Everything Is Connected

The Morale Officer Personality Type

Guess the Personality Type Of The Car Owner

“Everything is Connected.” “Higher Powered.” “Wag More, Bark Less.” “Love your Mother.” Ying-Yang.

These were bumper stickers on the back of a car in front of me at a traffic light. I like using clues like these to Type the person that owns the car. In other words, what personality temperament do they have?

In this case, there is a common theme in all these bumper stickers. It is that there is a spiritual source that runs though everything, balancing things out. The theme is that you (the reader) need to get in touch with this mystical force that runs the universe. You need to be a softer, gentler, more caring person.

Of the four personality types, which one would plaster these on the back of their automobile? Is it the Warrior, Logistical Officer, Strategist, or Morale Officer?

It should jump out at you right away, when given these four choices, it is the Morale Officer personality type person that put these stickers on the car.

Why Is This Information Useful?

The reason we want to know what kind of personality a person has, is so that we can predict how they will react in different situations. In other words, how are they going to behave? And more specifically, what tactics can we use to persuade them?

Do we want to sell them something? Do you want to get them to donate to your cause? Do you want to get them to vote for your candidate? Do you want them to find a job that makes them happy? Are you trying to help match them up in a relationship?

These are all persuasion situations, and each personality type will react differently. If you know how they are going to react, you can lead them to the conclusion by giving them the bait that they respond to. That is the essence of personality-trait marketing. If you’d like to learn how to classify people, and how to persuade them to your way of thinking, then check out the Personality Marketing Manual. It will give you the tools you need to persuade people to your cause. Just think of how much more money you’ll have in your pockets when you get them to help you out?

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  1. Tim!

    I’ve been persuaded to see your “mind reading and persuasive talent” in a whole new light. Thank you for visiting my article on “How to Spot Difficult People and What to Do about Them” and leaving a comment. Otherwise, I might not have found my way as quickly to your blog on connection and to your Personality Marketing Manual.

    Thank you,
    and have an influential day,

    Helena Kaufman

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