Building A Better Mouse Trap for Snaring Customers

Looking for a better mouse trap for catching customers? That is the goal of every business owner, to catch more customers, which means more money in your pockets.

Over the last six months, my staff and I have been working on setting up a new shopping cart for my business. It is a better mouse trap, so to speak. The purpose of the new high-tech shopping cart is to lock down on the prospect as quick as possible, and turn them into a paying customer.

Catching Customers Takes More Than A Good Trap

It is a lot of hard work setting up the new cart. It is all database driven, and it is really cool. For example, it automatically generates tables and charts and makes product recommendations based on what other customers buy. If you think of a shopping cart like Amazon, you have a pretty good idea what it looks like, and how it feels as a customer to use it. It has a million bells-and-whistles, and could probably predict the weather in six months. And I can’t wait to turn it on in two days and let customers start beta testing it.

But the new mouse trap has one fatal flaw… And it could easily have been a waste of money to implement it into my web site. In fact, most of my competitors have gone to similar shopping-cart systems for their web sites years ago. And they are failing with their sites because of this one fatal flaw.

How could my business be growing using an antiquated shopping cart, while they are failing using the high-tech systems?

The Mouse Trap Needs Bait.

Without bait in the trap, the mouse will not go near it. PERIOD!

Most business owners build beautiful mouse traps to snare customers. My competitors did. And that is what I’m working on right now. I have spent six months working on the new cart, entering all the data into it, and I’ve hired two extra people to help me hook up all the switches and oil all the mechanisms. All told, I’ve probably spent close to $30,000 on the system so far.

But it won’t do me any good until I put the bait in it.

The bait is more important than the trap!

I’ve got proof of that. My current business is growing at a rate of over 20% per year (in this down economy), and I haven’t implemented the new shopping cart into the web site yet. I’m doing things the old fashion way – having customers call us up on the phone to place orders, and using an antiquated cart that is hard to navigate.

Why does my old system work? Because I know how to make the bait.

Few People Know How To Create The Bait

I was thinking about this today. It is very rare to find someone that knows how to make bait. It is much easier to find someone that knows how to build a better mousetrap. As I said, I’ve got two employees that work for me that are doing nothing but building the mechanical components of my new shopping cart mouse trap. Did you get that? They work for me. I don’t work for them.

Mouse trap builders always work for the person that produces the bait, because that is what draws the mouse into the trap.

My mouse-trap builders (the employees working on the new shopping cart), do not know how to create the bait on the web pages. They only know how to snap the trap shut after the mouse takes the bait. I literally have to review every single one of their web pages and add in the bait.

I wish it were easy. In the past, I’ve tried to outsource this task. But I’ve never found a person that had a tenth of the skill that I do. And it is really too important to allow the wrong kind of stale bait to sit in the trap collecting dust. In fact, as a business owner, my only job is to create the bait. Everything else I leave to my staff.

Do you know how to create bait?

What is the Bait?

It really starts with knowing what is the bait you’re going to use on the trap. And for that, you really need to back up and understand the mouse.

You cannot begin to know what bait to use unless you know all about the mouse. And that is why there are more mousetrap builders than there are baiters. The builders don’t really want to invest the time, money and effort to get to know the prospect. They believe that the trap is more important to than the bait. And that is why they work for someone else… They got it all wrong.

How about you? Do you want to learn how to build the trap, or would you rather learn how to create the bait? This is obviously a trick question. The answer is that you MUST learn how to create the bait. Because if you don’t, you’ll end up working for someone else, and earning a fixed paycheck that doesn’t change from week to week.

If you have decided that today is the day that you want things to change, and that means you have decided to learn how to make the bait, then you’ve come to the right web site.

Start by getting the Personality Marketing Manual. It contains the top secret recipe for making bait that your prospects can’t help but be attracted toward. And then you can implement your new mouse trap to snare them.

Until next time: “Be Fruitful.”



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  1. Sonya Lenzo says:

    Best description of how sales really works that I have read in a long time!!!
    Sonya Lenzo

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