Likes Attract Likes

[adsense float=’left’]“People that are alike, attract each other.” This means they are more likely to establish rapport with each other, and therefore are able to persuade each other.

Research proves this out again and again. But it is more than just “having things in common.”

What I want to show in this article, is that “PERSONALITY” is probably the most important of the things you can have in common with another person.

What decision is more important than mate selection?

Probably nothing is more important to a person than mate selection, right? It is a decision that will have consequences for a life-time. So who do people seek out? You guessed it, people that have the same personality temperament just like them.

This is reported in a 2009 book by evolutionary biologist Helen Fisher from Rutgers University. In her study, Helen Fisher asked 40,000 people take a personality test as part of an online dating survey. She categorized each person into one of four personality temperament types:

She found a definite pattern, by tracking 28,000 of them that responded back. The people didn’t know it, but the results showed that Personality Temperament is the TOP factor determining who people choose to date.

In other words, Warriors selected other Warriors to date, Strategists selected Strategists, Logisticals selected Logisticals, and Morale Officers selected other Morale Officers. Likes indeed attract likes.

The implications to this for sales and marketing is critical. If you want to generate rapport with a prospect, you better be like them – in your personality style. Nothing is more important. Not having common first names, not having the same zodiac sign, not even having the same birth date. Personality type trumps them all.

But there is more.

Personality Temperament is Genetic

This means you were born with a specific personality type. And Helen Fisher found this out too.

When studying the brain chemistry of the four personality types, she found that certain chemicals are more prevalent for each of the four types:

  • Warrior brains have high levels of dopomine.
  • Logisticals have elevated levels of serotonin.
  • Strategists have elevated levels of testosterone.
  • Morale Officers have elevated levels of estrogen.

These chemicals are produced naturally in the human body, and they are controlled by your DNA. What this means is that there will be a genetic test in the future that will uncover the personality temperaments of people.


What Does This All Mean?

“Psychologists have long known that people tend to like others who are like themselves. Social bonds form more easily among those who look the same, act the same, have the same interests, and are members of the same group. We deem people who are like ourselves to be more just, intelligent, and trustworthy, while we attribute negative qualities to those who are different from us.” – Yale News

The important thing to know is that “Likes attract Likes.” If you want to persuade someone to buy your product or service, you have to be like them when it comes to personality type.

This unfortunately isn’t possible, because you can’t change your DNA.

[adsense float=’left’]But what you can do is to mimic their values as much as possible. Why values? Because each personality temperament seems to have very specific values in common. For example, in Helen Fisher’s work, she found that Logisticals were very conscientious (had very high integrity and wanted to do what is right).

When you mimic your prospect’s values, they will think that you are just like them, and they are more likely to buy from you (or date you).

It is possible to mimic someone else’s values! You just need to know what they are.

Where Can You Find What Your Prospect’s Value?

There is only one place for this: the Personality Marketing Manual. It breaks down the values, fears and desires of each of the four personality temperaments. When you discover these items, you’ll have the golden key that will unlock the pocketbook of your customers. That is how people make decisions.

This is powerful stuff, because it is based on DNA and what people really look for when making decisions. It is scientifically proven to work!

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