation Secrets 
of My Shopping Addiction

The people with the Warrior personality type are often addicted to shopping. How would you like it, if they spent their money with you instead of your competitor?

Look… They are going to spend their money one way or another; so if you want your competitor to have it, then you don’t need this book. But since you are a person of integrity and compassion, when they spend their money with you they won’t be taken advantage of. You’ll be helping them out to satisfy their real needs and desires.

In The Manipulation Secrets of My Shopping Addiction, you’ll discover the core reasons that people with the Warrior personality type buy. You’ll then see the strategies and tactics to use to draw them into your business like a magnet-attracts-steel. They will feel compelled to do business with you, and you’ll find that you’re making sales easier than ever.

On the TV show, My Shopping Addiction, the one common trait that all the shopaholics have is that they have the Warrior personality type. That one key fact allows you to use strategies and tactics that draw this type of person into your business. If you’d like to discover the secrets that others use to manipulate these people, then this book is for you. Plus, there are secrets in here that you won’t find anywhere else. Get it TODAY!

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Selling Yourself

Advanced Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job

Selling Yourself - Advanced Strategies for Landing Your Dream JobSelling Yourself – Advanced Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job – Kindle Edition

Everyone knows that to get a job, you have to “sell yourself.” But why doesn’t anyone teach you the strategies that salesmen use?

The case in point: why is it that everyone is trying to give you the answers to interview questions? Isn’t this a dumb strategy?

Real salesmen don’t wait for prospects to ask them questions. Real salesmen ASK the prospect the questions! They don’t get grilled in interviews about their favorite TV program, or “what makes them angry.”

Obviously, in this book, you’ll get a quick introduction to the sales process so you can be successful at “selling yourself” to get the dream job you’ve always wanted. But in this book, you’ll get advanced strategies that even most salesmen don’t know. You’ll learn the skills and tactics of “Personality Marketing” to manipulate the situation for your advantage. You’ll see how each of the four different personality types makes decisions, and how to maneuver the conversation so that you are the obvious choice for the dream job.

If you need a leg up on the other job candidates, then you need this groundbreaking book. It will really open your future up to that career you’ve always wanted, but didn’t feel qualified to go after.

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Selling Yourself – Advanced Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job – Kindle Edition