Classifying Someone’s Personality Type using Myers Briggs – Part 1 of 2

What is the personality type and temperament of the person that you’re interested in. Can you tell by their physical appearance what they are like? Would you like to know how to classify them so that you can persuade them or get them to buy your products and services? In this video, you’ll see a simple 5-step process that takes just a few minutes to complete, and you’ll know what makes them special and what motivates them to take action.

[adsense float=’left’]Because the process involves matching clues with the different types, the video begins the process by going over the dominate traits of each of the four different temperaments (SP, SJ, NF, and NT). You have to learn these dominate behavior differences between those four types, so you have the background information you need to type people. At that point, you can quickly go through the five step typing process.

The five steps are:

1) Playing the percentages. There is not an equal number of people in each personality temperament. Two of the four personality categories (SP and SJ types) account for approximately 76 percent of the population. So your first guess in classifying the person is to look for the clues that confirm they are in one of these two categories.

2. Context. People in each of the four personality types are either attracted or repelled by different environmental factors. You’ll want to match people with what they value, based on what we know of each of the four temperaments. There are literally hundreds of these contextual clues that a person gives off, like how they dress and how they groom themselves. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll zero in on their personality type.

3. Mis-Matches: If you are having difficulties typing the person by the contextual clues, you can narrow down the choices by eliminating the obvious mis-matches in type. By taking away the options, your odds of successfully typing them increase dramatically.

4. Physical Clues: Personality temperament is genetic. You are born with your type; it doesn’t evolve as you get older. This has been proven by studies of identical twins that grow up in different environmental conditions. Since personality is written on your genes, there are some physical clues that are written on the face. If you are able to read these physical clues, then you can eliminate the type mismatches and further increase your odds of classifying them successfully.

5. The Final Arbitrator – All the previous steps can be accomplished without even interacting with the person you’re trying to classify. In essence, you can type a person from a distance, and do it in less than a minute of time. This makes the technique very useful for people like salesmen who want to know how to approach a person to make them feel comfortable. But to know with absolute certainty, you have to get them to talk to you. What they say, what they talk about, how they say it, and what specific words they use will reveal their personality type with absolute certainty. If you have already have a good guess as to their personality type, you only need the person to talk for about a minute to confirm their personality type.

This process uses the Myers Briggs system (MBTI) and the David Keirsey Temperament Sorter rather than systems like D.I.S.C. to classify people, because it has the advantage of eliminating one temperament almost immediately based on the physical appearance of the subject. Therefore, you’re picking from three temperaments instead of choosing from four; and your odds of being successful are raised significantly.

Note: If you want to watch Part 2 of this video, please send us an email, and we’ll send you the link to watch it.

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