This website is about taking “prospects” — which you worked so hard to get to your doorstep, and turning them into “customers.”

Obviously, this is the most crucial step of the sales process, because if you never convert them from prospects to customers, you will never make a single sale.

Tim Van Milligan is your instructor, mentor, and confidant in this endeavor. He has been running a successful small business since 1984, and is now teaching his customer conversion secrets to other business owners and salesmen.

Tim is has the personality type (Myers Briggs) of ISTJ. Because of this, you will get a different perspective on understanding the Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality system. Nearly all other consultants using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator are either of the NF or NT variety, and they talk almost exclusively about how to use the MBTI in interpersonal relationships (dating, mating, and conflict resolution). This is the only web site where you’ll see how to use it in “selling,” because it comes from a SJ’s perspective (not the NF or NT). This also means you’ll get step-by-step instructions, instead of just “big-picture” theories, because people with the SJ letter combination in their Myers-Briggs profile are “step-by-step” or “do it by the manual” type people.

Besides being a businessman, Tim Van Milligan is a real honest-to-goodness “Rocket Scientist.” That will benefit you because the his advice is grounded in the physical sciences; things you can touch, see, hear, taste, and smell. Tim’s day job is the owner/operator of a rocket company that sells toy model rockets (Apogee Components, Inc).

The information, advice, tips, and guidance that you see here on this web site is not just theory. Tim uses it every day on his business web site to provide financial security for his family and his employees. If it won’t make you money, you won’t find it here.