Humanity Evolved To Fight

[adsense float=’left’]More and more evidence is coming forward to support the my theory that a person’s personality type is a result of incessant conflict between clans and tribes.

There have been two pieces of evidence that I have come across recently to support parts of my theory. The first explains the rapid evolution of humans compared to “everything else.” Humans have made significant advances compared to other species. The size of the human brain doubled between two million and one million years ago. Then it has almost doubled again between one million years and the present day. This phenomenon of accelerated evolution is known as “tachytely”.

Why such rapid progress? What was the change agent?

Prof Ian Tattersall, from the American Museum of Natural History in New York says that most of the environmental changes, like the move our ancestors made from a tree-dwelling, to a ground-dwelling existence, or the migration from one zone to another, can only account for some of that evolution (like elephants moving from hot zones to the arctic).

The real driver of human change is war. Paul Rincon, science editor for the BBC News website reports:

“Aggression between small, distinct human groups in the past is one of the major remaining agents of such changes, said Professor Tattersall.

“Inter-group conflict would certainly have placed a premium on such correlates of neural function as planning and throwing,” Prof Tattersall explained.”

To paraphrase the report, had it not been for incessant conflict, we wouldn’t have evolved to far, and definitely not as fast as we have.

These Fists Were Made For Fighting

Warrior handNot only have our brains grown bigger, but other parts of our bodies have evolved for fighting too. The human fists have evolved for punching!

In a different research study by the University of Utah,  they found that fighting may have shaped the evolution of the human hand.

Making a fist is pretty unique among primates. Chimpanzees can’t make a fist, it ends up being a donut hole. The making of a fist evolved in order to fight other humans.

The BBC reported the study this way:

“The force per area is higher in a fist strike and that is what causes localised tissue damage,” said Prof Carrier.

“There is a performance advantage in that regard. But the real focus of the study was whether the proportions of the human hand allow buttressing (support).”

The team found that making a clenched fist did indeed provide protective buttressing for the delicate bones of the hand. Making a fist increased the stiffness of the second meta-carpo-phalangeal, or MCP, joint (these joints are the knuckles visible when the hand is clenched as a fist) by a factor of four.

It also doubled the ability of the proximal phalanges (the bones of the fingers that articulate with the MCP joints) to transmit a punching force.

Asked whether the idea that aggression may have played a key role in shaping the human body might previously have been unpalatable to researchers, Prof Carrier explained: “I think we’re more in that situation now than we were in the past.

When clenched in a fist, the bones of the hand line up into a strong, buttressed structure

When clenched in a fist, the bones of the hand line up into a strong, buttressed structure

In other words, even the shape of our body has evolved because of fighting between groups of humans.

Would Personality Temperament Evolve Because of Conflict Too?

In light of this evidence, it is actually a farther stretch to believe that our personality didn’t adapt along with our bodies. We evolved to fight as a group, and the specialization of duties within the group is needed to give one side a larger advantage than the opposing clan.

Personality has developed into four distinct types of people, each with a specific duty to support the clan: Warriors, Logisitics, Strategists, and Morale Officers.

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One Response to Humanity Evolved To Fight

  1. DougOver says:

    Tim, I appreciate your presentation with Rodney Ballance. My studies were originally with the Hyprocatic version of personalities so I can really identify where you are coming from.

    I am surprised at the nature of the Humanity Evolved to Fight article. I believe that the Bible is correct in that we are only 6000 years old as a people and earth. That kinda shoots down all the ‘evolve’ issues, dosen’t it?

    If Jesus is the creator, I kinda like to believe He created us perfectly the first time! Heck, anyone that can ‘speak’ us into creation can do it right the first time. Besides, 6,000 years isn’t enough time to evolve.

    I believe that the evolutionists are evading their accountability to God by denying His existance or using Satan’s trick of casting doubt at the Word of God.

    Thanks for your input and knowledge, Doug

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