Winning Political Campaigns Using Personality Marketing 5: Are You Being Used?

Political contests are won by using persuasion strategies. The most powerful strategies are those that target the fears of the prospects. In this case, it is fears of people with the Warrior personality type.

In this series of articles, we’re exploring the options of winning an election against Democrats. We’re picking up where we left off, which how the fears of the Warriors affect the outcome of the election. It is, after all, the people with the Warriors personality temperament, which are the undecided voters, and that determine which side wins.

The Second Great Fear of Warriors

The second greatest fear of the people with the Warrior personality type is a worry that they are being used.

To explain this fear, let me back up and give you some background.

Warriors are those people with a personality temperament (that have evolved or designed by God, if that is how you want to look at it) to be perfect for battlefield foot-soldiers. They are quick thinkers, good with tools, very fluid with their motion, and tactical in how they think. That means, if you give them a goal, and they will achieve it in the quickest amount of time.

But despite all their exceptional qualities, they have some very strong fears too. I myself envy many of the traits of people with the Warrior personality, but I shudder to think of having to live with the demons that they put up with. Every personality type has their own demons, so don’t think you are superior because you don’t have the same ones that they have. You have your own fears, just as I have mine. They just happen to be different fears, which I reveal in the Personality Marketing Manual.

The biggest fear of the Warriors, which I discussed previously, is a fear of being stabbed in the back. The second greatest fear is being used as a pawn, which I started talking about in the last article.

Pawns are Disposable

In the game of chess, the pawn is the foot-soldier on the board. The piece has limited movement, and can only move forward unless it is attacking an opponent. It isn’t allowed to retreat or sidestep unless it gets to the other side of the game board.

The person with the Warrior personality temperament feels a lot like that chess piece. While he views his position in society is important, he feels hamstrung by what he is allowed to do. He feels like his movements are controlled by someone else. And worse of all, he feels like the person controlling his actions are willing to sacrifice them. Why? So that another piece on the board would survive.

That is a terrible feeling, isn’t it? But that exactly the feeling of the person with this personality type.

This fear of being used as a sacrificial pawn by others is how the both the Democrats and the Republicans try to get the Warriors to vote against their opponent. And it works! Why? Because the Warrior has contempt for the person making the decisions that make them vulnerable. “Contempt” is one of the power emotions, that you discovered in Emotional Copywriting Revealed, that gets people to take action (such as to vote for your candidate).

The Democrats use the strategy by pointing out that “BIG” industry is the decision makers (Big Oil, Big Business, Big Bankers). Republicans point to Big Government, Big Unions, and Big Political Bosses are pulling the strings.

Right now, I’d say the advantage is going to the Democrats. Because they are using a second tactic to supplement the feeling that feeling that Warriors are being taken advantage of.

Class Warfare

Class warfare is another strategy where you point out that “someone else” is pulling the strings. That means that they are making the decisions that put you (a Warrior) at a disadvantage.

For it to work, you need a boogie-man. In this case, the person pulling the strings is someone that has more money than you have. They are the rich and powerful.

This is quite an easy concept for the Warrior to accept as being the truth. First of all, he considers himself to be part of the middle-class and a hard worker. But he typically works for someone else. His boss, he thinks, is a guy that has more money than he does, because after all, money flows downhill.

And he sees that his boss makes all the decisions and tells him (the worker drone), what to do. He feels that his boss hamstrings him from preventing him from getting his job done quickly. Remember, the Warrior has the trait that they can get a goal accomplished quickly if they are let loose and given the freedom to do it.

What I wanted to point out, is that the Morale Officers (the ultimate controllers in the Democratic party), use this unique fear of the Warriors to keep them in line and voting for them. They are very effective in doing this. Make no mistake about it.

They will use it, as they have used it in every campaign they’ve ever done.

The Mistakes Of The Republican’s

Republican’s have had some limited success in using the fear of being taken advantage of. Pointing out that union bosses, big government bureaucrats, and political bosses are making decisions, is excellent. It does work, and they will continue to use it into the future.

However, they make two big mistakes.

First, they try to tie Obama to the movie stars of Hollywood. “He’s part of the glitterati.”

This has absolutely no effect on persuading the people with the Warrior temperament. “Why not?” is probably your question. The reason is that “Like Personalities Types Attract Each Other.”

The glitterati are mostly of the Warrior personality type. So being around glitterati is a comfortable feeling for the Warriors. They are not turned off by it.

Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by beautiful and energetic people? Photo by: Mich ael Lo- cisano/ MSNBC

Obama is smart to have functions like the White House Correspondents Dinner, in which he surrounds himself by the glitterati. Basically he’s getting an endorsement from the Smok’in hot chicks that everyone wants to date.

That is not going to turn off the other Warriors. In fact, they will idolize him for it.

Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney must start using this same tactic. He needs to get his own band of smok’in hot chicks to stand next to him on stage. He might want to take a look at my series on how to pick up women, because it is those same tactics that will help him pick up voters with the Warrior personality temperament.

The Biggest Mistake Of The Republicans

The second, and quite possibly the biggest mistake that Republicans make when it comes to this tactic, is failing to recognize who is the real opponent that is pulling the strings in the Democratic party.

This is HUGE, and they must start coming to grips with it.

In the next article, I’ll continue this discussion.

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