Dividing the Liberal Alliance

[adsense float=’left’]The Democratic party is made up of two of groups of people. They are primarily made up of people with the personality types of the Morale Officers, and Warriors. Today, I’d like to discuss some ways to divide the party, based on the methods found in the Personality Marketing Manual.

The core of the party is the Morale Officers. They are hard-core in their socialist beliefs, even though they consider themselves to be non-violent and caring. They are the original socialists, because it is actually a trait of their DNA to care for those around them. As such, it would take a major earthquake in politics for them to ever switch and vote for a Republican.

The are only two ways to get people with the Intuition-Feeling traits (the definition of a Morale Officer using the Myers-Briggs classification system) to vote Republican.

The first way is to run another Morale Officer on the Republican ticket. The reason is that likes-attract-likes. People of the same personality type trust one another.

In the current Presidential election, Obama is a Morale Officer, and Romney has the Strategist personality type. Based on “likes-attract-likes,” Romney will never get the votes of people with the Morale Officer personality type.

For example, Morale Officers are already writing him off as “stiff” and “non-emotional.” This is because the Strategist has the “T” trait, instead of the “F” (Thinking vs Feeling). This one trait explains why he doesn’t exude that touchy-feely presence. It is not important for other people with the Thinking trait, but it is critical for the personality types that have the Feeling trait.

The other issue that is important to a small group of Morale Officers, is abortion. It appeals to those that see the fetus as a child that needs to be protected. It only appeals to those religious people with the NFJ personality type. Unfortunately, those with that personality type only make up about 6% of the population, and it is probably half of that number that are religious. It is not a big group of people, by any means. In other words, it isn’t going to get a lot of votes for a Republican.

In light of these facts, it does not make a lot of sense to try to target the people with the Morale Officer personality type in the beginning stages of the campaign.

The Battle is for the Warriors!

It makes more sense to try to go after the people with the Warrior personality. The good news, as I’ve pointed out before, is that the Warriors comprise about 38% of the population. That is a big group.

In fact, it is such a big group, that the Morale Officers (which comprise about 12% of people) can’t win without persuading a majority of them to vote for their candidate. Because of this, Morale Officers have become very adept at pulling their strings, and hiding from their Warrior allies a number of their flaws that would turn them off.

General Strategies For Winning The Election

There are two approaches to winning the election. The first is to get the Warriors to vote for you candidate. The second is to get them to stay home so they don’t vote with the Morale Officers (socialists). It should be noted that the Morale Officers use the same strategies, but in a different way.

Let’s start with “persuading the Warriors to vote for your candidate.”

There are two ways to persuade someone, which was a big topic of my short book: Emotional Copywriting Revealed. They are the carrot or the stick approach.

In the carrot approach, you offer the person an incentive that appeals to their desire for more. For example, “more pleasure.”

This “more pleasure” approach is pretty powerful, and that is the strategy that the Morale Officers (and their Warrior allies) use when trying to get people to vote for the Democrats. For example, the issue of abortion is one of “more pleasure.” In other words, it is freedom to have sex without any pesky encumbrances. That is exceptionally powerful, because sex is a core DNA drive in all individuals.

The Republicans, who are generally against abortion, will never win the votes of the Warriors by running on the platform of ending abortion. It is an issue that wins the votes of Logisticals, but not the Warriors because it limits their ability to have more sex.

To be blunt, the “more pleasure” approach, doesn’t work well for the Republican’s, because they don’t have much “immediate pleasure” issues that appeal to the Warriors. Be real… “free sex” always trumps “personable responsibility” every time.

That leaves them with only “the stick” approach as a way of getting the Warriors to vote for their candidate. This works, as I pointed out in the article about using the Warrior’s fear of being stabbed in the back as a way to win their vote.

It should be noted, that the Democrats do know of this strategy too, and they aren’t afraid to point it out. I can remember vividly when Al Gore was running around campaigning saying “the republicans were playing on our fears in order to win votes.” He was correct. What Al Gore was trying to do was to take away the battle tactic out of the hands of the Republicans. And it worked to some degree in 2008.

My suggestion to the Republicans is to continue with the strategy, no matter how hard the Liberals whine and say “no fair.” It is a very persuasive strategy. The only time it doesn’t work, is when you don’t use it. Letting the Democrats brow-beat you in order for you to not use it, is to their advantage.

Separating the Warriors From The Morale Officers

The second strategy for winning the election, is to get the Warriors to not vote for the Democrats. Another way of saying this: “to stay home.”

It isn’t quite as effective as getting the Warrior to vote Republican, but getting them to “vote with their feet” by staying home can be useful. It is like getting 1/2 a vote for your candidate. But that is better than the opposition get a full one.

The Morale Officers in the Democratic party have been using this on the Republicans with good success. The first way they do it, is by working to get a “moderate” Republican elected in the primaries. They know that this will piss off the conservative (Logisticals) base, and get them to stay home during the general election. I have to tell you, it feels terrible to have to hold your nose when casting your ballet, like it was when I had to vote for John McCain in 2008. There were probably many more conservatives that stayed home, thereby sealing the victory for Obama.

Using Social Proof To Discourage Republicans

The other way they discourage Republicans, particularly any with the Warrior personality temperament, is with social media campaigning. For instance, when ever there is a news story negative to their candidate, they jump in and comment and comment. The result is that it appears that there is vast public opinion on their side. The Warriors take this to mean that the opposition is immense, and that they should run for cover.

[adsense float=’left’]Even in this year’s election cycle, Obama is gearing up for social media. His campaign headquarters in Chicago has 700 young people that are volunteering to blast the internet with comment after comment. Again, the sole purpose of this is to make him appear to be a juggernaut and that you can’t beat him; so you Warriors might as well stay home on election day if you support Republicans.

Good News! For what it is worth, the Republican’s have caught on, and caught up. I’ve been seeing news story after news story where there are far more Republican comments than those supporting the liberals. And this is occurring on web sites that are liberal in their orientation (like Politico, CNN, NBC). This is going to make a big difference come election day. When the Warriors see that public opinion is not with Obama, they will either vote for Romney, or stay home.

Tip: Never let a liberal brow-beat you online. Stand firm, and respond to their jabs. The reason is that the Warriors are watching your actions. If you stand firm, they know that you have their back.

Who Will You Follow Into Battle?

All this talk about getting the opposition to stay home is really about one of the critical questions that Warriors ask themselves every day. “Who am I willing to go into battle with?”

Warriors alway want someone with them that is more powerful than they are, especially if they are going to step onto the battlefield. It is literally a survival strategy in their DNA.

This is why a candidate’s military record is always of importance for Warriors.

If you recall the election of 2004, in the case of George Bush, the liberals went after him and said that his service as a fighter pilot in the National Guard was purchased for him. The insinuation was he was a coward and didn’t want to go into Viet Nam, like John Kerry had to. And to this, the Republicans charged that John Kerry’s service record in Viet Nam was phony, particularly his wound that got him a early ticket home.

Warriors HATE Cowards!

This kind of thing matters to Warriors, as it does to us with the Logistical personality type. And I believe that it could be used to much greater effect than it currently is. It is the largest opportunity for the Republicans right now, because they haven’t used this tactic against the Morale Officers.

Going After Bambi

In a previous article, I mentioned that the Republicans don’t have an effective strategy for attacking the Bambi-type person – which the Morale Officers want to be thought of. They want to be seen as caring and innocent. It gives them an advantage, because then it is hard to point to them as being evil-looking and greedy – like those hate-filled Republicans.

But here is a strategy that will work when going after Bambi, because it is based on the fears of the Warriors of following someone into battle that is weak. If they choose to follow someone that is weak, it makes them vulnerable.

The Aroma of Weakness

There are two things about people with the Morale Officer personality that really aggravates those with the Warrior personality type. The reason is that they are both tell-tale signs, or the aroma of a coward. Always remember, they hate to be around a coward.

  • The first is that Morale Officers don’t want to get their hands dirty.

Who is the Bravest Of Them All?

Warriors have no problem sticking their hands into filthy muck. And if the prize is big enough, they’ll even drink donkey semen. They may not like it, but they’ll do it to get the prize. Have you ever seen that TV show called “Fear Factor?” That’s a show that crowns top warrior person for their bravery (conquering cowardliness).

If they are willing to do it, they want those around them to be able to endure the same challenges. That is where the Morale Officers are vulnerable. They won’t stand firm. They will leave the Warriors if it gets too tough.

For example, in the Warriors don’t like to work. Who does? But if they have to go to work, then those around them should too.

Here is a clip of AlfonZo Rachel (a Warrior personality type) going after the protestors from the Occupy Wall Street movement. He titles it: “Occunuts: OWS May Day Protesters Hate Workers as Much as an Honest Day’s Work”


This is a devastating video to liberals, since it shows the difference between Warriors and their allies, the Morale Officers.

It isn’t just that he is a black man. In reality, it is because he is a Warrior and he isn’t fighting for the Morale Officers. He drives a wedge between the alliance between the Morale Officers and the Warriors that they manipulate.

If I were an advisor to Romney, I encourage the candidate to hire him, and other Warriors like him (such as Ann Coulter). There aren’t a lot of Warriors in the Republican party, but there are enough of them that they could be a tremendous fighting force. In effect, I’d tell Romney, “let the Warriors go out and act like warriors.” They are the very best at conquering the opposition, because they know how to exploit a weakness.

The Great Warrior Ronald Reagan

It should be noted, that the great Ronald Reagan, had the Warrior personality type (ESFP). The SP letters in the nomenclature are the definition of that I use for Warriors. Why is this important?Well… Do you remember all the people described as “Reagan Democrats?” The reason they voted for him was because likes-attract-likes.

The morale of this story is that Romney needs more people with the Warrior personality type out front, and especially on the liberal talk-shows. They will bring other Warriors into the Republican party.

Next time: The second characteristic of the Morale Officers that signals cowardliness.


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