Coming Soon: A Genetic Test That Reveals Your Child’s Personality

[adsense float=’left’]In the not-to-distant future, a simple DNA test is going to reveal the personality traits of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Is that scary? It doesn’t matter, really, because it is coming, and you can’t stop it from happening.

Most people, when they thing of genetics, think of the movie Gattica. In this futuristic sci-fi movie, it has become a consensus that an individual is no more than the sum of their genes. And from that, a new form of discrimination occurs:

In order to get to the point where parents can select the genes for their children, the operation of the genes must first be understood. We need to know what each gene does. Some are easy – like finding the gene that controls the color of your eyes or hair.

Other genes are a bit harder to determine what they do. These are the genes that control a person’s personality. The only way to find them is to observe the habits first, and then look for common genes in the DNA that might control them. But you need a pretty big population of people to isolate the particular genes.

But even that is happening. On this page, I’ll document the articles that I come across that show how scientists are mapping the genes that control a person’s personality. So be sure to bookmark this page, as it will change over time as new information becomes available.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll be using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as the descriptor of personality type. It is well established, and most other systems can be cross referenced to it (As an example, see: The NEO Personality Inventory compared to the MBTI)

Science Gets Closer To Mapping the Genes That Control Personality:

Likes Attract Likes – Scientific evidence that Personality Temperament is the most important factor in how people make decisions.

Telltale Signs You’ve Got The Love Hormone Gene – This study is getting pretty close to finding the gene that controls the level of “Feeling” in the MBTI classification system.

Scientists Find ‘Liberal Gene’ – Is this the Warrior personality type? It might be. Warriors are very generous with their resources, particularly if they know who is receiving the resources.

Researchers in Bonn find an ‘altruism gene’– Again, this could be a genetic marker for the Warrior personality type, or the Morale Officer.

Why Kids With High IQs Are More Likely to Take Drugs – In this article, the author speculates that people with high IQs are more likely to score high on personality scales of openness to experience. But what I think he’s onto is that people with the SJ personality type (the Logisticals), are less likely to take drugs.

Gym vs. Genes: How Exercise Trumps Obesity Genes – According to this article, so far there are 12 known genes related to obesity. I predict that one of these genes is also common to the people with the SJ personality type (Logisticals as I call them. Unfortunately — as a group — they tend to be fatter. See “Why Are You So Fat?” )

I wish these studies also inventoried the person’s personality type. I predict that it is going to be a bigger influencer of the outcome than the scientists can even imagine.

Humanity Has Evolved To Fight – Here is the evidence that supports the evolutionary theory that humanity has evolved faster than other species, and that our physical features  are optimized for fighting. More evidence here.

D3 dopamine receptor gene variant is associated with sensation seeking in skiers and snowboarders This is one of the genes associated with the Warrior personality type.

How does personality come through the human genome? Look to the ants… A University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study shows how Epigenetics shapes castes in Carpenter Ants.

Neuroscience of Personality – A researcher at UCLA looks inside the way the brain functions, and discovers that it functions similarly between people of the same personality type. It is the scientific evidence that supports the Personality Marketing system of marketing and sales.

Has The Gene for the Strategist Personality Been Found? – A study published in the May 31, 2013 issue of Science has identified part of the genome that seems to have a link to how much education a person attains. This seems to point to people that value learning, which is a Strategist personality temperament trait.

The Demise of the Neanderthals – There ware one little quirk that Homo-Sapiens had the the Neanderthals didn’t have. It was the reason that the Neanderthals went extinct. Could it be personality traits?

Typing a person by the ratio of their index finger to their ring finger – This ratio, called the 2D:4D ratio can be used to determine if a person has the Thinking personality trait. It can even be detected in a fetus by measuring the testosterone level in the womb of the mother.

The gene for emotional sensitivity: This is the basic marker for those people that have the Morale Officer personality temperament.