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What Personality Style Posted This Bumper Sticker?

Typing a personality style of someone else is an important skill to learn to be competent  in sales and marketing. You have to know who you are dealing with, so that you can strategize a plan to persuade them to buy what you’re offering.

That is the reason for going through this exercise on how to type a prospect. You have to type them quickly if you want to be able to sell to them quickly.

I saw this bumper sticker on the back of a pick-up truck. It tells us a lot about the person that slapped it on the vehicle, so we can use it as one of the clues to their personality style.

The bumper stick reads:

This is our flag; PICK IT UP!
This is our culture; FIGHT FOR IT!
This is our country; DEFEND IT!
American Patriots Stand Together

Which of the four personality types would display this bumper sticker, and why? Is it the Warrior, Logistical, Strategist, or Morale Officer?

To figure it out, sometimes it is easier to weed out which personality style it would not be.

I’d start by weeding out the Morale Officer personality type. The reason is that they feel compelled to bring people together. They are conflict avoidant, and they wouldn’t normally encourage other people to fight either.

When you see the word “fight,” you might think that it would be a Warrior personality type that would display this sticker. After all, “fight” and “warrior” seem to go together. So you can’t rule them out so easily.

But the sticker also uses the word “defend.” Now that is something that the Warrior types are not typically geared for. The Warrior types are opportunists, and therefore they are offensive by nature, not defense minded.

If you want someone that is defense-minded, you really want a Logistical personality type. They are often called “Guardians,” because they stand up for traditions that have proved to be successful. David Keirsey, the author of the book “Please Understand Me II” was the originator of that descriptor. It fits, but it doesn’t tell you why they are like that.

My first guess, therefore, would be that this bumper sticker was placed on the vehicle by a person with the Logistical personality type. The reason is that the theme is about standing up for the traditions that made America great.

Defending traditions is actually a logistical concept, especially when you think of it as a “road.” In other words, the road allowed us to move other resources to where they are needed. This fits the Logistical personality type perfectly.

The Fear Of Removed Roads

For the Logistical personality type, when you tear down traditions (culture), it is just like tearing up a road. Once the road is gone, you have nothing to guide you to your destination.

This is a big fear that they have. Why? Because without roads, they can’t complete their assigned tasked. In essence, their DNA is telling them that they are needed to provide resources for the human army. They worry that they can’t complete that task if the roads are gone. That actually makes it a “fear.” Why? Because if they can’t complete their task, then they could die too. This is a completely rational fear to have if your DNA is telling you to be a resource-minded person.

If you would like to learn a lot more about the Logistical personality type, and how to use their mindset and fears to sell to them, you need the Personality Marketing Manual It will quickly get you up to speed on their quirks that make them unique, and the emotional triggers that cause them to take action.

Unless, of course, you don’t need more money. Then my recommendation is to ignore the Personality Marketing Manual completely…


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