Increasing Business to Business Sales

What do business owners want? If you know their deepest desires, you’ll have an easy time getting those B2B sales. In this article, I’ll tune you into the secrets of what they want.

There are only four different personality types that you have to worry about in selling, and that includes business-to-business sales. The four types are no secret if you’ve been browsing around this web site, but they are secret if you haven’t been here before. Most people think that these four personality types are completely independent of each other, because they are so different. But here, I let you in on the real secret. The four types are interdependent on each other. In other words, they form a complete army. Without any one type, the army loses its effectiveness.

The personality types are: Warriors, Logisticals. Strategists, and Morale Officers. This is the make-up of the human army, whose purpose is to fight and survive wars.

How Does Personality Type Help You in B2B Selling?

Every business has a personality. In fact, as you know from the Personality Marketing Manual, the business takes on the personality style of the owner. Or if it is a corporation, it takes on the personality of the CEO.

For example, my rocketry business has the style of a Logistical, because that is my own personality type.

What does a Logisitical’s business look like? From my perspective, I make sure that all products are in stock, and are shipped fast. In fact, in my business, I guarantee that if the order comes in by 2 p.m., that it will go out the same day. This is only possible because I’ve taken the “steps” (a logistical term, right?) to make sure orders are processed quickly and that inventory is available to ship right away. I have embraced my logistical spirit, and have excelled in it. There is no way my competition can keep up with me when it comes to logistics of delivering products.

In another example, my dentist is a Strategist, so his business is based on an end goal. He is not shy by saying that his goal is get out of being a molar-mechanic. His goal is to make sure that the patient spends as little time in the dentist’s chair as possible. So he takes a strategic view: he treats the whole patient, not just the teeth.

He knows that tooth care is not something that people get excited about, so he tries to make it easier by protecting what is already good. As an example, he uses a dental procedure called laser-fluoride-infusion, where he uses a laser beam to force fluoride into the pores of a person’s teeth. This protects the teeth, even if the person isn’t a good brusher. The end result is that the person will spend less time in the chair because they won’t have to get as many cavities filled.

Uncover the Personality Of The Business

If you are in B2B sales, your first step is to identify which personality a business might have. As I said above, you can start this process by looking at the owner or the CEO running the business.

If you have trouble typing the personalty of the person, get the Personality Marketing Manual. In it, I show you how to type of person using 5 simple steps. It can be done in less than 20 seconds in most cases. That 20 seconds of time could be worth a $1 million sale, which really shows how valuable the Personality Marketing Manual really is.

Once you know the personality type of the owner and the business, now you can start formulating a plan for selling to the business.

Option 1 – Elevate the Characteristics of Personality Style

This first option is going to be most appealing to the owner, because it will seem most natural to them. Basically, what you want to do is make the personality even more pronounced.

Let me give you an example of how this would work. If you were selling to me, a Logistical personality type, you would position your product or service to help my business to be even better at logistics. That would be to make the flow of materials through the business even faster.

For example, if you were selling computer equipment, you would want to point out how the new equipment would help me process orders faster and so that I could ship more products out per day.

If the customer was a Morale Officer, you’d have to position the offer in terms that would allow them to build better relationships with their clients. You might say that the new computer equipment you’re selling would allow them to store more information about the preferences of their clients and help them provide the ideal solution that would make happier purchases.

Elevating the current personality style of the business is always going to be the easiest option to take when you are selling B2B.

Option 2 – Fill The Holes In The Personality Style of The Business

Since the business has its own personality style, it is only attracting people that have a similar personality style. As I’ve said before many times on this web site, “Likes attract likes.” For example, Warriors attract other Warriors. Logisticals attract Logisticals. You get that, right?

At the same time, you repel other personality types. A Logistical’s business will not attract Warrior customers. This leaves a gaping hole in the business, as it turning away a lot of prospects.

Therefore, in this B2B sales situation, you can show the owner how to get more customers using Personality Marketing.

But in this option, you have a little more work to do. You have to start by educating the business owner to the weaknesses of their business. This is not always pleasant for the owner to hear, and they may tune you out. So it is going to require you to phrase the offer in a way that agrees with their personality style.

To continue my previous example, you might phrase the sales of the computer equipment to me (a Logistical) in this way:

“Your goal is to process orders quickly and accurately. This computer system will help you do that. But where you’re missing out is a large group of customers that want to build relationships with your company. The extra benefit of this computer system is that you’ll be able to pull in those customers because of this system. It has as XYZ feature that allows you to…”

Do you see how appealing to their personality type, and exposing them to customer that they are missing is a powerful way to make B2B sales?

This is one of the most powerful of my customer secrets, because most business owners don’t know they are repelling people of a different personality type. In fact, it is one big reason a business will often fail, particularly after new management comes in.

Here is one example that happens all the time, and it happened to an organization that I was involved in too. Several years ago, I attended a church where the pastor had a Strategist personality type. He decided to retire from the church, so they hired a new preacher. Instead of getting another Strategist, they hired a minister with a Morale Officer personality type. It wasn’t long before parishioners started leaving the church in droves. And they didn’t have a clue as to why they were leaving, just that “there was something they couldn’t put their finger on.” But it was a personality mis-match between the new pastor and the old congregation.

You have to work with what you have, and that begins with the personality type of your prospect. Whether it is a B2B sale, or a consumer sale, the process is the same. Get the Personality Marketing Manual today to see how powerful this strategy can be for you.


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