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Jenna Burke, one of the contestants on the TV show, “The Bachelor”, calls herself on her blog: the Over-Analyst. This is a fitting description of her personality type. She does have the type of personality that I call: “The Strategist.”

Jenna the Strategist Personality Type

Jenna calls herself the Over-Analyst,which is a good description since she has the "Strategist" personality type.

The first episode of the Bachelor TV show featured Jenna quite a bit. The reason is that she had a significant emotional break-down. That is the kind of stuff the the TV networks want, because it keeps viewers interested. But why did she have a break-down, and what can we learn from it that will make us better salesmen?

On the Bachelor TV show, I notice only two women that have this personality type: Jenna, and Rachel.

Why Did She Have A Breakdown?

The Strategist personality type is usually more reserved about emotional displays. So it is very rare to see such a public display of emotions from one. Something very serious happened here, and it will help us learn how to sell better.

The reason why she had the break-down can be traced back to her personality type, and purpose that type accomplishes for humanity.

As a quick review, the purpose of the Strategist in the human army, is to plan for future battles. They are indispensable to the army, because without adequate planning a battle could be lost. If you want to look at it another way, a smaller force can defeat a larger one if they have adequate time to plan for the fight, and do so on their own terms. Strategists are, to use a military term, a force multiplier. They make an army more effective.

The main goal or desire of the Strategists, is to have control over the battlefield. They want to make the decisions on where the troops will be located, and where the actual fighting will take place. They are the conductors of the battlefield, not only dictating where and when the fight takes place, but the sequence of events as well.

Knowing this, you can predict their greatest fear: “losing control.” If sequences of events don’t take place as you planned them out, you have lost control of the situation. This is deadly for an army, and the Strategist is the one that gets blamed.

This is exactly what happened in the first episode of the Bachelor. Jenna was dropped into the battlefield as a foot-soldier, and not as the Strategist. This was stressful enough, but then she found out that the people surrounding her were not on her side. They were the enemy.

To be surrounded by the enemy is one of the two fears that everyone has. But it is worse for the Strategist, because they believe that they could have prevented it through the proper planning and execution of a detailed plan.

She probably could have handled this, but then she found out that Monica (a fellow contestant, with a Warrior personality type) had no feelings for Ben Flajnik. This caught her off guard as a Strategist, because she wasn’t expecting it. How do you defend against an enemy when you don’t know their primary objective? In effect, her plans fell apart, because the enemy did something that she did not foresee. She lost control of the situation because she did not adequately plan for that particular tactic used by the enemy.

What More Do We Know About Jenna Burke?

In her Myers Briggs personality test, Jenna would be classified as an INTJ. That last letter “J” is also significant. That means she has the judging trait.

You might think of this as a kind of a moral compass. There are certain rules that she lives by, and she won’t violate them. She’s already made a decision on that specific topic, and therefore she doesn’t need to gather any more information about it.

How this plays out, is that when she sees someone violate one of “her” values or one of her moral codes, she is deeply offended.

I also have the “J” trait, so let me give you an example in my life. I value the right to own personal property. When I see someone violate that idea, such as through theft, or through confiscatory taxes by the government, I’m deeply distressed. It gets me emotional (angry).

In Jenna’s case, Monica violated one of her beliefs – that was: “the purpose of being in the house was to woo Ben.” Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Jenna felt that Monica had violated the sanctity of the Bachelor show by not caring for Ben Flajnik.

In military terms and in Jenna’s mind, it is like coming to a battlefield as a spectator – for entertainment. Jenna looks at it from the standpoint that people are going to die on a battlefield (her friends and colleagues), and Monica shows up to get her jollies off? She’s thinking, “I am not here to die for your entertainment. So damn right, I’m pissed.”

Jenna advisary, Monica, was hitting on this contestant.

From here, it was all down hill for Jenna. Monica further surprised her (Strategists don’t like surprises) when she started making romantic moves on another contestant – Blakeley.

Later, a girl named Rachel tries to mediate between Jenna and Monica, to try to keep the battlefield from getting too chaotic. I should point out that Rachel is the only other woman on the show that also has the Strategist personality type. She and Jenna will be natural friends, because they share this in common.

And that makes these two the enemy to all the woman that have the Warrior personality type. Warriors and Strategists rarely get along together. It is like putting a General and an army Private in the same room. The Private doesn’t like being ordered around, but he rarely has a choice in the matter.

But in this situation, Monica (the Warrior), senses Jenna’s vulnerability. How often are a Private and a General on a level playing field? And that thought makes her giddy with excitement, and she lets out a little laugh. After all, she is on a battlefield too, and she has tactical weapons that her opponent doesn’t have. If I was in that situation, I’d be ecstatic too.

That little laugh pushed Jenna over the edge. It was the final kick-in-the-mouth that made her realize that she had lost complete control over the situation.

Her reaction was to try to flee the battlefield. It is better to escape and live, than to die right then and there. It is a natural flight-or-fight survival instinct. She choose flight.

It Makes For Great TV Drama

The networks love this kind of drama. It keeps viewers interested. I’m interested, and I rarely watch these kinds of shows.

I am interested in seeing how Jenna is going to react next. I predict, because she is a Strategist personality type, that she will vow to herself that she will never be put in that situation again. She will plan her battles more wisely in the future to make sure she and Monica are not in the same room again unless she knows what the outcome will be.

But unfortunately for Jenna, she doesn’t control the battlefield to any great extent. That is controlled by the producers of the show. They thrive on this kind of drama, so they will constantly throw in situations where Jenna continues to struggle. Actually, they do it for all the woman; it isn’t just Jenna that is at a disadvantage.

Jenna Is Toast

In the long run, we’ll come to find that Jenna will not make the cut. But not because the show’s producers are out to get her. Actually at this point, that is probably the only reason she is still on the show. They love the emotional conflict that is going on inside her. That is money in their pockets.

Jenna’s downfall was that she lied to Ben. And that is unforgivable.

This occurred when Ben walked into the room when Jenna was being consoled by one of the Morale Officers (I think it was Kacie B).

Bachelor Ben Flajnik, since his personality type also leans towards that of a Morale Officer, senses that Jenna has been crying. As soon as he sits down, he asks her if she has been crying.

Unfortunately, she lets it slip and says: “Everything is great now.”

That last little word, confirms to him that she was crying. So for a second time, he asks how she is. And now she lays out the lie when she says that she is doing fine. Saying it once was bad enough, but she said it twice.

He knew she was crying, and now he caught her in a lie. And it wasn’t a mere second later that I think that she realized this too. In the episode of the Bachelor show, she tries to back-track and say something to the effect that she admires how calm he is during this whole process.

The bad part was not that she didn’t tell him the “truth.”
The bad part was that she was not “true.”

For the Morale Officer personality type, of which Ben Flajnik might be, there is a big difference between a “truthful” person and a “true” person.

The Difference Between True and Truth

A truthful person is one that doesn’t tell lies. I’m sure that Ben doesn’t want to be around a liar. Not too many people do.

A “true person, by the definition of a person with the Morale Officer personality type, is a person that embraces their feelings as an integral part of who they are. It is more than being in touch with your feelings, it is trusting them to guide you in making correct decisions.

A true-person is what Ben is seeking, since that is one of the main qualifications that a Morale Officers desires in a mate.

Jenna is not that person, and neither is Rachel, the other person with the Strategist personality type. Strategists to a Morale Officer, are not “True” because they make decisions based on logic, not their emotions.

Why did Ben give her a rose and keep her on the show then?

My inclination is to think that the show’s producers told him, that at this stage of the game, that Jenna is “money” and “ratings.” Keep her around for a short period of time, and you can discard her later.

If that was not the reason, then the only other reason is that Ben wants to fix her. Morale Officers feel that it is there purpose in life to mend people. So he might sense an urge to patch her back up before he sends her back out into the world. He may feel this way because he was in the same situation in the last season, and can understand her emotions.

How Could This Sales Situation Been Different?

Hind-sight it 20/20, isn’t it? That is why you need to know how to read a person’s personality before you go into a sales situation. The Personality Marketing Manual would have helped Jenna out, and it can help you out too.

In the Personality Marketing Manual, Jenna Burke would have learned that to sell to a Morale Officer, you have to feed them what they want to hear.

What do you think Bachelor Ben Flajnik wants to hear?

He wants to hear about emotions. He wants to hear what his future will be like when they are together. He wants to hear that she will care for his emotions as if they were a separate being. These are just a few things that matter to Morale Officers.

Jenna would also have learned how to turn Monica from a enemy to an ally. She would have never made the joke about sharing a tampon one day. That only reinforced to Monica that Jenna is her adversary.

Basically, Jenna doesn’t know the customer’s secrets…

If you don’t know what your customer wants from a relationship, how can you sell to them? You’re just throwing darts at the wall, and you don’t even realize that the dart-board is mounted on the ceiling. You’ve lost, even before you’ve started.

Only the Personality Marketing Manual gives you the strategies and specific tactics to take to win in life. It doesn’t matter if it is a romance situation, or a sales situation. They are both “sales situations!”

Until next time: “Be Fruitful.”

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