Confidence and Fear in Selling

[adsense float=’left’]Confidence and fear are directly related. They are like two balloons connected by a tube. When one inflates, the other deflates.

This is an important concept, because it allows you to gain insight into your prospects. Let me give you an example.

Say you are reading a book or an article, and you come across a phrase that tells you how people gain confidence. For example, here is a phrase that I came across this morning. It was describing people with the Warrior personality type, so I’ve tweaked it slightly so can put this into more perspective:

People with the Warrior personality temperament “base their self-confidence on their ability to adapt spontaneously to changing circumstances, to alter and shape their behavior in the moment, in order to operate effectively in the most unstable situations.” – Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence by David Keirsey. Prometheus Nemesis Books, ©1998

Confidence and Fear are like two balloons connected by a tube. When one inflates, the other deflates.

In a nutshell, when Warriors adapt successfully to changing situations, they gain confidence. But remember, in order for their confidence balloon to inflate, their fear balloon must deflate. Makes sense, doesn’t it.

Here is the important part. People like to be confident, but in actuality, they hate being in a fearful state even more. That means that Fears are superior triggers for causing people to take an action.

This last statement is the core concept of my book: Emotional Marketing Revealed. You want to cause people to experience, or recall an experience of fear when you are selling to them. This triggers them to take an action to deflate their fear balloon. How do they deflate that balloon? By purchasing your product or service, of course.

You want to use fear approaches in your marketing and sales efforts. It works.

What Causes Them Fear?

This is a great question, and hopefully you know the answer to this.

Remember, the two balloons are connected. In other words, in the case of the people with the Warrior personality type, their confidence increases when they feel successful adapting to changing situations. THEREFORE… their fear ballon expands when they feel they are Unsuccessful in adapting to changing situations.

You got that, right? You just flip it around.

Now that you know that they fear not being able to adapt to changing situations, how would you use that in marketing?

Here is a simple example of what you might do. You could say:

“Are you doing things the same way you’ve done them in the past? Your business competitors are adapting to changing market conditions by implementing the cutting-edge strategies found in the Personality Marketing Manual. They have a huge advantage over you, that is growing by the day.”

Doesn’t that create a fear in the mind of Warrior personality type? You bet!

Does it create a fear in the mind of the person with the Morale Officer personality type? Nope… Why not? Because they don’t gain confidence by being adaptable in the same way that Warriors do.

Two Key Points That Will Make You Money!

The first key point of this short article was to show you how to pick up on a person’s fears. Basically you find out how their confidence increases, and then you simply flip that over.

The second key point was to point out that there are differences in the personality temperaments. If you don’t study these differences, you could use the wrong marketing approach on your prospect, and blow the sale.

If you’d like to learn more about the differences in personality types, and what triggers each of them to buy or not, then you need to get the Personality Marketing Manual today. Period!

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