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[adsense float=’left’]The New York Times did a story on August 2, 2015 about the topic of the Resting Bitchy Face (RBF) {}. The Bitchy Resting Face is said to be a stern looking face when the person is a normal at-ease situation. They might be sitting in their car alone at a red light, and they look a little ticked-off. And it isn’t because the light is red. They have a face that looks annoyed all the time. While in woman it is called Resting Bitchy Face, in males it is commonly called: grumpy old man face.

Grumpy old man face

Grumpy old man face

Here is what no one is telling you about Bitchy Resting Face. It primarily affects those people with the Logistical personality temperament. In the Myers Briggs system, the person with the Logistical temperament has the Sensing (S) and the Judging (J) preferences.

How do we know that the S-J’s are the ones they are talking about when they reference Bitchy Resting Face? The answer is that if you study the traits of S-J’s, you will find numerous references to them having a stern look on their face.

The difference between the Logistical temperament and the Warrior personality temperament. Image from:

The difference between the Logistical temperament and the Warrior personality temperament. Image from:

Bitchy Resting Face is not only defined as the corners of the mouth that are turned down like a scowl, but because the eyebrows are flattened (not arched). It is my personal observation that Logisticals have this flattening of the eyebrows more than any of the other three personality temperament.

Resting Bitchy Face is even worse for those Logisticals that have the “Thinking” trait in their Myers Briggs personality profile. Those people with the “Thinking” preference have a predisposition of having more masculine facial features. The main masculine feature being a more pronounced brow line. So it accentuates the appearance of the flatter brow line, making the face look even more stern.

It is my position that Logisticals are discriminated because of this genetic feature. The reader comments in the New York Times article add credibility to this argument. Such as these:


Matthew San Francisco, CA August 1, 2015

RBF creates a double standard and is more toxic toward women, even by its name alone. For sure. But as a man with chronic RBF, I can assure you it exists. I’ve been told countless times (even in the past week!) that people think I hate them. Strangers have stopped me on the street to try and get me to smile. It’s absolutely something I have to awkwardly compensate for at job interviews, dates, and any other situation where I have to meet new people. I’ll probably be dismissed as a mansplainer, but I constantly feel the weight of my RBF. The consequences are almost certainly less drastic for me than women who exhibit it, but to claim it doesn’t exist in men is simply not true.

— —

seagazer101 CA August 1, 2015

I have evidently had RBF my entire life since people have asking me “What’s wrong?”, or saying, “Smile, it can’t be that bad.” for as long as I can remember, unless I am actually smiling. Years ago, one morning at the Post Office – it goes without saying, crowded to the doors – a clerk shouted just that across about fifty people at me. I, merely waiting in line, had been neither unhappy nor angry, but what we all are in a long line, bored, a bit impatient, but now angrily yelled back at him for pointing out to a large crowd that there was something wrong about me, “It’s my FACE, fool; not a thing I can do about it.” Why do people feel free to comment on others’ appearance as if it were the weather?


sunmuse Brooklyn August 1, 2015

It’s sad that a woman who doesn’t smile 24/7 is regarded in a derogatory manner. I have the same expression when deep in thought. I was always being interrupted from my thoughts by strangers who would tell me,” you would be such an attractive woman if you just smiled.” I do smile, but seldom when I’m working out very complex problems. I need all my focus on the workings of my mind and could care less what I look like to the outside world while thinking.

— —

Annie Dooley Georgia August 1, 2015

I only encountered the “Are you OK?” questions in the last several years, mostly at work but also from my 30-yr. old son. Finally figured it out. Age! Facial tissue sags with aging and pulls down the corners of my mouth to create a frown that can be interpreted however the viewer projects: Sadness, arrogance, anger, bitterness, worry, physical pain, mental anguish, etc. I think it had a lot to do with trouble I had two co-workers who felt threatened by my higher education and interpreted my resting or thinking face as snobbery and a “superiority complex.” They reacted by undermining my work at every opportunity, turning our boss against me and other bully tactics. My smiles never overcame that perception and I wish I had understood the “senior resting face” phenomenon sooner. It would have saved me a lot of grief.

What Does This Have To Do With Sales and Marketing?

  1. First of all, you need to recognize the personality temperament of the person you’re interacting with. The Bitchy Resting Face is a highly visible clue that you can use to identify that the person has the Logistical temperament.
  2. When you know the temperament of the prospect, you can surmise their “values.” In other words, what is important to them. Each personality temperament have unique values that they use when making a decision. If you have a good handle on what is important to them when making a purchasing decision, you will be able to describe the benefits of ownership in a way that appeals to them. If you need the categorized list of values for each personality temperament, see the book: Selling By Personality Type.
  3. The Logisticals feel discriminated against. They feel hurt. And it is a hurt that no one seems to care about. That means there is an opportunity for someone (you??) to ease their pain. When you care for the wounds of others, they will remember you. In this case, they’ll buy from you.

Knowing how to read a person’s personality temperament and soothing their wounds and hurts pays big dividends. Resting Bitchy Face should be a excellent opportunity for you to make a easy sale.


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