Cashing In On Creativity

[adsense float=‘left’] How creative are you? On a scale of 1 to 10, where would your rate our level of creativity? Do you want to cash in on creativity?

I would wager that you said that your level of creativity is above average. So on a scale of 1 to 10, you’re greater than a 5. Probably an 8 or 9, right?

Here is the secret. EVERYONE, and I mean “without exception,” people say that their creativity is above average. So how can that be? How can everyone be above average in creativity?

The answer lies within personality. Each of the four personality temperaments views their creative genius in a particular way. You specialize in where you are most creative.

For example, I was recently reading the book: “INFP – 33 Secrets from the Life of an INFP.” Dana Jackson, the author, believes without a shadow of a doubt, that creativity is one of her “secrets.” Since she has the “iNtuition” trait, and the “Feeling” trait (in other words, the NF combination), this puts her in the temperament of the “Morale Officers”. She goes on to say the results of her creativity:  it is a “gift to the society and culture, ensuring, as it does, that the world is continually an interesting, beautiful and compelling place to live, learn and grow.” I would paraphrase this as: the NF’s are creative in the way they help others view the world.

Isn’t this the very definition of the job of a Morale Officer? Of course it is.

That leads us to a way to figure out how other personality types view their own creativity. You just look at their purpose for society is. They were born to do these jobs:

The Logisticals (the SJ’s) view their creativity as being able to figure out how to make do with the necessities of life (managing resources).

The Warriors (the SP’s) view their creative genius as being able to find opportunity in the middle of chaos.

And finally, the Strategists (those with the NT traits), view their creative genius in defining the world, and figuring out ways to do more with less.

How Do You Cash In on Creativity?

As a marketer or salesperson, the way to make money off of creativity, is to point out to the prospect how they are creative. The formula starts by honoring a person’s value of creativity. Why? Because whenever you honor someone’s values, you trigger the emotion of joy (or happiness).

This is important, because people only want to do business with those people that they like. And who doesn’t like someone that brings joy into their life? Right?

It also gets them to lower their natural guard against you as a sales professional. We all naturally distrust salesmen because they may seem pushy. But we soften our position when someone respects what we think is unique about ourselves.

Therefore, it is important to a long term relationship with your prospect that you trigger happiness in their life. Telling them about their creativity is an easy strategy to use.

How To Tell Someone They Are Creative To Increase Your Sales

The way not to do it is to simply state: “you are a creative person.” That is the technique that clairvoyant readers use when they are buttering up their mark. This is called a “Forer Effect Statement.” It is a general statement that sounds like puffery. There are some people that may fall for puffery, but most people don’t.

You want to be more specific about what makes them feel that their creativity is unique. So this is where you’re going to interject their personality’s unique creative ability.

And you’re also going to do it in the form of a question, not a statement.

As a sales professional, you know that questions are important to the sales process. Questions help to get the prospect talking. Among other reasons, the more they talk, the more they’ll drop their defensive posture. In this case, the question you’re going to ask is specifically about a topic they love talking about: “themselves.”

Here is an example. Say the prospect has the Morale Officer personality temperament. By the way, if you don’t know how to classify a person’s personality temperament, you can discover the simple techniques in the book: “Selling by Personality Type.”

In this situation, the person with the Morale Officer personality temperament has the creative gift of helping others see the beauty and interestingness of the world around them. So you want to specifically ask about this gift, not just state that they have it. An example question might be:

“I noticed that you have a way of finding the uniqueness in a gloomy situation. How did you get this creative gift?”

This phrase and question is not puffery, because you narrowed it down to a skill that not everyone has. And the more specific you can be, the better. So if you saw them do something like helping out an emotionally hurt person in the past, be specific to mention the details.

You are honoring their creative gift, and that is going to make them feel happy and they’ll like you more for it.

Do you see the power of personality in sales? I hope you do, because it is going to explode your sales.



Jackson, Diana (2014-11-04). INFP: 33 Secrets From The Life of an INFP (p. 1).  . Kindle Edition.

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