Funny Superbowl Commericals – Audi 2012 Vampire Party

Audi is using Vampires to sell cars with its 2012 Super Bowl advertisement called “Vampire Party.” Will it work for them and suck cash out of consumer’s pockets? Or will it vaporize their ad budget?

Watch the commercial first, and then I’ll get into my analysis of this funny super bowl commercial.

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This is obvious reference to the Twilight Saga movies, where groups of teen-age and twenty-something vampires hang out in the woods. In this version, they run out of blood, so they send the most dufus one of the bunch into town to the blood-bank to get some more juice for them to drink.

As you saw in the commercial, the dope drives back in an Audi that has “daylight bright” headlights and accidentally vaporizes all his buddies. He’s so dumb, that he walks in front of his own car and vaporizes himself.

Moral of the story: Vampires are dumb? Or was it “drivers of Audi’s are dumb?” Either way, I don’t think it will drive customers into the dealership just to buy a pair of headlights attached to a car.

This commercial is so poorly thought out, that I’m wondering why Audi let the advertising agency make it.

There are many mis-matches in this commercial that will probably kill it before it has a chance to make money. The first is:

Who is The Target Customer?

Are the people that want to be Vampires the ones that will be buying this car? That would be consistent with the Law-of-Association. And what model car is it anyway?

Are young “hipster’s” that are hanging out in the woods at night the target market for this car? I doubt that any of them can even afford the price of an imported luxury car. Based on demographics, they missed the target market right there.

How did Audi do by Personality Type?

The Audi brand is for “sophisticated” drivers. Sophisticated is a word that you can link with the “Intuitive” personality trait. That leaves you with either the Strategists (the ones with the Intuitive-Thinking traits), or the Morale Officers who have the Intuitive-Feeling traits.

But I will give Audi credit if they are trying to reach people with the Morale Officer personality type. They are the ones that are really pushing the Twilight movie because of its “eternal love” theme. After all, Vampires are immortal unless you kill them with the headlights of your car.

Truth In Engineering

The other thing that makes me think this ad is meant for Morale Officers is the tag-line at the end of the commercial. Audi says their brand stands for: “Truth in Engineering.”

Is there "Untruth in Engineering?"

Now most of the people with the “Thinking” personality characteristic would be utterly confused by this catch-phrase. What does “Truth in Engineering” mean anyway? Can you have untrue engineering? Isn’t all engineering based on physics and laws of nature? Yes, of course. So why would you use that as your tag-line, unless it meant something more?

And for Morale Officers, “truth” does mean more. It means uncovering the “good” hidden spirits. You can read more about that in our previous blog post on Selling To The Occupy Wall Street Protestors.

What Emotions Are Being Triggered?

As with all funny commercials, the emotional trigger that they are trying to turn on is the emotion of surprise.

Surprise can either lead to the emotion of enjoyment (happiness), or the emotion of “fear.” In this case, they are triggering the fear emotion.

It is funny for us watching the commercial, but if this was happening to your friends in real life, I don’t think you’d be turned on by seeing all your friends being vaporized. Therefore, on the emotional scale, I’d have to say this commercial misses its mark too.

To learn more about triggering emotions, see my 99 cent Kindle book: “Emotional Copywriting Revealed.”


For this commercial, I’ll give two positive characteristics: they matched the car with the right personality type (in this case, the Morale Officers). They were consistent on hitting this theme, which they did by using the Twilight reference, and they used the tag-line “Truth in Engineering.”

But they missed big-time by vaporizing all the hero’s for the Morale Officers, which triggered the emotion of fear. If they all die, then who are they going to hang out with? This is not the way to sell cars.

It is possible that they are going for a long-term strategy of tying their brand to the Twilight movies, but then it is going to be a long time before their customer base grows up and earns enough money to buy one of their cars.

Until next time, “Be Fruitful.”


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