Elements of Wealth Creation – Part 2

When I look at the Occupy Wall Street protesters, I really feel sorry for them. They will NEVER become wealthy. The reason is that they lack a key “attitude” that I consider as one of the universal elements that is part of the success equation.

In our last article, I talked extensively the first “fundamental” that is part of the wealth building formula. That is the ability to take a risk. You have to step out on the edge, and take and take a leap across a chasm. And success might be separated from failure by an inch – jump 8 feet, and you reach the other side. But if you only make it to 7 feet, 11 inches, you will fall into the abyss. This jump is a huge gamble because of the consequences of failure, and most people won’t take the chance.

The second attitude that you MUST have in order to become wealthy is that “you must be willing to allow other people to enjoy the fruits of their success.”

This has everything to do with personality marketing, which is why I’m talking about it today.

As I discussed previously, the majority of the Occupy Wall Street protestors are of the personality type: “Morale Officers of the Human Army.” This is what I call them in the Personality Marketing Manual, because they want everyone to get along. That is their function in the human race – to help people work together for the greater good of the war effort.

But, you can see in their protest signs that they don’t want other people to enjoy what they worked so hard to accumulate. They want them taxed at a percentage above and beyond what other people are taxed at. It is almost like they want to see them punished.

This strikes me as being very anti-everything that they stand for.

But let’s back up. First of all, the “Morale Officers” are those people with the letters NF in their Myers Briggs Personality Profile. “N” stands for intuition, and “F” stands for “Feeling.” David Keirsey calls these people Idealists in his book “Please Understand Me.” He uses that term because he sees them as wanting a perfect, or ideal world.

But I believe that humanity as a whole is a big army, and each personality type has a role within the army to make it a successful fighting unit. The NF’s then would be the Morale Officers and Care-Givers to keep the fighters operating at peak efficiency. That is why I don’t use the same terminology as he does.

Because they are in the “repair” business (fixing people up so that they can get cut up again in a future battle), they have become totally opposed to war and the things that cause friction between people.

They see “money” and “processions” as things that divide people.

Here is the strange part, that all the other personality types have a real hard time understanding. When you meet a Morale Officer in a one-on-one situation, they are the kindest people in the world. They always want the best for you. In fact, they will often subordinate themselves and do dirty jobs in order to help you move to a higher level of success.


When it isn’t a one-on-one situation, they are completely opposed to others getting ahead in life.

This is completely unexpected and mystifying.

To the Morale Officer, when they can’t see the person’s face, their attitude completely changes. They speak in generalities – “Tax the Rich,” they don’t say: “Tax Bill Gates.”

They also say “End Corporate Greed.” But who are the owners of that corporation? They don’t make the connection that most stocks are held by little old retired women that bought into a mutual fund. These elderly people need their investment to grow in order to stay in the retirement home, so they push the board of directors to earn more money. Is that greedy? Hardly. It is they need the money to stay out of the poor house.

Like I said, this doesn’t make sense to the rest of the personality types. We can’t believe that the nice person that we know personally has such a different opinion of other people as soon as they are lumped into a group, like “those-that-are-rich.” The rest of us have a hard time believing this is the same nice person.

But it is the same person. The nice person with the NF personality-type is a complete wacko when they are making generalities about groups of people.

Why is this? Why do they have this dual nature about them, where they believe the worst about “groups”?

I’ll answer this question some other time, because it get into the belief of the Morale Officers that events are controlled by outside forces.

But on a business level, you must want your customers to succeed. If you don’t want them to succeed, and more importantly, for your customers to enjoy the fruits of success, then you’ll never become wealthy.

If you don’t, your customers will sense that you don’t care about their desires, and they won’t do business with you. Even as a group, you must want your customers to succeed.

Don’t Envy or You’ll End Up With No Profits

If you have any feelings of envy toward the people you do business with, you will not succeed either.

That seems obvious, but I see this all the time with companies that I deal with in my internet-based retail rocketry business.

For example, several years ago I was buying products from a supplier, and then reselling them to my customer. This particular supplier got resentful that I was making the standard 40% retail markup when I sold his products. As a manufacturer, he was comparing the dollar amount that I was making, compared to the dollar amount he made by selling the items to me. While he made a larger profit margin, since I was selling at retail, my dollar amount was higher than his take.

His covetous attitude got to the point where he was making additional demands on me, such as telling me how he wanted his items to be displayed on my web site. Instead of being happy for the sales I was making on his behalf, he thought it was unfair that I was making more money than he was.

The result was predictable: I stopped selling his items.

And I have no regrets. I see it as that I got rid of a thousand headaches. And I could spend time promoting other items. I don’t miss his items at all, and I don’t even know if his company is still in business. Who cares.

Another Wealth Accumulation Building Block

Next time, I’ll talk about the third universal building block that you need in order to create wealth. It is just as important as taking a risk, and wanting the best for your customers.

Until next time, “Be Fruitful.”


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