Funny Super Bowl 2013 Advertisements – Doritos Crumbs

[adsense float=’left’]The Doritos’ Super Bowl Advertisement called “Crumbs,” is one I think is not only funny, but is one that will be ranked high where it really counts: it will make Doritos’ money.

Every year US companies pour millions of dollars in making and buying advertisement time for the Super Bowl. Doritos was smart, and has followed my example, and has turned their advertising into a contest ( Dorito’s calls their’s the “Crash the Super Bowl Contest” ( The advantage is that other people to do the hardest part of the advertising process, coming up with the creative idea.

Dorito’s wants funny commercials. And as anyone in the advertising business knows, coming up with good funny commercials is very difficult. So using a contest, they get a lot of creative ideas, and they don’t pay for them unless they win the contest.

In my book called “Emotional Copywriting Revealed” (which you can get for just a penny short of a dollar at Amazon), I give to hard-coded laws of advertising with regards to using humor. If you violate any of these laws, the ad will be ineffective. In other words, even though it has humor in it, it won’t be memorable, nor will it make you any money.

Most of the ads in the “Crash the Super Bowl Contest” violate one of these laws.

The Crumbs commercial is packed with emotion, and a beautiful woman.

However, there are a couple of good ones. The one 2013 funny Super Bowl Advertisement from Doritos that I think will make a good run is the cone called “Crumbs,” submitted by Mathew Jensen.

You can see the video called “Crumbs” Here

Advertisements’ Need An Emotional Hook

All good advertisements use and “emotional hook” to make a connection with the prospect. Without the emotional connection, the ad would just be like my saying: “Buy Doritos.” It really has no appeal, and will be largely ineffective.

Humor, as I talk about in “Emotional Copywriting Revealed,” is a subset of the emotion of “surprise.” Unfortunately, surprise is weak emotional trigger, because it lasts for just a brief few seconds. Once the surprise has been revealed, the emotion quickly dissipates.

From this camera angle, you know that a kick to the testicles is coming. The surprise is already ruined.

For example, the Doritos Say Cheese super bowl commercial from the 2013 Doritos’ Crash The Super Bowl contest ends with a kid kicking a photographer in the testicles. This typically gets a laugh, but it was telegraphed by the camera shot that the kick was coming. This is not an advertisement that you’ll remember as you’re walking the aisle of the super market while standing in front of the bags of Doritos’.

However, the “Crumbs” ad is much more memorable. The reason, is that it combines multiple emotions in the same advertisement.

You have not only surprise, but you have two instances of “anticipation of happiness.” Once, for the guy getting his face licked, and another instance of the girl getting the taste of Doritos’. That’s three emotions so far.

But this ad hints at another emotion too. That makes for four emotional hooks in thirty seconds.

Tie In Personality Marketing for Increased Effectiveness

But before I reveal that emotion, I want to point out the Personality Marketing aspects of this advertisement. This is ad hits well with three of the personality types: Warriors, Strategists, and Logisticals.

The people with the Warrior personality temperament will like it because it contains a beautiful babe, and the sexual innuendo. And they always like a funny surprise ending that they didn’t see coming.

The Strategist’s will like this advertisement because it is very “goal oriented.” The guy comes up with a goal, and a strategy to reach his goal.

The person with the Logistical temperament will like it because it pairs a geeky guy getting a beautiful woman. Logistical’s NEVER realistically get a beautiful woman in real life; but they always dream about it. And this ad flows very logistically; it is very action-reaction. In other words, if you do action A, you can expect reaction A. If you do B, you get response B. That is the essence of creating a good systematic way of getting something accomplished – like getting the girl.

This is a very good advertisement in that it has triggers for three of the four personality types!

The Fourth Emotional Hook – “Embarrassment”

The fourth emotion that is triggered in this advertisement, is that of embarrassment. This is one of the most powerful emotions of all, as mentioned in Emotional Copywriting Revealed, because it has such staying power. Embarrassment lasts forever.

[adsense float=’left’]The geeky guy is supposed to be a Strategist type person. Therefore, after losing his opportunity to make good with the beautiful babe, he is going to feel really embarrassed that he didn’t see the potential outcome of “another fish” going after his bait. In other words, he found the perfect bait (the Doritos chips), and he should have known that it would attract all types of fish. Not being able to predict ALL potential outcomes is a major source of embarrassment for people with the Strategist personality temperament.

Strategist’s fear not being able to predict the outcome of a future battle. So when it actually happens (their fear comes true), they feel embarrassed. Write this down, because it is a key in how you’ll sell to them in the future. They will do anything, and pay anything to prevent being embarrassed again in the future.

Analysis of these Super Bowl Commercials

Because of all these powerful emotions and the way it ties into three of the four personality types, I think this ad is one of the superior advertisements in the contest. I predict that when you are walking through the snack-food aisle at the market, and you see the bag of Doritos’ on the shelf, your subconscious mind will remember this ad. It will nudge you to buy the chips, because it is a trigger that the chips is a solution to a problem: it is babe bait.

If you would like to know more about combining emotions, particularly with the different personality types, then you need the Personality Marketing Manual. It will make all your marketing much more effective.


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One Response to Funny Super Bowl 2013 Advertisements – Doritos Crumbs

  1. Dan says:

    Those Doritos ad campaign FOR their ads has worked out pretty well for them.
    The ad that won a couple years back (a bloodhound offers Doritos to a man in exchange for silence) was submitted by a fellow alum of my school, James Madison Univ.
    And this year, ‘Crumbs’, though it did not qualify as one of the five finalists, was submitted by my brother. Glad you enjoyed it. Chips for all!!

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