My Shopping Addiction

[adsense float=’left’]My Shopping Addiction is a new reality-TV show on the Oxygen cable-TV channel. Obviously, all the people on the show have a shopping addiction. But what else do they have in common?

It will hit you like a ton of bricks, that by answering this question, that you’ve just uncovered a magic key that you can use in your business. Wouldn’t you like a thousand shopping-addicted people to come to your store? Think of the money you could make if you knew a secret about these types of people, and why they buy.

Here is a clip from the TV show My Shopping Addiction:


Ashley, and all the other addicted shoppers on this show, have one major thing in common. I’m sure you are dying to know what it is.

They share the same personality type!

Ashley, is what I call a Warrior personality type. I use this metaphor, because it really describes her behavior. Like a ancient warrior, she hunts. You can see it in the clip when she is scouring through the racks of cloths.

The term “bargain hunter” is a fitting metaphor for this type of person, isn’t it?

The Reason “Why” Is More Important

Just because she is a hunter, probably doesn’t mean too much to you at this point. You probably know a lot of bargain hunters in your circle of friends.

The big million-dollar question is: “why do they pick out a specific item to buy?”

In the video clip from My Shopping Addiction, the girl-friend of Ashley asks her: “Do you really need that?” Without hesitation, she says “YES.”

What is it about the dress that she “REALLY needs” it?

To answer that question, you need to know about the personality traits of the person with the Warrior temperament.

What makes Warriors want to buy?There are two places to get this information. The give-me-the-answer-right-now place, is in my new e-book; The Manipulation Secrets of My Shopping Addiction.

The other place, which not only discusses the manipulation secrets of the Warrior personality type, but also the secrets of the other three personality temperaments too. That would be the Personality Marketing Manual. It is a gold mine of information! And you can have it for an unbelievably low price.





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