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There are only 10 useful emotions you can evoke in your copywriting or sales pitches that are useful in making sales. These are called the emotional triggers.

In this report, you’ll first get a general overview and see how those emotional triggers are either used to motivate people to get something better (the greed path), or to get away from something worse (the fear path).

The 10 emotional triggers that cause action

From there, you’ll read about each of the 10 emotional triggers, and how they are used most effectively in a sales pitch.

Finally, each trigger is ranked by how much relative power it has. Some triggers are used often, but have very little oomph behind them. While others are so powerful at getting people to take action, that one has to question their ethical use. These are so motivating that they have to be used with caution.

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Note: This “non-confidential” report is our abbreviated version. There is much longer confidential “Insider’s Edition” that you’ll receive when you invest in the Personality Marketing Manual.

There are many secrets that I withheld in this abbreviated version because they are just too valuable to be given away for free. For example, there are the $1millon secret-laws of using humor in advertising. If you violate these laws, it is virtually guaranteed that your ad will not pull any sales. You might make a funny advertisement, but where it counts (making sales), it will be a dismal failure and could easily put you out of business. There are countless companies that produced super-bowl advertisements that bombed because they wanted to be funny instead of being funny and emotionally compelling. That’s why these are easily worth a $1million, because they could have saved those companies at least that much money.

In addition, in the confidential Insider’s Edition of the report, I give examples of advertising headlines that used each emotional trigger, so that you can get some ideas on how you might make them work for you too.

In addition, in the confidential “Insider’s Edition” of this report, I go into great detail by dissecting some of the greatest advertisements, and how they relate to emotionally compelling strategies. You’ll see the formula for the most effective advertisement that has ever been written, and how you can copy it with out actually making it sound identical to the original.