Fighting Style of The Warrior Personality Temperament

[adsense float=’left’] People with the Warrior personality temperament, are often recognized by their unmitigated fury. When they engage in a battle, as I talk about in my book (Selling By Personality Type), break out their biggest weapon rather quickly. They don’t want to fight the same battle again in the future, so their goal is to bring down their opponent quickly and decisively.

In today’s post, there were a couple of media members (with the Warrior personality temperament) that got into the news because of their temper. The first was Kim Richards of the TV show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (we talked about her before here).

Kim Richards

Kim Richards

According to reports, Kim was arrested and charged with public intoxication, trespassing, resisting and officer and battery on a police officer.

The thing that popped up in my mind, is the part about battery on a police officer. Because she didn’t want to be arrested, it appears that Kim lashed out savagely, and kicked the police officer. This is not atypical behavior of a person with the personality temperament, this is to be expected.

The other  celebrity to make the news with her temper, is Britt McHenry, a sports reporter for the ESPN cable TV channel.

Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry

Britt’s personality archetype is ESTP. The S-P trait combination is the definition of a person with the Warrior temperament. Incidentally, you can learn how to quickly type someone’s personality by following the steps laid out in my book “Selling by Personality Type.”

In Britt’s case, her car was towed because she left it in a restaurant’s parking lot while she left the premises. When she went to pick it up from the tow company’s lot, she was in a foul mood. For people with the Warrior temperament, they often consider their car as one of their prized tools (weapons). To have it taken away is often triggers anger.

It probably didn’t take much for the parking lot attendant to set her off. My guess is that Britt wanted to know why her car was towed, and the attendant didn’t know. I wouldn’t expect the attendant to know, but that wouldn’t be good enough reason for the person with the Warrior temperament. The attendant probably uttered the cursed words: “I don’t care” somewhere during the conversation. That would be the trigger to set off the Warrior person anger.

The result was a tirade that was captured on video:

The event was reported by Sport’s Illustrated as:

Britt McHenry, a Washington D.C.-based bureau reporter for ESPN, has been suspended one week by the network following the release of a video tape on Thursday in which she is seen berating a towing company worker. “I’m in the news, sweetheart,” says McHenry on the video. “I will f—— sue this place.”

In what appears to be an edited tape, the woman at the towing establishment then threatens to play the video of the interaction. McHenry is shown on the tape responding.

“I wouldn’t work in a scumbag place like this,” she says. “That’s all you care about, taking people’s money. With no education, no skill set, just wanted to clarify that. Do you feel good about your job?… So I can be a college dropout and do the same thing?… Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?… I’m in television and you’re in a f—— trailer, honey.”

The video ends with McHenry telling the attendant to, “Lose some weight, baby girl.”

The tirade is very typical of people with the Warrior personality temperament. They don’t hold back their punches. In this case, she doesn’t hold back her words, with the attempt that appears to lower the status of the other person. Remember from the book “Selling by Personality Type,” the person with the Warrior personality temperament places high importance on status, and feels that other people value the same thing. So she attacks the other person’s status in society.

[adsense float=’left’] Additionally, what you should pick up here is that things she attacks about the other person. They are all in the values list you’ll find for Warriors in the book: “Selling by Personality Type”

  • Appearance
  • Skills
  • Money
  • Status

How Does This Relate To Selling?

When you know what a person values, which comes right out of the personality temperament, you can better prepare for your interaction with them.

When a person with the Warrior temperament is in battle mode, like the examples shown here, you have to decide whether you want them as customers or now. The towing company, probably didn’t care about Britt Mchenry’s future business. She is not their customer. But the restaurant is. And I guarantee you that Britt McHenry will never willingly eat there again. So the towing company probably lost the restaurant’s business because they did something that is guaranteed to be remembered forever: they embarrassed one of their customers. They should have thought this through before releasing the video…

But we learned something here. Selling and persuading is all about managing the emotional state of prospects. If you don’t know the strategy and the techniques of doing this, please learn. You can’t be successful in business for long if you don’t.

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