Big Fail: Do People Want To See You Fail?

“Big fail.” Is that what you believe that other people want to see in store for you and your dreams. Lady Gaga has said it, and so has Todd Hoffman from the TV show “Gold Rush.”

This is an interesting topic, because what kind of person would think this type of thing? In other words, which of the four personality types think that this applies to them?

The answer is that there are two personality types that I’ve seen this belief from: Morale Officers, and Warriors.


The reason is that both of these people have a sense that events are out of their control. Destiny and fate, for these two types of personality types, play a large role in their lives.

The other two personalty types, the Strategists and the Logisticals, believe that your future is under your own control. You can do what you set out to do, and if you have a big fail, it is your own damn fault. You are responsible for your own failures or successes.

But this is not the same reasoning of the Warriors, like Todd Hoffman and Lady Gaga. They think that there are other forces operating, and to a large extent, it is other people trying to make them and their dreams fail. As I’ve said here on this web site, and in the Personality Marketing Manual, they blame a lot of their failures on back-stabbers.

The same theme of “people want to see me fail” also applies to people with the Morale Officer personality type. For them, they are far more vocal about it, and I will see this same topic brought up over and over again on Facebook. Even President Barak Obama says this often about the Republicans in congress; that they’d love to see him fail.

In a sense, they use this belief to motivate themselves to try harder. This is a good thing right? You want people to get off their butts and get moving.

If you truly would want to see someone fail, it is best to zip your lips and say nothing. That way they can’t use it as motivation to move forward. For example, if your Warrior friend is asking for your opinion on playing the lottery, don’t tell them that you are against it, even though you are. You probably have their best interests in mind, and you know the statistics are against them and they are bound to lose. It is is better for you to say the opposite, and say something like: “If you win, you have to give me 50% because I told you to do it.” At this point, they may not play the lottery because they want to keep the whole 100% to themselves. Greed overrides their fear of other people wanting to see their dreams fail.

How Do You Use This Information To Sell More?

The first step is to recognize that the Warriors and the Morale Officers are already thinking that other people want to see them fail. Assume this, because that is exactly a common thought that rattles around in their head.

Now you have to stand next to them, and say that you want to help them achieve success, even though other people have a desire to see them fail. It is important to remind them that other people want to see them fail. This is called “agitating the problem” in sales-speak. And it is not a “manipulation” of them. Why? Because you can’t really help them if they don’t see the problem themselves. Basically, this is the technique you use to start the dialog so that you can help them see the problem they are suffering from. This is basically an opening-line technique to start the dialog.

 As soon as you state your belief that you want to see them succeed, you will have gained their trust. Once you have their trust, you will have a much easier time of making the sale because you’ll be able to talk to them about the problem they need your help fixing.

What Else Motivates People?

People have a lot of fears, and internal beliefs about themselves, others, and life in general. When you know about those beliefs, and can match it to their personality type, you have a powerful weapon that you can use to persuade them to buy from you.

If you want to learn more about what beliefs are rattling around in the heads of your prospects, then get the Personality Marketing Manual. It will give you a powerful MRI tool that you can use to see what triggers light up the emotional state of people.

Check it out today, because you can never start learning too soon.


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2 Responses to Big Fail: Do People Want To See You Fail?

  1. Excellent post Tim!
    I’m not sure where I fit in the personality profile mix. I believe I can plan and control much of what happens to me but I cannot control the weather, for example.
    You make a good point of how to use their belief of people wanting them to fail…to motivate and persuade them. Very useful insight!

    Thorne Smith Blog Now Open

    • Tim Van Milligan says:

      Michael, you are the Strategist personality type.
      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

      Tim Van Milligan

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