Logistical Personality

The Human Army Needs Logisticals

Humanity is structured like an army, because it needs to survive wars. Just look at the history of man, which is a never-ending series of conflicts. For an army to be effective and successful, it needs four types of people: Logistics, Warriors, Strategists, and Care-Takers (we call them Morale Officers on this web site). These are the four personality types of people.

Recognizing which personality type an person is, gives you an awesome advantage in selling, because you can predict how they will behave. It allows you to predict the future, and guide them to buying your products and services by appealing to their inner drives.

People with the Logistical personality type are unique. They are process-minded, and are concerned with the production, storage, transportation and utilization of resources. They desire to eliminate chaos, because that impedes the flow of supplies that are needed to survive.

The human army needs resources to be successful. Without “stuff,” the army can’t function. The person with the Logistical personality type has an inner drive to acquire, create, manage, transport and distribute these resources. And the more “stuff” an army has, the more successful it can become. Therefore, the logistics section of the human army is pretty large.

What Defines A Person As Having The Logistical Personality Temperament?

There is a specific definition of what makes someone a Logistical personality type. Using the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI), we define the Logistical personality type, as someone that has the letters “S” and “J” in their score. About 38% of the population has this letter sequence, making them all Logistical personality types.

The “S” stands for “sensation”, and tells us how they gather information. They seek physical information that comes in through their five senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound).

The second letter, the “J”, stands for “Judging.” This tells us how they act on their decisions. People with the Judging trait will commit fully to their decisions. They may not be quick to make a decision, but once they do, they don’t hesitate to act. This gives them a definite certitude that is easy to spot, because they can be unyielding in their conclusions.

Common Traits of People With The Logistical Personality Type

Here are some of the traits that people with the Logistical personality temperament have in common:

  • Task Oriented – they follow the instructions, step-by-step.
  • Assertive
  • Stubborn and Tough. They stick with their decisions.
  • Serious and have a “business” mindset.
  • They rely on past events to predict the future.
  • They value integrity
  • Patriotic
  • They stockpile things

How Do You Persuade And Sell To These Logistical People?

The common wisdom, is for the most part correct, in the case of selling to the people with the Logistical personality type. You want to sell the benefits of the product/service. What will the results be like after the customer has paid his money. They want proof that their money will buy them the end results, which means, they want a guarantee.

But there are a lot more tactics that will work when selling to the Logistical personality type. When you get the Personality Marketing Manual, you’ll be taught those secrets, and you’ll also acquire these skills too:

  • How to differentiate a Logistical from the other personality types. You’ll be able to recognize a Logistical within 20 seconds of seeing them.
  • Recognize them by the words they use in a correspondence and the messages they write.
  • You’ll know what their deepest fears are. These are the quick triggers that cause them to take action.
  • You’ll discover what their aspirations are for the future – what they want in a mate or a friend.
  • Who they vote for in politics
  • What it takes for them to change their mind and buy what you’re selling.
  • How to
 bring out the best and empower the Logistical types.
  • Understand why people act the way they do.
  • Communicate confidently to short-circuit 
conflict, and gain consensus.
  • Reduce stressful personality clashes with Logisticals, and gain rapport
  • Bridge communication gaps, and understand their point of view.
  • Identify the inherent strength in the Logisticals, so that you can plug them into your organization.

Logisticals are money in your bank account. If you want more sales to people with this personality type, grab a copy of the Personality Marketing Manual. today.





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