Getting An Acting Job Using Personality Marketing Tactics

Earlier this month, I got a job as a TV actor by using the Personality Marketing strategies. I’d like to tell you specifically the steps-by-step techniques that I implemented, so that you can see how powerful it is.

I went after this acting gig for a couple of reasons. The main reason was to prove that the Personality Marketing Manual strategies work. The other reason is that my other rocketry business could always use the publicity.

But, I didn’t necessarily want to be an actor. It is not natural for me to pretend to be something that I am not. So to land a job as an actor, was pretty significant.

How Did This All Start?

First, I have to give you some back-ground, so that you can see that there were a few other variables in play too.

A few weeks ago, a production company called up my model rocketry business looking for an on-screen technical expert for a TV show they were going to be shooting. I am not the only rocket scientist in the world, and they told me up front that they were going to be interviewing several people. “That’s fine,” I thought to myself. I anticipated that there would be some competition for the job.

In fact, it wasn’t long before many of my other rocketry friends called me up saying that they were pinged by the production company too.

Many of these friends had impressive credentials in the industry. So I knew that competition would be stiff.

Step 1: I Implement Personality Marketing Strategies

When I talked to the production company, they told me the name of the producer of the TV show that was going to come by and interview me and also film me for a demo reel.

As soon as I got off the phone, I googled him and quickly found his web site. The reason I did this was to get back-ground information on the customer. Specifically, I wanted to know his personality type.

The first step of any marketing plan is to get to know the customer. Who are you going to be selling to?

Looking at his web site, I picked up a lot of clues that he has the Strategist personality type (I show you exactly how to do this on DVD #16 of the Personality Marketing Manual). “That’s cool, I thought to myself… I love the Strategist personality type. A lot of my rocketry customers have this type too, so I already understand how he thinks.”

I surmised that he was looking for two things: technical expertise, and “on screen charisma.”

The technical expertise part was going to be pretty easy. If you do a trade for a long time, like I’ve done, you pretty much know the in’s-and-out’s of it. All I needed to do was to present the information in a way that he would understand it. And that comes fairly natural to me, since I’m a Logistical personality type. As I’ve told you over and over, Logisticals often go into teaching, because conveying facts is a step-by-step process that is comfortable to us.

What Personality Was He Looking For?

Here is where Personality Marketing really came into play. I’ve told you many times that most actors have the Warrior personality type. The main reason is that they have abundant energy that people are drawn to. You just get this feeling that something interesting is going to happen when you are around a warrior. Usually it is something tragic. But that is OK, because television viewers are pulled in by those kinds of events.

For a Logistical like me to play the part of a Warrior is hard work. People with my personality type are often called the “serious,” “guardians,” or “fuddy-duddies” by other people. And in a way, they are right. We always seem to have a serious expression on our face, like the world is going to end, and we’re the only ones that are concerned about it. On the other hand, Warriors can’t wait for the chaos that might come if the world was going to end. For them, it is an opportunity. They are eager about the thought.

That is what I had to present myself as a Warrior, when the producer of the show came to interview me.

It was a fine line to walk–to show the technical expertise that he needed, and to display the excitement level that would draw in viewers to the show. I really had to work at it. For inspiration, I just thought about my own dreams, and what will happen once I fulfilled them. I told him about the crazy dream I have, where some customer of mine is standing on the surface of Mars, and says:

“Thank you Tim Van Milligan. Without you, I would have never become an astronaut and got this opportunity to be the first person to step on the soil of Mars.”


What Else Did the Producer Need?

Because I run my own company, I had another advantage over the other candidates for the acting job. I understood that the Producer was also looking for help in making his life easier. He’s a boss, just like I’m a boss to my employees. I discussed this theme in the article series: Getting Hired, A Contrarian’s Viewpoint.

This producer, because he was doing a show involving rocketry, was out of his element. He was going to set up a shoot involving rockets, and it is a little scary.

So during the interview, I asked him several leading questions. First of all, a Strategist would appreciate me asking him the conditions of the job. That showed the technical expertise that he wanted. But more than that, my questions were phrased to indicate to him that I was someone that would make his life easier. I wasn’t just going to be an on-screen actor; I was going to be his servant. I was going to try to take burden off his shoulders, not add to them. I was going to make him look good to his bosses – the TV network.

This was a powerful three-part combination

  • 1. Technical Expertise that a Strategist would love
  • 2. Action-oriented, to mimic the traits of a Warrior – which is what draws in TV viewers. My demo reel had to sell the network executives that I was the high-energy guy they needed.
  • 3. The heart of a servant – to tie it all together.

Two weeks later, they called and told me I got the job! The step-by-step Personality Marketing system works, and this was the proof.

The Actual Filming

Filming of the TV show was done this past Saturday. It was pretty much as I expected from the rocketry stand-point. But I didn’t fully grasp how big of a production crew this show had. That part was a little startling, but I adapted. I gave them 100%, trying to get them what ever they needed from me. I was a shadow, always around, but never in the way.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about what was on the show yet. But after the show airs on the network (Summer of 2012), I’ll be able to spill all the beans about what it was like to be an actor. But the producer said that his director was excited, because it was the most visually appealing episode of the show he had ever done. That was satisfying to hear.

And I’ll tell you this… actors are hard-working people. I was exhausted by the end of the day. I didn’t get much sleep the night before the filming, but freight train going through my bedroom wouldn’t have woken me up after the long day I had.

It was quite and experience, and something I won’t ever forget.

Would I do it again? Sure! It wasn’t the acting that was fun for me, but helping to production crew get the shots they needed. I’m a Logistical personality, after all…

Until next time, “Be Fruitful.”


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