Marketing Campaign Review: Opportunity Lives Commercial

[adsense float=’left’] Target marketing is essentially what this web site is all about. It is about reaching the right audience with the right message. It is laser-beam specific, so that you don’t waste money trying to appeal to people that aren’t receptive of your company’s brand.

I’d like to go through an example on how to to use the strategies and tactics that are presented on this web site. The example I want to use is a commercial created by Opportunity News Media that is running in Ohio and Colorado ( The commercial is almost pure “brand building,” as it is not attempting to sell anything at all. The brand they are promoting is the Republican party in the United States.

Here is the ad:

Here is the text:

A “job” is not a little thing.

A job provides, it gives substance.

A job gives you the opportunity to take part in something bigger than yourself.

To contribute to the well being of your family and your community.

That’s why a job is no small thing. That’s why we believe America needs to get back to one of its most important jobs. Creating more of them for more of us.

There are people who still believe opportunity lives in America. And we call ourselves: “Republicans.”

Steps To Create a Marketing Campaign

Creating a marketing campaign starts by picking the target audience. What most people get wrong, is trying to make the appeal too broad. They want their message to appeal to as many people as possible. In actuality, you want to narrow the target audience to something very specific. It is like fishing. You are more successful when you try to catch a specific species of fish. The reason, is that you are going to use a specific bait that that appeals to that one species of fish that you are interested in catching.

The question you have to ask about this commercial, is who is the target market for this ad campaign. I would say that it is reaching out to the undecided voters. And I’ve written about this before (and here). The undecided are primarily those people with the Warrior personality temperament.

The next step is to figure out what message (bait) to use that appeals to this personality temperament. I suspect that Opportunity News Media did focus group testing before they produced the ad. If you’re going to spend $3million on an ad as they did, you better be sure it is effective.

But what if you don’t have the budget to do extensive market research. Do you have $7? If you do, you can get my book: “Selling By Personality Type.” The market research in the book will give you better results as doing an expensive analysis, because it looks at the personality temperament of the different groups of prospects. In other words, it the psychographic information you need to create your own marketing campaign.

In the book, you’ll discover how the different personality temperaments make their decisions to buy. And it comes down to their “values.” What is more or most important to them when buying.

In this case, you’d turn to the chapter on the Warrior personality temperament, and find which values are important to them.

One Value of People with The Warrior Temperament

One of those values, which appeals to people with the Warrior personality temperament, is “opportunity.”

Doesn’t everyone like a good opportunity? Well sure… But for the people with the Warrior personality temperament, it is much stronger. They actively seek out opportunities to exploit. Yes… “exploit.”

They are not going to get married to a single opportunity. They treat it as a temporary event – with limited duration. You either take it now, or lose face the chance of losing it forever. So they have an expectation that over time, the opportunity will diminish. It is like a gold rush… you want to be the first on into the gold fields, because as soon as other people follow, they gold will be mined out. So they literally exploit the opportunity. They tear into it, and grab as much reward as quickly as they can.

I have talked about the TV show “Gold Rush” a lot in the past, because the main character has the Warrior personality type. He always says that he’s going to be first, and use the biggest equipment to rip the ground open to get the gold out. But notice… never during the show does he talk about land reclamation. He rips the ground open, but never patches it up. In other words, he’s exploiting the land.

The word “opportunity” is like a magnet, particularly to people with the Warrior personality temperament. And I believe that these people are target for this branding advertisement.

So what is it that you hear as the main theme in this advertisement? Right! The word: “opportunity.” It is going to cut like a scalpel into the psyche of the person with the Warrior personality temperament.

Can the Advertisement Be Made Better?

I believe it is a good ad the way it is. But can it be made better? Sure. Everything can be made better.

The way to make it better, is to add more reasons that will appeal to the Warrior personality temperament. This ad only uses one personal value. If it used multiple values, then it would be even more appealing to the person with the Warrior personality temperament. Just check out the book for a listing of other values that could be used.

I think the text of this advertisement was probably created by a person with the Strategist personality type. The reason I lean toward a Strategist writing this ad, is because it is a listing of reasons that a job is important. Whenever you see a list, like in a bullet list, there is a better-than-average chance that a Strategist wrote it.

And in this case, the word “job” is treated as a goal. “Goal” is a magnet for Strategists, as  “opportunity” is for the Warrior.

So this advertisement will also appeal to the person with the Strategist personality temperament, because it contains something that they value.

Review: Steps To Create your Marketing Campaign

Hopefully analyzing this advertisement has been helpful for you to see how to use personality temperament.

Start by selecting which of the four personality temperaments your prospects fit into. Yes, you pick them.

Look in the book “Selling by Personality Type” to find out what these people value. This will give you the theme and the bullet points for your persuasive copywriting.

Narrow your focus. That means edit out all the arguments that would appeal to the three other personality temperaments. You’re muddying the message if you try to appeal to too many people. You have to be specific.

If you need additional help, you can always come back here and ask us. We would be happy to consult on your marketing campaign.


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