Do Your Customers Suffer Math Anxiety?

If you notice that your customers suffer from math anxiety, you have a nice little clue that you can probably use the classify their personality type. Once you do that, you can engage the proper sales strategy to sell to them.

There was a study that recently came from Stanford University that researched people with math anxiety. According to the report at Medical News Today: Vinod Menon, PhD, the Stanford professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences found that: “The same part of the brain that responds to fearful situations, such as seeing a spider or snake, also shows a heightened response in children with high math anxiety.”

In other words, math anxiety may be genetic.

What else is genetic? Right, a person’s personality traits.

What bothers me about studies like this is that they don’t bother to test the participants and type their personality. This is important to do, because I believe, and I predict that their will be a direct connection between the personality type of the individual, and their phobia to mathematics.

When I see a study like this, I immediately think of the person that has the “F” letter in their Myers Briggs personality nomenclature. The “F” stands for “feeling,” which means that they base decisions not on logic, but on a gut feeling that is generated internally.

This makes sense to me, as all the people that I’ve encountered with a math anxiety have the “F” trait in their personality architype.

What does this mean to sales?

This is another indicator that you can use to type a prospect that comes to your business. If you observe them having problems with math, such as calculating a tip at a restaurant, then you might lean toward classifying them with the “F” trait.

This by itself isn’t something huge, because the only one of the four personality types that requires the “F” trait also needs the intuition (N) trait. When they have both of these, then they are classified (using the Personality Marketing Manual system) as being a Morale Officer type.

Once you have type them, then you can break out the Personality Marketing Manual and implement the right sales strategy to sell to them.

Poetry Anxiety

On the flip side of this new study, something that no one has studied yet is a “poetry anxiety,” which is something that us people with the “T” (thinking) trait suffer from. Fortunately, it isn’t as bad as the mathematics anxiety, because your career rarely depends on getting poetry syntax correct (unless you’re an literature professor).


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