Dance Moms: Second Place is Where Losers Live

“Second Place is Where Losers Live” That phrase might just be the theme of the Lifetime Network TV show called Dance Moms. I caught my daughters watching this TV show, and they are captivated by it.

Why? I have to ask myself. Why would they love to watch a show where an overweight, overbearing woman, who owns a dance studio belittles young girls? I suppose it is so that they can compare themselves to dancers in other parts of the country. They really love to dance.

Abby Lee Miller (Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

The TV show stars Abby Lee Miller, who is a real rarity on television. The reason is that she has the Logistical personality type. You don’t see many Logistical types on television, because they don’t easily connect with the audience of viewers.

The exception, of course, is when you need an evil villain. In that case, a person with the Logistical personality type is always on the short list of candidates. Indeed, that is the case in this TV show. Abby Lee Miller plays a bitchy tyrant that demands that things be done her way. And if they don’t go her way, she punishes the person that gets in her way.

This is an Entertainment Show

Before I go further, let me be perfectly clear that this show is for entertainment. It may be billed as a “reality show,” but I can guarantee you that this is not reality. I’ve been on reality TV show, and I know how the producers and directors are there feeding you the lines that they want you to say. They will make take-after-take of the same scene in order to get the right message across.

This isn’t reality. After all, what parent, in the right mind, would allow their child to be subjected to this type of verbal abuse. They aren’t… They are getting paid to appear on the TV show. In that sense, they are actors.

In Abby Lee Miller’s case, she’s getting paid too. And she is getting paid to provide for the audience, a tyrant. I really doubt that she is one-tenth of this type of person in real life. In real life, Logisticals are rarely like this.

Logistical’s Are Exploited

As I mentioned above, people with the Logisitcal personality type are always cast in a bad light on TV. The fault of TV producers, is that they have to push things to the extreme in order to differentiate their show from others. Basically, there is a smidge of reality in the personal trait, but they push it over the top to get noticed.



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Here are some traits of Logisticals that are pushed to the extreme in television:

Competitive – Of the four personality types, the Logisticals can be as competitive as the even the Warriors. The reason, which you learned in the Personality Marketing Manual, is that they view everything as having a hierarchy. More to the point, the more important the item, the less likely it is to be discarded. They don’t want to be discarded…

Other people see this competitive streak as being greedy. And that is what the producers of the show Dance Moms want to get across to the viewers. They want to put “competition” in a bad light so that other people will feel good about themselves because they don’t want to compete.

Controlling Logisticals desire to take control of a situation, because they have this value of “taking responsibility” for your actions. What this means, is that if you do a task, you will be held accountable for it. Even if you are a team participant, you will be the person that everyone slings insults at if things go bad. If that is the case, you might as well be the person in charge, so that you have more control over the outcome.

This “taking responsibility” does come across to others as being controlling.

Punishing Bad Results – Logisticals believe that everyone is judged on the merits of there work. That means that there are rewards for good work, and punish for bad work. It is, after all, the only way to establish a hierarchy of value. They have no qualms in giving all the rewards to a single person (winner take all).

You do see this in the TV show, where Amber Lee does praise the young dancers that do well. And she will call out the one that doesn’t give their best to the performance. Negative emotions are more rememberable, so you probably didn’t notice that she praises the good dancers a lot.

If you are typical of people in the audience, you might want her to be “fair” and give the less talented dancers a chance to succeed. Again, that is what the producers and directors want. They want to generate a lot of contempt and anger in the viewers, so that they will continue to watch the show and hope that Amber Lee gets her just deserts.

The Traits Ignored

The TV show plays up the negative traits of the person with the Logistical personality temperament. They also ignore the good traits of the personality, because they don’t help get ratings for the show.

Systematic – This is the very definition of logistical, isn’t it. They do things in-order, in-sequence, and by the book. If you do Step A and then step B, you can expect result “C.” This is important, because it brings us to the next positive trait of Logisticals

Winners – If you follow the steps to success properly, there is a very good chance that you’ll come out ahead in life. And you’ll often find that Logisticals are successful. You do see some of this on the TV show, but it is down-played a lot. Amber Lee Miller consistently produces winners in the dance competition.

However, the way she wins, by being methodical and systematic is boring to viewers. That strategy takes time and effort. Most people want instant results, like buying a lottery ticket. They want to know the secret of buying the ticket, not the slow methodical approach that involves work and time.

Steadiness – The Logisticals are consistent in their actions. They will even let you know what they expect ahead of time. When they make a commitment, they follow-through on it. That, unfortunately, makes for a very boring TV show. The producers of the show want “unpredictability” and to see the conflicts that arise because people don’t follow through on commitments.

Logisticals are boring in this respect. But when you think about it, the people that go to work every day and do their jobs are the back-bone of the nation. They don’t get nearly the praise for they deserve for following through day after day.

Unselfishness – Going along with steadiness, is an unselfishness to pitch in when the plan falls apart. For example, when the party is over at night, it is the Logisticals that will offer to stick around and help the host clean up.

You don’t see this trait on the TV show, because it is again, pretty boring. It goes against the personna the producers want viewers to have towards Logisticals as being controlling and greedy. Always remember, in order for them to get you to come back and watch the show again in the future, they have to evoke strong emotions in you about the show and its cast. This is what I talk about in the book Emotional Copywriting Revealed. The emotion they are going for is a strong “contempt” for Amber Lee Miller. They can’t water that down by showing her being unselfish.

How To Use This Information in Sales?

Logisticals make up about 38% of the population. If you only think of them as greedy, controlling, and doling out punishments, you’ll probably piss them off and lose them as customers. I think of the Democratic party, which has this attitude toward people with the Logistical personality type.

But if you honor them, like the TEA Party does, you’ll win a lot of sales. And those types of sales are worth it. Why? Because as I mentioned, the Logisticals are successful and have money.

If you would like more strategies and tactics on how to sell to the people with the Logistical personality temperament, then get the Personality Marketing Manual today. It lays out a step-by-step approach that appeals to their logistical aptitude. You’ll be doing all the right steps to reap the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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