Personality Marketing Revealed

Aren’t you concerned that you’ve based your marketing strategy on half-incomplete information? Is it any wonder your sales are anchored to the bottom of the sea-floor? The world has entered the GPS age, and you’re still using an abacus to make decisions.

You’re never going to get to your sales goals like that. It is like trying to get to the moon with a bunch of sky rockets strapped to the back of your chair. It will push you somewhere, but not to where you want to go. Right?

You need a better plan than that. But up until this point, you’ve been getting only half the truth about sales and marketing. You’re still missing the complete picture.

Like in rocket-science, to get you to your sales destination, your strategy needs to be based on bedrock principles. In rocketry, it is the laws of physics; in sales, it it the a understanding of human personality.

Do you know the principles of human personality? Did you know that there are four personality types and each one has their own launch button that gets them to take action? Did you know that the button that excites one personality type will cause a different one to loathe you and your message? Can you continue to afford to still be pressing buttons in the dark without a user’s manual?

Are you interested in knowing more? Then push the “LAUNCH” button now, or just continue reading.

How Does Rocket Science Apply To Marketing?

My name is Tim Van Milligan. I actually am a rocket scientist. I worked at Cape Canaveral, and helped launch the first GPS satellites into orbit. When I left the space program to start my own business, I had to learn how to market and sell my products.

Through extensive research, I discovered that most of what passes as marketing is rather haphazard. There isn’t a strategy, like there is in rocketry that says: do step A, step B, step C, etc. What I found was that bits and pieces of things that work, but no way of stringing them together in a coherent way.

You may have found the same thing through your research. You can find “headlines that work” and “bullet points” and maybe a little bit about closing tactics. So you tie them together in a sales pitch, and you go out and try it out on your prospects. And you hope it works.

Then you find out it doesn’t. Your closing percentage is dismal. So you “experiment.” You start changing elements in the sales pitch. Maybe you change a word in the headline, and see if that improves your closing rate. Maybe change the font, or change the color, or change the order of the words.

Sounds scientific, doesn’t it? Bull!!!

It wastes a lot of your time and your resources. It takes forever to narrow things down to come up with a winning sales pitch.

In rocket science, we always start with the laws of physics, and then look for ways to use nature to give us an edge. For example, here is how we exploit nature to get a satellite into orbit.

To reach low-earth orbit, you need to get your rocket to a speed of 17,285 mph. The earth is already rotating at 1,000 mph. So if we launch a rocket in the same direction as the earth’s rotation, our rocket only has to gain 16,285 mph to make it into orbit. This is why rockets are launched as close to the equator as possible, and fired in a easterly direction.

Doesn’t it make sense to use the same system to make sales? In other words, shouldn’t we look at the underlying laws of nature, and figure out how to use them to our advantage?


The Four Types of Customers

There are four personality types, so therefore, there are only four types of customers that may come to your business. The chart to the right shows the four types.

Warriors: These are the customers that are prone to make impulse purchases. They are great at scrounging up a good deal.

Logisticals: These are serious minded customers, always looking down the road at how well the product you’re selling is going to retain its value. Everything to them is a resource that can be stored away for future use.

Strategists: These are the analytical types of customers that always seem to be looking for facts. Many times they come across as scientists or professors. They are tough customers to sell to if you mess up just one small fact.

Morale Officers: These are touchy-feely people that are concerned about how well everyone is getting along. You can’t help but love these people because they are so nice and friendly. But their purchasing decisions can leave you scratching your head, because they don’t process information in a logical fashion.

Together, these groups are inter-related. If you stand back and look at them from a distance, when taken together, they resemble an army. An army would need each type of personality, and in the rough percentages listed in the chart above. That is why we use the metaphor of a “human army” and give the names of warrior, logisticals, strategists, and morale officers for the four personality types.

This is profound, because it tells you “why” people act the way they do. And it allows you to predict their buying behavior.

How Do You Use This Personality System To Sell More?


You have traffic coming to your web site, but they aren’t buying. Why not? Basically, you’re probably talking to them in the wrong way. They don’t trust you, because you’re not talking to them in the way they want to be treated.

Your prospect never got that magic feeling called “trust,” which is the final trigger that initiates the purchase from your business. Your prospect left your web site to “think about” your offer. In other words, they ain’t coming back. And all that effort you put into getting them onto your doorstep is lost.

How Do You Build Customer Trust Quickly?

The secret key is to know what your prospect is thinking about, and drop clues into your conversation that you’re concerned about those sames things too.

When your prospect feels that you are like him, and you value the same things that he does, you develop “INSTANT RAPPORT.”  That means INSTANT TRUST. Which leads to more and quicker sales.

But, how do you know what your prospect is thinking about ahead of time?

That is the $1 million dollar question!

The Answer to the $1 Million Dollar Question

And to answer it, you have to know the “personality” of your customers. Their personality is the key to selling to them.

  • It dictates how they will behave
  • It tells you what they value
  • Their personality clues you in to what they are thinking about

All the hot-buttons of your prospect are tied to their personality!

It sounds so simple, and it really is. When you are able to read their personality type, you have a guidebook that will tell you how the person wants to be treated, and what it will take to get them to buy your products and services.

Personality Marketing Is The Breakthrough Technique

  • In terms of your prospect, what is on their mind?
  • What are they thinking about?
  • What is keeping them awake at night?
  • What do they wake up in the morning thinking about?
  • What is their main problem, or their main desire that you can help them with?
  • How do they talk about it?
  • How do they think about it?
  • What are the actual words that they use?

Performing a “useful” survey to answer these questions is quite difficult and very time consuming.

There is a better way! It is possible to know the answers to those important questions using the information from the new Personality Marketing Manual. It gives you clear, and insightful clues to what is really going on in the mind of your prospect. It will tell you:

  • How to identify which type of customer you are dealing with
  • What makes that customer unique from the other types of customers
  • What do they value in their life
  • What do they need to make them feel special
  • What do they fear
  • What makes them angry
  • How you can irritate them (you don’t want to accidentally do this do you?)
  • How other people think about them
  • What they think of others
  • How do the treat those people that they love
  • Specific cues you can use to confirm you have identified the prospect correctly
  • How your prospect views the world around him

Once you know these things, the important part is how do you sell this type of person.

  • What strategies and tactics trigger this type of person to act.
  • What words and phrases to use when talking to them
  • What type of pampering works best on them

You will have a complete map of all the emotional triggers that can cause your prospect to act and buy your product or service.

Does this really work?

I understand your skepticism. It is hard to believe that you can tell so much about a person without a huge survey that would take thousands of dollars and months of time to complete. But it is true!

The Personality Marketing Manual is based on decades of research by psychologists and therapists. They’ve been studying people to try to find out how to treat them of whatever neurosis that they suffer from.

But therapists and psychologists are not concerned about marketing and sales. So they never really realized the value of the information they collected. It sits in stuffy, dust-collecting textbooks that are filled with big mumbo-jumbo sounding words.

The Personality Marketing Manual takes the dusty information from the psychologists and pulls out the useful information that relates to sales and marketing. It is a time-saving tool that allows you to write sales copy directly to a specific group of people.

How Does It Work?

Psychologists have identified 16 basic types of personalities. They found that each type of personality shares common traits. In fact, these traits are so common among the people with the same personality, that the implications are staggering. Their basic feelings and the way their mind makes buying decisions are nearly identical. Once you know what one person is thinking, you pretty much know what everyone in the same group is thinking.

What this means is that you can construct your marketing message so that it targets a specific group of people with such an intensity, that they can’t help but be drawn to it.

All the other people are repelled by the message — which is just fine. You want to be specific with your message to be effective. Besides, you can always create a different message for that type of person if you want to go after them.

See the Results for Yourself

I do not expect you to believe this is true, even thought this process of creating a specific message is based on scientific findings of the most respected psychologists in the world. I’ll show you how it works in a free report that describes the process. You don’t need to do anything to get this free report — you don’t even have to give up your email address.

Personality Marketing Is Tried-and-True

The techniques of Personality Marketing are based on 50 years of work by leading psychologists. You’ve probably even heard of the Myers-Briggs system that it is based on. That system has been in use for decades, helping people to find careers that fit their personality type, or to find a mate that they are compatible with.

The Personality Marketing Manual is basically the same. Instead of helping people find good career choices, you’ll use it to get into the mind of the prospect to determine what they are thinking about. It is so powerful, that to be honest, I worry that it would be used by con-artists to swindle people in unethical ways.

If you’re an ethical marketer, and you’re looking for a more efficient way to make sales, then the Personality Marketing Manual is for you. Check it out today!