Strategist Personality

The Human Army Needs Strategists

The unfortunate history of mankind, all the way back to the caveman days,  is war-after-war. This should be a common and logical statement, but no one seems to have thought of it before: for a tribe to endure, it needs to evolve into an organized army. And it has, if you look at the personality characteristics of society. For an army to be effective and successful, it needs four types of people: Logistics, Warriors, Strategists, and Care-Takers (we call them Morale Officers on this web site). These are the four personality types of people.

Why is this important in selling? Recognizing which personality type an person is, gives you an awesome advantage, because you can predict how they will behave. You can predict the future, and guide them to buying your products and services by appealing to their inner drives.

The Strategist is a logical type person that is consumed with an end-goal. It may be how to win a battle or how to make a process more efficient. They plan for contingencies and distrust information from outside sources. With their keen intuitive insight, Strategists often uncover inventive ways to solve problems. They really help out society to be much more efficient, and are therefore a “force multiplier” for those around them.

What Defines A Person As Having The Strategist Personality Temperament?

There is a specific definition of what makes someone a Strategist. Using the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI), we define a Strategist personality type, as someone that has the letters “N” and “T” in their score. The “N” stands for “intuition”, and tells us how they gather information. The “T” stands for “Thinking,” which tells us how they make decisions; on logic and cold-hard-facts.

In any society, Strategists make up about 12% of the overall population.

Common Traits of People With The Strategist Personality Type

Here are some of the traits that people with the Strategist personality temperament have in common:

  • Goal Oriented – they follow the instructions, but will deviate if they see a quicker, more efficient way to get to the goal.
  • Open minded and willing to change their opinion if new facts become available.
  • They make decisions based on details, data, facts, and figures. They consume information like sponges, and want to know the original source of the information.
  • They categorize their surroundings. They make lists and follow schedules.
  • Fascinated by nuances – They want to know the precise meanings of words.
  • Self-controlled and don’t often make emotional outbursts.

How do you persuade and sell to these Strategist people?

Most salespeople have a difficult time selling to Strategists because they are not emotional and are not relationally-driven like other people. They base their decisions on logic, and won’t make a decision to buy until they have gathered all the facts. And that seems to go on forever.

The common sales-wisdom is to present only the facts and stay on the specifics. That is good advice, but it doesn’t guarantee you a sale. Once they have the facts, Strategists can easily buy the same item from your competitor at a lower price. You can do all the work, and your competitor might reap the benefits.

In the Personality Marketing Manual, you’ll see how to use the quirks of the Strategist to persuade them to buy from you instead of from your competitor. Additionally, you’ll be taught other secrets, and you’ll also acquire these skills too:

  • How to differentiate a Logistical from the other personality types. You’ll be able to recognize a Strategist within 20 seconds of seeing them.
  • Recognize them by the words they use in a correspondence and the messages they write.
  • You’ll know what their deepest fears are. These are the quick triggers that cause them to take action.
  • You’ll discover what their aspirations are for the future – what they want in a mate or a friend.
  • Who they vote for in politics
  • What it takes for them to change their mind and buy what you’re selling.
  • How to 
bring out the best and empower the Strategist types.
  • Understand why people act the way they do.
  • Communicate confidently to short-circuit 
conflict and gain consensus.
  • Reduce stressful personality clashes with Strategist, and gain rapport
  • Bridge communication gaps, and understand their point of view.
  • Identify the inherent strength in the Strategists, so that you can plug them into your organization.

Strategists are money in your bank account. If you want more sales to people with this personality type, grab a copy of the Personality Marketing Manual. today.





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