Pleasuring People Means Money!

Pleasuring people makes them want to do business with you! That goes without saying, doesn’t it? People that get happy because of what you do for them have a positive memory of you and your products. They will always come back, or recommend you to their friends.

That is the easy part of the money equation. But how do you put it into practice?

In other words, “HOW” do you make people happy?

“Who’s Happiness?”

We are really crazy people, when you think about it. We want to make people happy, in order to get their business, but we don’t do what “they want” that makes them happy.

We do what we want, and expect them to be happy with that.

For example, we give them all the color choices that we think will make them happy, but yet they turn up their noses at our selection and shop somewhere else.

Or take your spouse, for another example. We do for them what we think will make them happy, because it would make us happy if they did it for us. But yet they don’t seem to be pleased with what we do for them.

Does this make sense to you?

If you want to make people (who-ever they might be: prospects, friends, family, spouses), we have to first find out what makes them happy. “THEIR DEFINITION, NOT OURS.”

Myers Briggs Personality System Tells Us What People Want

This is where the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and system comes into play. It allows us to know in advance what people want that will make them happy. It is like reading their mind.

Can this be true? Can you really know in advance what makes people happy?

According to the Myers Briggs web site, they state:

“Seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.”

In other words, we think all people are very unique and different. But according to the Myers Briggs theory, people aren’t as unique and different as you might think. There is enough similarity between people that we can group them into personality-type categories.

While the categories are vastly unique and different, the people in the same category have a lot of behavioral traits that are surprisingly similar. They behave just like other people with the same personality type.

You need to ponder that statement, because it is profound in its implications. Because it means we now have a way of categorizing people and creating situations that make groups of people get along better.

How is the Myers Briggs Personality Test and System used?

First of all, the practitioners of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment have been using the system to help smooth out differences in organizations for decads.  They typically come in and ease conflicts by helping each side see how the other personality types will react to a situation.

They also use it to help business hire the right kind of employees. They assist by matching an applicant’s personality type to that of the business. For example, you may want to hire a person with strong relationship skills to be a customer greeter in your store (that’s how I first used Myers Briggs in my business).

The Myers Briggs practitioners also use it in marriage counseling. Again, they assist each partner to see how the other personality type will react in different situations, so that the partners can be prepared for the reactions ahead of time. For example, you may be an introvert personality type like me, and if your spouse tries to force you to go to a big party, you can almost be assured that things won’t go well. In that case, the Myers Briggs practitioner will try to show the spouse how to arrange the party so that the introvert is not unduly stressed.

This all makes sense, doesn’t it?

The Myers Briggs Personality Test and system is a proven method that works to help people out in interpersonal relationships, because it is a catalog of people and they know how each type of personality will behave in a given situation. The key thing is that they can “predict behavior ahead of time, based on personality type.”

How Does This Relate To Selling?

If you know how people will behave ahead of time to a specific stimuli — such as a sales pitch — couldn’t you adjust the situation to get each personality type to respond favorably?

In other words, can you create a sales pitch that is specifically aimed to make one person happy?

The answer, of course, is yes!

We know, based on the prospect’s Myers Briggs personality profile, what makes them happy. It is like mind-reading, and we know it in advance. And in the sales situation, all we have to do is create the right stimuli that makes them happy.

This makes the prospect happy, and it then makes your wallet fatter, because happy customers are repeat customers. Everyone wins!

If you would like to take this to the next step and learn how to apply the Myers Briggs Personality Test and system to selling, you’ve come to the right place. This is where you’ll find the tools that will guide you through the process of creating the right stimuli for each of the different personality types. We call it “Personality Marketing,” because you have a different marketing strategy for each of the different Myers Briggs Personality Types.

What Is Your Next Step To Personality-Type Selling?

The next step is really simple. Get the Personality Marketing Manual. It is a step-by-step guidebook that will show you how to create the stimuli that each personality type responds to. It is like creating their favorite meal; they want eat it, so they will.

The Personality Marketing Manual is available today! Get it here. It works, because it is based on the proven Myers Briggs Personality Test and system.