Has The Gene for the Strategist Personality Been Found?

[adsense float=’left’]There is a new study out, published in the May 30 issue of Science, that shows that there may be a link in the genome (DNA) and the amount of education a person attains.

As reported by Science News:

“Researchers from the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium set up an experiment that searched 2 million variable locations known as SNPs in the DNA of 101,069 people for variants that appeared to be linked to educational attainment. They found only one that was associated with years of education. Two more SNPs were associated with whether a person had finished college. The researchers then replicated the findings by doing the same sort of analysis on another 25,490 people’s DNA and finding that the same SNPs popped up.”

What this means, is that they are closing in on something in the genome, that is a predictor of how much education a person wants.

I think that what they are seeing, is the part of the genome that gives a person some specific personality traits.  Even experts are saying something similar:

“The scientists used educational attainment because data on it are available for large numbers of people. But it is a proxy for something else — perhaps differences in the way peoples’ brains work or in personality traits like perseverance that could help people get through school.”

“Why would one person want more education?” is the question this study should be asking. What jumped out at me, is that I think they have closed in on the genes that give the person a specific type of personality. In this case, I suspect it to be the “Strategist” personality trait.

Strategists are thinkers by nature. They value learning and information. Where would they get that? At college, of course. Most of the Strategists that I know of, are buyers of knowledge, and they all have degrees. I can personally only think of one Strategist over the age of 25 that doesn’t have a college education. That is how rare I think it is for a person with the Strategist personality to not get a college degree.

There is a lot of work that researchers still need to do, but it appears that they have a starting point on connecting specific parts of the genome to personality traits. It would mean that a genetic test for determining personality temperament would be much closer to reality.

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