The Effect of Mind Reading as a Super Hero Power

[adsense float=’left’]One of my concerns that I have about teaching people to mind read, is that it opens up Pandora’s box, and it could really be abused by unscrupulous people. When you are deep in someone’s mind, you have access to all sorts of their inner fears. At that point, it doesn’t take much prodding to get people to do what you want them to do.

A clairvoyant reading is very trivial to do through the information you’ll discover in my Personality Marketing Manual. The question becomes, does this ability to peer into the dark recesses of someone’s mind rise to the level of a “super hero power?”

Hhigh-fiveTo some people, this does. And that could be good news. The reason, is that a new university study about super powers has some positive effects on people. People that believe they have super hero powers were found to be more caring and helpful to other people around them. In other words, they didn’t abuse their ability and use it for their own advantage.

How do you give someone super hero powers?

The study, conducted by clinical psychologist Robin Rosenberg and colleagues from Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, immersed people in a virtual reality experience using those wrap-around vision goggles.

The scenario they were put into, was to find a lost child in a city that need to take an insulin shot. The participants were put into one of two categories: either they were put in a helicopter and allowed to fly over the city scape, or they were given the super hero power of flying (like Superman) in order to find the lost child.

Immediately after the simulation, after the goggles were taken off, the real test was given to the participants. A confederate in the study, walked pasted a table and “accidentally” knocked over a cup of pens, sending them flying all over the floor.

[adsense float=’left’]The participants in the study that were given the super hero power, were much more likely to get up and help the confederate pick up the pens. It also affected how many pens the participant picked up compared to the people that didn’t have the power of flight.

The people that didn’t help? All of them were in the virtual helicopters, and weren’t given any super hero powers.

Affects on Mind Readers

This study brings a sense of peace to me. It says that maybe my concerns about giving people a new method to read minds will be OK. Maybe they won’t abuse the power they are given.

On a personal note, after discovering how to read the fears and values of other people, I have found that I am more tolerant of their behavior. That might be related to the fact that I can now anticipate what they are likely to do, so it may be that I’m more interested in watching it play out. Everyone likes to watch a train wreck in progress, right?



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